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    Lol guess I'm going to need to replace Sirus ;P

    inucune : Nice, Railcraft I presume ?
    @French for 97 : It's not exactly true everywhere, like here for us we pronounce it 90 + 7, but other people from elsewhere might indeed pronounce it 4*20+10+7 lol
    @GRAG : Need textures ;) ? Also, 100% agree about NEIN Grags, and we also have the decimal comma, lol :D

    Muramasa ( aka the most epic saber eva ) : Well theoretically it should work toghether, but then I am not responsible for any WTFBOOOOOOOOOOOM caused in your world, if you want to make a modpack, I would suggest you using minetweaker ( and modtweaker as it will soon have compat with GTreborn if it's not already there ) to heavily modify crafts to avoid conflicts and balance stuff to disable unwanted stuff, I also suggest disabling GT5 cables as they might cause problems with GT reborn, and GT reborn already have cables but it's still very WIP, lastly I think you will need to use IC2 exp ( with or without compilation should work ), as GT reborn haven't released the special version for IC2 classic compat YET ( once it's stable, it will have 2 version, one for normal IC2, other for classic ) and I don't even know if IC2 classic works with GT5, GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG Blooooooooody ? :thumbup:

    A new type of way to generate power similar to Nexey_'s one :

    TC golem tree farm + coke ovens = charcoal feeding bunch of generators
    Efficient+, renewable, cheap but requires TC ressearch, powerful++

    Cactus/Reeds farm + coke ovens = sugar/cactus charcoal feeding bunch of generators
    Efficient+ ( Passive ), renewable, SUPER cheap ( can be made after 15 minutes in a normal modded world, 1 hour if hardcore recipes ), powerful++ ( from what you need to do, it's very powerful, maybe less than TC golem farm, but this is more spammeable so I still give it ++ )

    EDIT : Please note that uranium, lava and fuel are all renewable sources if you have the right setup for it ( collector-condensers, bees etc.. ). It would be nice if you put it in parenthesis ^ ^

    I want to make this thread to share about how I generate my power and for other people to share their ideas as well, screenshots are nice :D

    1.2.5 :
    - Water strainers + aqueous accumulators
    Efficient, renewable, cheap, powerful
    - Geothermal generator + collector-condenser
    Efficient++, renewable, recipe is ok, powerful++
    1.4.7 :
    - 2 Redstone engines on a magma crucible fed by a igneous extruder producing cobble, the magma extruder outputs lava in a GT thermal generator ( the redstone engines we're nerfed and didn't produced energy anymore at that time, except if you used it on thermal expansion machines or miner/pump, but it was very slow, but at least you got energy from redstone, from a flip of a lever :D )
    Efficiency average ( was good for an infinite backup energy source in case MFR harvester-planters tree farm loop suddenly stopped due to a big tree, at least this is how I used it ), renewable, cheap, low power gen
    - Fuel factory from BC + fuel generators
    Very efficient early to mid-end game, not renewable though unless you used bees, cost is ok, powerful+
    - Biofuel factory
    Very efficient early to mid-end game, renewable if you use MFR farms ( and renewable with Forestry farms IF you had a macerator+product of the tree farm making infinite dirt and a macerator+igneous extruder making infinite sand and using this sand to convert it into saltpeter ore thanks to saltpeter spawners in desert and deployers-block breakers from RP2 then process everything and make fertilizer, it's definitively possible, as I did it, but too much hassle and I do not recommend it ^ ^'' ), cost is ok, powerful+
    - Fusion reactor aka the holy GT grail
    Efficient+++++, renewable, GRAG LEVEL EXPENSIVE, powerful+++++
    1.5.2 :
    - Factorization solar boilers + steam generators
    Very efficient early to mid game, renewable, cost is from cheap to expensive, powerful
    1.6.4 :
    - EE3 EMC condenser + igneous extruder feeding charcoal to a generator
    Very efficient, renewable, cost is ok, powerful
    1.7.10 :
    - The old Geothermal generator + collector setup except using mekanism heat generator or GT reborn Thermal generator for more efficiency
    Efficient+++, renewable, cost is ok, powerful+++
    - Heat generators
    Efficient, renewable, cheap, powerful

    +200 attack damage... Even Project E haven't gone that far YET O.o''

    But what do you think about my sub-idea ?
    Also I would rather keep the already high damage and instead upgrade it for PVP and make it drain 10x more EU from E-armor ^^ As for PVE it's already kinda broken as you just need to make that early game and it will last even in EndGame, like, in 1.4.7, I destroyed every twillight forest bosses, wither and dragon with next to no armour protection and a nanosaber ;P

    Well, for now I am more opting for Tubes! because it's closer to RP2 tubes if you change some recipes and I can always modify the mod's assets to use my textures by default ^^

    But I am tempted by refined relocation BC compat, that's my problem ^^0''
    Also Vaygrim said Refined Relocation was made to reduce as much lag as possible, you sure Speiger ?

    Yeah, I am really hesitating...

    TL;DR if you aren't interested in my project

    Also some may say I mutilated Mekanism, but I modified it so much that it looks more like some kind of UE addon to IC2 that anything else now xD
    EVERYTHING, even powersystem ( now in EU and no RF interaction, you are going to need to use IC2 classic / techReborn upcoming converters ) has been changed, almost all machines are disabled, because they cause EMC loops, and are going to be hidden in NEI, all cables disabled, only things kept is ore gen, cool items with new crafts, and generators ( except gas burning and Fusion one, because TechReborn will add it's own ones, the other generators are modified in craft so it's like an upgrade to IC2 ones ).

    In TechReborn, only thing that is going to be tweaked are Centrifuge and Electrolyser recipes to remove EMC loops, so I am going to remove a lot of stuff ^^0''

    Here is the story guys, for my modpack, I want a mod that adds RP2 like tubes, now the thing is I already have mekanism which adds similar tubes but I am not pleased on how they work and they aren't RP2 ish enough for me... Especially since the new update of Mekanism 8...

    Now here is for now 2 mods which adds RP2 ish tubes but I don't know which one to add in the pack, can you please leave you opinion on which one to use or even better suggest me a mod which adds these ^^

    Please note that I won't add Bluepower since I already have project Red ^^

    +1, but this was already so much requested... Addon maybe ? I know it used to be part of an addon at some point...

    Also, I would rather have more CQC nano weapons than quantum saber, I would prefered to have a : nano sword ( a simple E-sword with static damage unlike nanosaber and instead of the super charged attack ability, it's special ability will be that if you block with the sword, you will be protected by a sphere-like hexagon field which makes you almost invinicible to damage dealt in front of you and reduces all other damages dealt on you other than front at the cost of constant energy drain, this would allow for tanking, and ofc blocking will still makes you slow ), and a stun stick which deals an AOE attack of 1 heart which slows down stuff ^^

    Oh right, Industrial warfare was supposed to give us that... :c

    Well, it's still a tier, I mean, like in GT, past HV, everything else becomes redundant, but if you manage to get to the alchemical tier, you get powerless invincibility, the ability of transmutation, very nice items and utilities, generate ressources slowly but at least passively, and get to have a new challenge, get to actually finish project E, because with my nerfs, it might take a while ( not that it will be grindy, but it will be long because there is a lot of small steps, like the other tiers ^^ ).