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    would be cool to get like some info about how the reactor components works... i don't really understand them... the only thing i found out, if you take a quad cell and hit 4 thick neutron reflectors around you can blow a rector on the 2nd tick. XD

    yes, i feel thats fine enough... processing a single stack of items in 2 seconds is pretty sick.
    So ppl need to start thinking again when they build something, thats like the whole thing about the changes and i like that idea. It got to a non thinking thing like: I just make one macer with 15 OC's and i never need any other macer ever.

    btw, did you post this? [TOP SECRET] Possible 1.105 Reactor Designs!

    I can't get the idea out of my head that it's some kind of joke from you... cause well it got a lot of stuff in it that may come... ;)

    i like the ideas with the rework of the nulcear reactor and the other stuff. I love the idea that machines and q-armor will be much more customizable in the future, not just standard like now.
    Will it still be possible to achieve sick speed like now (15 oc's), though with like reduced lifespan and lots of smog?

    The only thing i've found till now is a graphical bug.

    If you have your crops and jump on them (SMP), about 50% of the time they turn to dirt but the crop won't break. If you relogg you see that its still farmland.

    Stupid question, but what other mods do i need to run it?

    Cause when i run the game with just forge on a clean jar, i can start the game and everything, but it crashes as soon as it starts a world.

    Another random thing i've found... i just went mining a bit and suddenly i got ores that don't want to stack with each other. I now got 2 Iron stacks and 2 tin stacks that don't want to stack with each other. They were mined in one run and i got no other mod than IC installed... I dont really know what i could've done to make that happen.
    no problem with copper/redstone/uranium though.

    edit: The same just happend with cropsticks.