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    A few weeks ago....
    -In the school library, coding my game's save function-
    Me: I can't figure out what the error is... -scrolls down-
    Friend: It looks fine to me....
    Me: Huh.... -scrolls down more-
    Me: Ahah!
    Friend: what is it?
    Me: ..... "player_Health_Saved=...."
    Friend: Yeah?
    Me:..."(str(player_Health_Saved))." -facepalms-
    Both: -laughing our asses off-

    The little things are the ones that get you.

    I think that, before we go into the next-gen craze, we should remember out favorite games of the previous generation.

    1.- Uncharted: Among Thieves
    Developers: Naughty Dog
    Console: PS3
    My god, this game.
    It was one of my favorite games on the PS3. I remember how the puzzles were challenging yet fun, the graphics absolutely amazing and the story...... MY GOD. I loved it when I was 9, and I still do. Unfortunately, my dad traded it for CaP: Modern Warfare Frreeeeee

    2.- Infamous
    Developers: Face Punch (?)
    Console: PS3 and PC
    I have so many memories of this game... I got it for FREE as a "welcome back" gift after the PSN got hacked for a couple of weeks (anyone else remember that?). I loved playing it and I still do. I badly want to complete it, and get Infamous 2 and Second Son, because this game is just STELLAR. The story is just absolutely epic, the characters are believable, the combat is fast and intense and sometimes hilarious. The Good/Evil system is implemented in an intuitive way, and Cole... He's badass. Nuff' Said.

    -I walk over to Sarah, poking her.-
    Me: Sarah, was it?
    Sarah: Oh.... I think you're Kryptia? Anyways, listen to this. Shh.
    -We both go silent, listening to the people.-


    Lucy: Can you stop the car for a bit?
    -The car stops, and Lucy giggles, crawling on top of Thomas, biting him on the neck.-

    -I have fought my way to the top of the tower, and the roof is empty.-
    Me: H...huh?
    -I collapse, bruising myself when I hit the cobblestone ground. The tower collapses underneath me, a swirling vortex underneath me.-
    -It all goes black, and I find myself in a dark, cold room on a slab of stone. I look to my side to see a bag, and I realize it's mine. My possessions are scattered across the floor, and I grab my bag, gathering my stuff.-
    Me: Where am I?
    -I see a small hole letting in the slightest amount of light.-
    Me: Oh thank goodness there's a hole. How am I gonna get out?
    -I press my hand against the hole, and it widens into a tunnel. I walk out of said tunnel, ending up across where Sarah stands from.-
    Me: Huh.

    -Lucy and Thomas have gotten into the car. Lucy is very akwardly sitting next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder.-
    Lucy: Thanks... Thomas.... *Ohgodohgod don't do it, Lucy.*
    -Lucy kisses him on the cheek, biting him when she does so, drawing some blood. She then giggles.-
    Lucy: Hehe~

    -Lucy yawns, getting up and crawling into T10A's bed.-


    -Kry's POV-

    Me: RAHHHH!
    -I slice the last lich in half with my scythe, and I see a pair of stairs appear.-
    Me: Great. Just grreeattt.
    -The music I was listening to when I started is still playing, and I go up the stairs, scythe ready.-

    Scott flies into the portal, and ends up in a very dark realm, only the ground around him illuminated.-
    -Switching to Kry's POV from Scott's-

    Kry: The heellll?
    -I'm in an entirely different reality, and from my point of view it's a large tower. I walk into the front entrance, my boots making loud stepping sounds on the cobblestone ground. A small amount of noise is coming from my ear buds, it being the usual trance music. I hear a loud metal banging noise, and I look behind me to see a gate blocking the door. I turn forward again to see I'm in a room, and I see small holes in the walls, liches (Like the twilight forest kind of lich) are crawling out. I grab my scythe, putting my ear buds in and feeling the beat of the music in my heart.-

    -Meanwhile, in an entirely different reality-

    -Lucy flies out of a portal into T10a's house, sound asleep.-