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    So, tested this one too, works fine for me with the 1.115 version, haven't tried the neterportal problem by now, but I've found another bug.
    The chainlink fence connects to the cable, but it doesn't damage you or animals if run into it.
    I haven't got any chunk problems either - i've got a code door standing around all the time.
    So could you try and fix the problem with the electricity or is it a mod incampatibility or have I done something wrong?
    Greets, Shadow

    By now, after I've been working with all these things, I've got to admit, that i probably dont want to deactivate modules anymore. :D
    But still, could you try and fiy the ID/Meta problem and give the right blocks the right recipes, because i hate invisible iridium stone which is needed for crafting.
    If the recipe was for the visible one for example, that would be better. Thats also valid for the storage and transformer and all those machines, which are there two times.
    Do you think you could get that until in one and a half week? I'd probably need it by then.
    If you don't, thats ok with me tto, then it's probably harder than I thoght :D
    Greets, Shadow

    Hm, someone said it would help to use two client classes, and I thoght it did but when I just tried it, it didnt... :(
    I really need the server compatibility and the working crafting reciepes for multiplayer with some friends (like 14 or so).
    Greets, Shadow

    €dit no.4: just looked it up. its the texturefx and the gui that make these problems.
    meaning: bdg.class contains some stuff about texturefx, thats used for the plasma cable i think.
    ats.class is something about gui but i'd have to lookup in the code what it is about exactly and what it is used for :D

    maybe you should put them in some sort of @sided only client or so, i'm not really sure how that works, i've seen that once in a forge programming tut and it was used for the client proxy i think.

    About the IV-Transformer: I think it's called like this, because Gregtech already has an EV Transformer as far as I know, and as a way of avoiding swapping them, it's called like this.
    The PESU turning into an IV trasformer happens for me too, but with a difference: th crafted one turns into an IV-Transformer on placement.
    There is another one that works, but it's not craftable as I've written before.
    Has that changed with an Update I don't know of or have you got an older version where this didn't happen?
    chaoschamp already said something about a great future update, let's have a look when it's released, if It still has got those errors in it.
    Greets, Shadow

    BTW, sadly your website is suspended, so I can't have a look at the changelog. Could you try to get it running again or make a new one please?

    That would have been what I'd have suggested, look up if you've got the missing classees in your server.
    I suppose one of your mods was written without forge installed by forge src installer, but only forge universal copied in the client jar.

    I've got to admit, I'm not really sure of that, but as it seems, its not important anymore anyway.

    I just don't know why the causing mod was adv generators, because I haven't had this problem yet. But Im gonna try it with a server with a fresh install of forge and try if this happens for me too.

    Greets, Shadow

    Edit: ok, this happens for me too, obviosly I had a few client classes in my server too, because of some working with mcp and problems while decompiling.
    So, F4113nb34st, would you mind adding the missing client classes to your mod or just put the methods you need into one of your mod files and import them?
    That would probably help lots of people who use this and don't know what do do with this errorlog.

    Ah, ok, thanks for that info, so i can keep using the transformer. But still For using all of the nergy it emits, i've got to use 16 mfsus, but thats not much of a problem...
    Its good that the storage size of the pesu can be configured, because i got a normal one filled in about an hour yesterday...
    Oh, right before I forget it: the modules i was talking about.
    I meant plasma tier items, and so on (in your first post here), because i dont use the other things much except the plasma stuff :D
    but thats not necessary, as i've still got about 400 block ids free D:

    Greets. Shadow

    Yeha! sorry for posting again, butI found a solution for the pink cable bug!
    You just have got to extract the cables.png from the textures folder of the mod and copy the first line of cableversions (red, wihite, blue,...) with your chosen texturefile editor, eg. Paint.NET
    then place it in the first line above the picture of the cable Item.
    Works with me, if it doesn't help you, or you don't understand what I mean, I will post an example with the author's permission.
    Greets, Shadow

    So here you've got the mods list:

    its just the loaded mods section, if you know which mod might interfere, tell me :D
    Ás additional question: could you please update the mod to ic 1.115 or does this one run with it too? (as far as it runs with me...)

    And if we are already at it, I just wanted to tell you the IV transformer is wasting loads of energy... it would need to have 16 output sides to convert 32768 EU/t to 2048 EU/T without energy loss, so you should better let it output 8192 EU/t and add another Transformer (Extreme Voltage = EV Transformer) to get the 8192 EU/t transformed to 2048 EU/t, so you don't have that much energy loss and can use your energy much better
    Greets, Shadow.

    Ok, thanks for that, but as I said some of them sort of dont work,like I can craft one PESU, but the other one is the working one.
    And I just got my minecraft crashed... A direct connection from a pesu to a plasmafier which should have blown up the plasmafier i think just crashed minecraft (I've got your core version 4.0.5)

    I took out the mods i used because it was too long :D

    Great mod, going to download it soon, when everything else i'm using is up to date too :D
    Just a question, if there is all this uprade stuff and so on, why don't you add a quantum saber and maybe also a quantum bow? they might be a bit op, but I suppose they'd be hard to get...
    Greets Shadow

    BTW, I'm from Germany, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I've made. ;D

    Ah, sorry for telling this again, but i've still got thi pink cable bug in my version (downloaded 10 mins ago) and also there are 2 pesus in NEI. The first PESU works, but has no crafting recipe and the second one turns into an iv transformer on placement and has got a crafting recipe - which doesn't work.
    Is this a compatibility bug, or a normal one?
    BTW, it would be great if you could let the modules be turned on and off in the config, and maybe give the PESU a configurable EU output, best in the GUI?
    I know it's hard work to write such a mod, as i've only written a recipemod for myself, which lets me extract uranium drops to uranium ingots, as AtomicScience turns off the compressor recipe.
    Greets, Shadow

    Almost forgot, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes 'cause I'm from germany :D

    €dit: Oh, the recipe for the "bad" PESU works - but the iridium stone which i should use has the metadata 10 and that does not exist, the right iridiumstone has meta 7. Sadly the output still is the wrong PESU (with crafting the iridiumstone I get the meta 10 one, but as i said, the visible iridiumstone has meta7)