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    Thanks for your work on the mod - but seriously? 14 UU-M for a device that pulls 8 EU/t? I guess it goves me something to do with my extra UU-M but it seems expensive. It'd almost be cheaper to make a reactor.

    Maybe cheaper, but you need uran and often to change used cells. If you think what 8 eu is to small, you can change value in config file. UU-M not problem with cactus farm and recyclers. Free energy generators must to be expensive for crafting, but it's work lifetime and no need to service.

    Hi Guys !

    Now i finished working for fix bug's in SMP mode and updating this Addon.

    Big thanks:
    + "icedfire" for great Addon.
    + "arsenic87" for tmpFix to 1.23 and SMP mode.
    + "Player" for support IC coding

    What changed in new release:
    - fixed bug with textures in SMP
    - fixed bug with GUI in SMP
    - fixed bug conflict with mod_Planes
    + Now you can setup in server config ID, Day gen, Night gen (Max value 16 for day, 8 per Night)
    + Changed default value for Day generation to 8 (old 11)
    + changed Storage value to 32000 (old value is 16000)
    + changed energy out to 128 (old 512)
    + changed crafting recipe (it's more expensive now)

    Crafting recipe:


    P - Carbon Plate
    R - Reinforced Glass
    I - Iridium
    S - Solar Panel
    A - Advanced Circuit
    M - Advanced Machine
    C - Red Crystal (discharged)

    And last. Our engineer give lifetime warranty to this panel :D
    Sorry for my bad english :)

    I try to port and fix addon Advanced Solar Panel to SMP mode. I already do it. All work at SSP, but in SMP is some small bugs. In SMP mode not display value "Generating:". And not display status "Sun is up" and "Sun is down". Gauge with energy storage work fine. How recieve and update this values in SMP ?
    I can't find the documentation on the mechanism of synchronization of adjustments server and the client. Sample: i have adjustment value "generation" on client and server. I setup in client value "5" on server value "10". I need in SMP mode use only server values. How i can do it ?
    And i need to update client GUI with server adjustment.
    This is code:


    Big thanks for you help.
    P.S. Sorry for my bad English :)

    I have IC2 + BC 2.2.2 server all is fine, but not griffers. Some not good people steal tech with wrench. It's not big problem with cheap tech, but MFSU and other advanced tech is very expencive. Personal safe and Trade o Mat have protection against the wrench, but other items not :(
    Can you add option in config file to set what item can wrench ?

    P.S In Minecraft 1.7.3. version i use Bukkit and ported version IC8_55 and plugin LWC. I setup LWC to protect all IC machines. Protection work fine and wrench not work for other players. But in 1.8.1 with Bukkit and ported IC2 1.15 with LWC, this protection not work correct with machines. User can't destroy machines, but easy can wrench it. LWC doesn't intercept destruction of the block by wrench :wacko: