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    It's great to see all this stuff working! How long is it going to take to finish this? :DD
    I'd love to use this again... and when you're finished... could you to defence too? -> I loved the code door.
    Thank you so much for this
    - Shadow

    €dit: I see this is still 1.5.2. I still use 1.5.2 because of ic2ca in my private "pack" (better call it mixture of a lot of mods). Is this version already somewhat usable?
    I'd like to beta/alpha test this ;D

    Are you unable to fix the old code? Or didn't you even get it? I've got some, but sadly, it's all done with fields n stuff (everything that is connected to original mc). as far as i understand, it's still obfuscated, but apart from that seems to be complete...
    Would it help if I told you how I got it or so? Actually, I think you did the same, but just in case...
    - Shad0w

    If I understood everything, I agree. The armor assembler should not depend on time or if it is neccessary, make the overclocker upgrades stackable to 16 or so.
    Even if I force-stack them at the moment, the effect won't stack sadly.

    I think about this example:
    0 upgrade 30min
    1 upgrade 15min
    2 upgrades 7min 30sec
    3 upgrades 3min 45sec
    4 upgrades 1min 53sec
    5 upgrades 0min 56sec
    6 upgrades 0min 28sec

    It's about the same as overclocker upgrades, but still I think it's useful.

    - Shad0w

    Ah, ok. Thanks.
    Anyway, I already managed to fix it by putting this line

    1. IC2Ore ic2gen = new IC2Ore();

    after this stuff

    that worked for me. If it's unsafe, I might have anohter look at it again later, but now I still need to fix the applied energistics part. :D

    Umm, ok, but how do I do a null check?

    I suppose I'm going to play around with it some more, because I'd really prefer to have IC2 copper generated.
    I have IC2 in my dependencies, so my mod should be loaded after ic2, right?
    But As far as I've seen, the error in the forge log is before IC2 items are initialized. thats sorta weird.

    €dit: so I tried this now in my main mod class and call the variable from the gen class:

    So the itemstack can not be null (I think). Still, minecraft crashes on me with

    Line 28 in IC2Ore is

    1. Block copperOre = getBlock(AdditionalOres.copperstack.copy().itemID);

    calling this method

    1. public Block getBlock(int bid)
    2. {
    3. return Block.blocksList[bid];
    4. }

    Line 42 in AdditionalOres is

    1. IC2Ore ic2gen = new IC2Ore();

    it is in the @Instance section.
    I'm going to put this somewhere later now.
    Any other ideas?

    Ok, thanks for that. And, I have used copy later too (still with my old method so it didn'T work either) buth thanks anyways.
    What is weird for me is, that I've already coded a recipe with an uranium drop in another little mod, and there everything works fine (using #341 i think).
    I probably have a sort of solution by entering the Block ID in a config and then just calling the number from a method, I suppose that should work too.
    Gonna try yours anyway as it is much cleaner.

    €dit: also this direct approach gave me the crash:

    1. Block c_Ore = Block.blocksList[Items.getItem("copperOre").itemID]

    Hey guys!
    I tried to code a little mod generating additional ores (Vanilla + IC2 + Appeng).
    After reading me into the api stuff again, I fetched the Itemstack of the ore with

    1. ItemStack copperstack = Items.getItem("copperOre");

    Next I used the way described in the api to create a Block from an ItemStack

    1. Block c_Ore = Block.blocksList[copperstack.itemID]

    eclipse and mcp don't give me any errors, I can recompile and reobfuscate.
    But when I start up my mc, It crashes, giving me an error in this line:

    1. Block c_Ore = Block.blocksList[copperstack.itemID]
    2. //(here I also tried other names instead of c_Ore like copperore and copperoreblock)

    The error is:

    can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    It is sufficient to only have the Id in my code, so I also tried

    1. int copperid = copperstack.itemID;

    which gives me the samme error on game startup.

    Thanks for helping me, If you need more of my code, tell me.
    - Shad0w

    1. Umm, sorry, but is there any sort of wiki or content post of this mod, because i sorta lost track...

    2. Anyways, when you implement stargates, will they only act as antimatter dimension portals, or wil they be linkable inside a single dimension
    like a teleporter for example? and if yes, will they transport entities like items and xp orbs too?
    That'd be pretty useful for my mob farms... and please make them compatible with the bukkit multiworld system somehow, could you?
    I like using mcpc+ for worldedit and having a mining dimension with multiverse and subterranea. Even though I like and use the mining dimension mod by aroma too...
    But you can never have too many dimensions, can you? Anyways, back to topic, I mostly need this for interdimensional xp orb transport without turning the xp liquid.
    Items are transportable by tesseracts in worst case, but xp orbs... The ony mods capable of that by now are portal guns, and there is a limited portal number and powercraft, which is not up to date.

    Thanks for maybe considering this :D (you could do a less expensive item/xp only teleporter maybe...)
    - Shad0w