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    man i got a bug that SEEMS to be relative to your fastcraft. i have put the crashreport in the attachment. i'm not the one who meets this bug, so i can't give you any information except that crashreport. i'm asking the one who posted this bug for more detail howerver, if you need it.

    EDIT: if this actually has nothing to do with your mod, i'll apologize. i don't really understand either java or Minecraft.

    Maybe I have did something wrong,or I just missed a few posts about this "bug",but I just can't get the problem fixed by myself.So I came here.
    The problem is that mutiblock structures are always telling me "incompleted structure",at first I think it's a matter with RC's hidden blocks,but I proved myself wrong after I removed Railcraft.
    Using gregtech3.11 and IC2_lf312(I know this version is out-dated,but combo armor doesn't accept higher versions of IC2).Also have RC,BC,MFR2,AE,TE,FR and a bunch of small IC2 addons(i'm sure they have nothing to do with this) installed.
    If I missed a post telling the fix,please help me post it again,or tell me its location.

    After 3 crashes,I finally confirmed the one behind it.Your mod crash my server when the server stops.
    Here is the crash report:

    The fml log tells me too report this to you,so i come here.
    "Item Name: itemCharcoalSugar !!!Unknown Item detected!!! Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, it's just an Information."
    CharcoalSugar is from Mine Factory Reloaded 2.The author is PowerCrystals,there is a link to his thread.CharcoalSugar is the result of smelting sugar.It's less powerful than normal charcoal.The exact data is unknown.

    There is a graphic bug,which doesn't crash the game.But it looks quite weird.
    That is,the progess bar doesn't display porperly.

    MC1.5.2,Advanced machine4.9,IC2_lf329,Optifine_1.5.2_D3,forge710,gregtech,mfr and a lot of other mods.
    As you see,machine is doing nothing,but the progess bar tells me the machine is progessing...something.It's really weird and confusing.

    EDIT:All right,I figure out the problem.(don't ask me how!)the problem is in these lines of codes.your machine's progress bar scale incorrectly.The reason is simple,progress bar only scale when the Gui is opened,in order to save CPU power.when closed,it will save the current place of the progress bar and stop update it.When the jobs are done,the progess value goes back to 0.When you open the Gui,MC reload the progress bar's place from the saved one in the RAM,without judging wthether it is correct(that's because your code!) .That's my explanation,maybe incorrect.
    I borrowed some lines of code from UnixRano(don't tell him!)which is showed below.

    This is because that different mods use different ratios.In fact,once i made a system that make infinite energy.Before powercrystal change the energy needed to "craft" a bucket of oil,some one once invent an oil powered perpetual motion machine.
    of course,there is.but not in english.
    What does the paragraph called "cutting" in "DynamicConfig.cfg" do,Greg?

    All right,I got it.Thank you for stop me from making an impossible design.

    I'm trying to build some sort of cooling tower,which use core heat exchanger.

    All the former cooling tower designs use compoent heat the heat need to be delivered via heat exchanger.That means this kind of super cooling module can't be turn into a cooling tower for DDoS systems,via common way.So I got my eyes on the core heat exchanger,which can exchange heat with the reactor hull,then with the OC vents.

    I'm still working on it,but it seems that this can work.

    Can this concept work?

    quoted stuff

    I don't think i have missed it.the copies from older gregtech don't works,too.what happened excatly?
    i use forge710.
    btw,my sever crashed due to id-conflict.i saw your notice, but i'm such an idot that i can't find where you put the conflicted ids.I have searched both log and crash report.