[1.90][BUG+FIX]Crops are trampled while the player is standing still

  • In 1.90, standing motionless on top of a crop block will periodically cause the crop under you to be trampled. This is caused by cropCard.onEntityCollision using a variable which MCP has mislabeled as "entityLiving.isAirBorne", but would be better named "entityLiving.hasEverBeenAirBorne" or even "entityLiving.thisIsCompletelyUseless". Minecraft itself never uses the property, and the only time it's set to false is when it's created.

    To actually detect whether an entity is airborne, you can use (entity.motionY != 0). However, since jumping on tilled soil already causes it to revert to dirt, and since the tilled soil becoming dirt will destroy the crop block, the check isn't really necessary at all.

  • Okay, this one is directly out of the CropCard API, so I'm just going to quote the code for both of you, description included:

    The intent here is PERFECTLY. CRYSTAL. CLEAR. The method description even says exactly what the result should be: The crop can be trampled if the entity is jumping or sprinting. Standing still fits neither of those requirements. As I said, the issue is that it uses a property which IS BROKEN. Replace it with an equivalent check that actually works, and the intent is restored.

    If I reference specific code, please grant me enough respect to at least LOOK at the code I'm referring to before deciding that I'm full of it. This is not an "I disagree with the way things work." bug report. This is a specific flaw in the code which produces behaviour that was clearly unintended and which causes problems. Namely, it's nearly impossible to breed crops decently in the current IC2, because even carefully sneaking across the field will randomly destroy your crops.

    It's annoying to have an uninformed user spouting baseless speculation, but he has the excuse of not knowing any better. I find it insulting to get the same treatment from someone who actually has the access and the knowledge to read the code I reference for themselves.

  • Good catch. I thought something odd was going on. Personally I would like to see the whole trample thing configurable. I usually play on a laptop and it literally becomes painful to constantly hold down the shift key after awhile while working with crops.

  • i reported trampling issues multiple times since crops implemented and notch changed vanilla trampling from moving to jumping, no viable results, no config option, only option to patchout personal server.

  • It has become much worse with 1.90, sometimes crops are destroyed in the surroundings blocs with which you are not in contact