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    That is true but it would be cool to not be just bound to existing items. As I undersand it you should be able to research ways to envolve and change parts in your machine. To not only build contraptions but also modify them to achive something new.

    to stay with immibis cable example:
    you have the fairly effective low current transfer. You have the possibility to transfer ultra high currents as well for a lot of loss. so why not combining both to have a better result.
    (that might be a bad example though because i know that the reason for that is the physics of electrical current and not the material.)

    btw is is kinda funny how you are going in disscusions that have nothing to do with the topic

    up until now there is no way of conducting energy losslessly. thats why i would suggest superconductors it would a require advanced heat exchangers for crafting and a cooling fluit conducted though continually

    If you only want to research it once and have control over researches you could also add server commands.

    Second thing I think it would be fun if you not only have to get certain event but also build and interact with the world stuff in order to discover something.
    Like you can drop gravel on rubber wood and you discover sticky resin (ok thats weird)
    Or if you drop iron into fire to get refiened iron. or waer rubber boots while jumping around on unisolated wires

    My idea is that the geothermal generator would be placed somewhat above a lava source and would require both water and mining pipes. The Mining pipes would dig down until it finds lava then starts converting the furthest lava into stone and producing energy. It would only use/convert the lava within 15 blocks of where the mining pipe hits the lava and would work outwards in. This would stop the OP "pump out nether and pipe lava into geothermal" method.
    Since Geothermals require a difference in heat for large heat transfer to occur, the water in the nether would be slower to heat up and so if used in the nether would give much the same energy amount per lava but say only at 2 eu/t. This would cancel out the OP abuse of the nether anyway, making geothermals actually realistic and would be actually used in underground lava preserves in the overworld.

    Yes I would agree, but you didn't consider ender tanks, you are not able to figure out where the lava actually came from.

    I really like your idea mat geology would add lots of fun and occupations in the late game. You could also add as you already mentioned isolation properties and a heat system in general.

    As for now IC2 adds a bunch of cool elements like lithium, Uranium and Iridium as well as many other cool elements. The point I want to make is that there should be more cool and funny uses for these elemnts. For example:
    If you drop alkalimetals such as Lithium in water it burns and explodes.
    In the Endgame there should be a possibility to transfer elements to other elemts via nuclear enrichment(adding protrons and neutrons to the nuclear core)
    you can't through iridium out of inventory.
    You are able to seperate everything in elements as well as assembling elements together to get a new material

    Most of these proposals are suggestions for the endgame. In other words expensive, and power expense.

    To be honest, the title was more promising than the content, I would love to be able to create artifical suns (@ GT bei zuerstörung von fusionsreaktoren) It is true that it would enable infinite amounts of energy. But we are talking about an little star you can give it a reasonable prize for example.
    1. As you create the "sun" the is explosion of nuke range
    2. In order to create artifical cold fusion you need a crazy amount of energy.
    3. In order to do this you need to create deuterium, you probably have to syntesize it in a pretty high tier machine
    This Energy could be transmitted In Lasers focusing on a cell of concentrated Deuterium which would initialize the reaction. These lasers would require diamonds and are due to the explosion only useable once.

    Maybe you could do it like a game called alchemy, but instead of mixing elements, you "mix" scientific theories, Blocks, etc. in a drag an drop system. I am really happy that my idea developed already this far. Maybe it would give some people (GregorousTechnicus) the possibility to make IC2 even more complex advanced and fun

    Well I don't say the other mods are bad and I am not saying that IC2 should copy the code I want IC2 to give an more efficient and elegant usage to thae mods which are already existend. To make It certain, who wouldn't want to be able to put the whole Nuclear reactor controll in one block...