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    You mean their Drop Items are missing, right? Because they are actually missing. The Plants themselves do exist afaik.

    No I meant the actual crops that are missing. Been crossbreeding for the past week and did not see any of them (did get withereed, steelleafranks and liferoot). Their seeds do not appear in nei either.

    Forge 1263, ic2 691 and gt


    Missing Blocks/Items:

    Full list:

    Can someone tell me the mods and versions that are actually on K4 right now? It's not on the OP and my game is stuck loading:

    Won't go past [21:33:05] [Client thread/INFO] [Forestry]: Skipping CraftGuide integration.

    You are not patient enough, load times increased a lot since greg added ore crushing

    Mods on K4:

    Thaumcraft? It was the Forestry Plugin Crashing according to the Logs I got. See GT Changelog:

    Ok it was ALSO crashing with golems on steel chests I guess you got them both in one fix ;)

    Stacktrace is very different now I look at it ?(

    Hi Greg,

    A non fatal (at least where startup of the server is concerned) from forestry post init accessing the MultiTileEntityBlock. Latest GT, IC2 and forestry

    Hi Greg,

    Is it just me or is random chance to get a crop not so random any more? This happened twice now and I did remove the entire field before trying again.

    That looks like a lot of corium / corpse plant just from wheat crossbreeding ?(

    I hope it wasn't my Base, you can verify this by using my nether tunnel. If it was my Base, well I guess I'll be starting gathering resources again so there's no worrying about this.

    EDIT : Actually now that I'm looking at it again I'm seeing that it is really far away from spawn. But does that mean there's a gigantic hole in the map ?

    Nope, it has regenerated. I just dumped the region file.

    (Yes that needed a double post)
    Since k4 is supposed to be kirara 3.0, why would you not create another thread ?
    I think it is a nightmare to actively follow the updates, even tho there's not a ton of it at the moment, it could be a pain for a new player.

    I will do that soon, likely with steam age of GT.


    Anyway, joking aside. What exactly does this whole multiblock thingummy mean?

    Things that consist of more than 1 block to do a function; bbf / ebf are examples. I would even say wire and pipe networks should be considered multiblock structures, but I guess that code wise they are not :).