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    Do you remember what you have installed in the Armor?
    Or can you provide logfiles? These might contain more informations.

    Hi Bloody,

    I think you left some client files on the server part?


    I am going to make this one very simple rule, this rule only concerns Gollark and Sinnaj,

    Gollark and Sinnaj are no longer allowed to enter each other base and must remain at 100 blocks distance from each other at all times. Failing to do this will result in an immediate BAN.



    Right this was one of those updates from HELL again. With great pain and effort I managed to update those 2 mods.

    Current issues:
    * Installing forestry seems to remove all underground biomes blocks, or at least identifiers that look like it.
    * Installing gregtech beyond the 2 updated mods gets Thaumcraft into a fit with an AbstractMethod error.
    * AE + EC need a higher forge version, will attempt that again after the above 2 issues are resolved.

    Full list:

    Ah ok, the admin provider can fill a certus tank in 1 sec. I bet that's my issue.
    Also there seems to be no quartz wrench, is it on your side ? Even though there's no logical reason you would disable the wrench from AE, I'll ask here and to invultri to check what's going on

    The wrench was disabled by me

    Due to obvious rule one violations going nearly unnoticed twice, until someone bothers to do something about these problems, I probably won't play. This time someone's killed me over a controversial water supply system. And says 'I'll give back your stuff' when I doubt that will actually happen. Nobody believes that I carry a load of machinery parts and stuff when I do carry that stuff around. And giving back my stuff will not help when, like I said, I doubt anyone will believe I have it, and I can't even remember the stuff I carry.

    So seriously, there are major issues on this server.

    Right I am going to sleep now, depending on how I wake up there might be TWO bans incoming. The first 2 EVER!


    Edit1: Even just in Minecraft there are substantial incompatible engine changes between versions. Bucket ignored those by doing two things, ignoring the client (rendering changes alone are hell), and effectively writing another game on top of MC's server, ignoring advanced non-server abilities.

    Edit2: Typing on phone sucks, please excuse grammatical and spelling issues as well as my short terseness of information. ^.^

    What is a good site listing available mods for terasology ?


    All mods

    Fresh crash from kirara 4