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    @Direwolf, i like the vid.

    @Topic: I played a bit tested a few things etc... nothing jumped into my eyes. Theres just one thing im not sure if intended that way: Is it wanted that crops get trampled even if you sneak when walking over them? cause like this its pretty impossible to make + breeders. ;)

    -Added dictionary support for Bronze and Refined Iron don't know how to test?
    -Added Luminators work except for the mentioned bugs, additionally are they really planned to be removed on destruction?
    -Reworked Windmill mechanics need more info to test
    -Added Detector and Splitter cable work nice, i like them!
    -Increased Tin-Cable capacity to 5 EUt
    -Updated GeothermalGenerator GUI looks good
    -Spraying upon Scaffolds drops them again works
    -Lappack recipe made slightly more expensive good recipe
    -Lappacks now properly work with high-energy gadgets works
    -QHelemt takes 2x more energy to refill hungre energy amount is good i think
    -Miners cannot mine each others mining pipes anymore

    A large chest of stone at 12.5% scrap rate would turn 54 stacks of cobblestone into 6.75 stacks (432) of scrap. Through the conversion to glass and panes, you get 18 stacks (1,152) of scrap, over 2.5x returns.

    Protip: make cobblestone pipes, same conversion, but just 1 glass for 8 items instead of 3.

    The issue is that the helmet probably discharges too fast. means if it should be empty it just jumps to full energy again. (and i mean really full without a health bar) instead of staying empty. meaning you never have to charge it. An initial charge of a few K eu is enough to have it running forever. While it is very convenient it is overpowered. so much killer thinks about disabling the food ability of the helmet. ;)

    because of a discussion in the IR forum i tested the Q-Helmet refill bug and it still is present in 1.3. Did you forget to fix that or didn't you mind at all or didnt you find a fix yet?

    Painters now have 32 uses total (with no increase in dye costs). DOES NOT WORK! Painters go down as if they had 32 loads but at the 16th block they instantly go from half full to empty. Tested with TMI and selfcrafted and different colors!

    No other problems were found.

    Will check rest when i get home.


    Gorni :
    To mention it, the armor "bar" is ENTIRELY independant from the actual armor system. It basicly only takes the damage value of the itemslots and compares them against their maxdamage, multiplied by fix values. You could equip a instantly breaking dirt-armor and it would display a full armor bar.
    Lowfocus is not meant to break anything but a single block. Hmm.. probably gotta give it range 0.1 (should travel the first frame/block, but not destroy anything but the first block)

    Oh okay, so it does not really give out the real armor. good to know.

    Hmm i think its the strenght of the beam that is the problem. you just manage to kill 2 sand blocks if you target the border of one, so the beam will reach the second without to travel far. If you try the same with stone, it doesent work. But its not really a bug i would take a lot time to fix. since no one will massfarm sand with the bugged low-focus laser.

    @darenton: Wayne means as much as "I don't mind that at all." or in other words... i dont give a fuck.

    Btw did anyone play 1.0 by now? Just played it and took a look on the memory usage. That thing goes up like a rocket! without anything built.... :cursing:

    -Backpacks shouldn't be accounted as armor by minecrafts engine anymore (Do not absorb/take damage) But shows as armor in the armor bar.
    -Mining Laser got slightly rebalanced (will probably get a more intensive redo in future). Most modes use less energy now. If you use low focus on sand you can manage to break 2 blocks... dk if intended or not avoidable, explosive: YAY rocket jump!
    - CF Sprayers can now be used to "fill up" Scaffolds by rightclicking them. The foam will EXCLUSIVELY fill the scaffoldblocks (will drop scaffold). Easier to use for building great!
    -You can now use Sand (rightclick) to instantly those pesky foam blocks who continously deny to it!

    Tested most of the stuff, no big bugs or problems found. :) I like it!
    Oh and btw when do we get to hear of that new big secret project? XD

    Now you know something about nukes do you? When you decide to light your bbq grill with lighter fluid as opposed to lighter fluid plus gunpowder...obviously the latter will have more effect. We all know hydrogen burns, you throw a bunch of it compressed on the back of a nuke, obviously it will be bigger. That doesn't mean the energy produced is more than was required to make the thing.

    Ehm right... and you are sure you understand the difference between burning hydrogen with air ( 2 H2 + O2 => 2 H2O) and fusing 2 Cores into a new one ( Deuterium + Tritium => Neutron + Helium)?