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    Normally, in the 397 build, you'll find Uranium 235 after centrifuging washed/purified (I don't remember the name) uranium ore.
    If I remember well, you find some tiny piles of Uranium 238 and some of uranium 235.

    Try using NEI on the gui of the thermal centrifuge. It will show you all the recipes you can get with the thermal centrifuge.

    Ah! The site just diconnected me and I lost all of what I wrote! AAAHHH !

    Well, I was just saying: supposing the mirros are the same size than the solar panels, if I'm correct, we need 100 hU to boil a cubic meter of water.
    In a desert, a solar panel boils that water in six hours, as there are 20 ticks/sec, in 6 hours, we have 6*3600*20 ticks, so 432 000 ticks.

    So 100/432000= 2,314814814814815*10^(-4) hU/tick.
    It is too small (for me), maybe it would be better if the system was based on Joules rather than hU?

    6 hours? Come on...
    (OK, ok, we are heating up 1 m^3 here. But it still seems very long).

    Would it be possible to have mirrors. I mean, the kind of mirrors that can deflect sun light to concentrate it on a point (like in these solar powerplants: )

    But rain water contains very few ions.
    Though, I understand that it will bring some dirt that is in the air.

    Also, you know, when it rains outside, you don't collect much. Or you would need a big surface where the water is collected.

    I don't know if it is already implemented, so do not flame me because I have not that knowledge. I have to stick to 1.6.4 because of some mods not updating (their update will be soon, though), and I have abosutlely no way, except asking someone, to know if what I'm gonna propose is actually implemented.

    I would propose other ways to get distilled water. If I'm not mistaken, you get distilled water by producing steam, requiring to boil water thanks to a boiler and a heat producer.
    I would propose another way to get distilled water: since distilled water is only evaporated water, I thought Steve would be smart if he decided to collect the water that come from the sky: rain. If that water is present in the form of clouds, it is because it got enough energy to evaporate, and then condense into micro-drops. When the little drops come all together and form large drops, they fall. In that process, they could not find any ion, therefore, they are like distilled water.

    Also, I would like to introduce another way of generating heat. It is a way that is more and more used, because it is free (although you have to pay for the device), easy to produce, and easy to place: the thermal solar panel. It is just composed of tubes, with water inside, placed in a dark chamber. As if there is anough light, the solar panel will heat up the water.
    For the recipe, I would say it is the same as the solar panel, except that you put ink sacs instead of coal dust, and a tube instead of the generator.
    It would make a lot of sense in a desert biome, or a sunny environment.

    What do you think?

    It's been a while since you haven't given us some informations. How is it going?
    I also mean, I re-read the OP, and I noticed you were talking about satellites and missiles. I don't know if I missed some versions, but it seems to like there is no satellite. Have I missed anything?

    Also, nuclear power plants use heavy water that is composed of 2 atoms of deuterium (isotope of Hydrogen) and oxygen. Heavy water aborbs quite well free neutrons released by Uranium fission.
    EDIT: Sure, it adds to the security level.

    I just noticed: if you compress the steam, it will be likely to condense into hot water. See that, it shows what's the state of water depending on the pressure and the temperature.

    Personally, I would say that using reactor hot coolant is the best way to produce steam. I don't know why, maybe because it is cooling down the reactor and because it doesn't consume lava when you could use it for something else.

    Well, I could also propose something.
    With all I've read, I think that as soon as you use water in a boiler or anything, it becomes calcified. Would it be possible to use for example water from rain? As this water has already evaporated, therefore leaving all the ions that it was carrying, it shouldn't calcify your boiler. It would need another machine (maybe not a machine: iron rusts, but more a plastic tank, or anything) that would only run when it rains.

    Also, I don't know what the boiler runs out of, maybe EU or lava or combustion or I don't know, but it could be nice to have a block that can heat up the water thanks to the light of the sun. It would work more efficiently in deserts biomes, as long as the solar boiler is placed with a reasonable amount of light. Though, it would not be able to run thanks to the light of the torches.
    I've got an idea for the recipe: use dark dyes instead of coal dust and a pipe instead of the machine block in the solar panel recipe.

    So if I understand well, in GT, if you have too much EUs flowing through a wire, it will melt, too high packets will do the same and will fry the machines. But what do you mean by power transfer? Splitting an EU packet into some others?

    Sure. But the mod is still awesome. I don't know why people are less interested. Maybe because the game is also aging and people get interested in other games?

    By the way, I had known a time when IC2 forums made something like 100 000 hits a day. Where are all these guys gone?

    Would a computer shut down because the graphic card is broken?
    The thing is: I cannot test the graphic card on another machine since it is locked into the computer (well, locked on the chassis, so I might take it out by cutting off a part of the chassis).
    Also: I used to have a remote mouse and keyboard (wireless) and the receiver is meant to have some diodes ligthing up when the computer is on. The fact is that it doesn't light up at all. I think the motherboard is broken, but I'm not quite sure (the RAM is okay (I removed each module, one after another (I replaced them after) and not any of the removals helped ;( ). Any way, I'm thinking about getting an upgrade, a really cool upgrade: I might buy another computer in the next months (September seems a good month).

    I'll try.
    Well, now, I can't since my main computer doesn't want to restart (it shut down yesterday and I cannot get any video signal since then (I mean, all the vents start, but nothing happens on the screen, stays definetely black in "no signal mode")).