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    I for one prefer this system. A few transformer upgrades in each machine and you quickly raise max EU/t far above EU/t cost. I supply 512 EU/t to my machine shop, the 512 line is split into 2, so I send 256 to each side of the room. Every machine has 2 transformer upgrades and 3 or 4 overclockers. None of them explode, none of them receive too little energy. Once I put my max 6 overclockers in every machine, I will probably need to upgrade to 3 transformers per machine and boost the input to 2048. Simple.

    I admit its more complicated than the old system, but I think that's a good thing.

    I havent banned him yet because i understand that he simply doesnt know english (he seems to be Spanish, according to .es websites used).
    Also, it is fun to read these stupid things in awhile.

    Spanish and portuguese (my native language) are "close" languages, but i don't speak spanish and really don't want to try to further talk.

    Edit : 4000 posts, yay.

    Apologies, I am new around here and I guess I came on a little strong. It just irks me when people get so demanding. I can struggle through Google Translate, but not when the person using it is blaming the readers for being unable to understand.

    Seriously? You come on here speaking garbled half-English and then get upset when the regulars around here tell you that you have a lack of proper communication. Then you make some retarded random memes and call everyone idiots? How have you not been banned already?

    PD: If you am not understand English, then you are shouldn't translate Google and complaining when understand you not people do.