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    Pretty sure you can't modify vanilla though, no vanilla nerfings in said mod.

    Anyone have any ideas for Greg? It would probably need to tech themed. Maybe a reworks of the steam age?

    Edit: got an idea, what about that fancy tool system that was going to go into GT? The only issue is that you can't use older textures.

    I told skyboy on IRC PM that coming here and PMing Greg was pretty much the only solution (his IRC is restricted so I couldn't speak). Let's just hope this gets sorted out.

    Eh, I think sky would prefer it somewhere more neutral, like the minecraft forums or the FTB forums. Greg has a minecraft forums account according to his profile here, although I'm quite curious where it is, there's no "GregoriusTech" or "GregoriusT" user there.

    We should pass this around the forums, to get skyboy in trouble and remove this shit.