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    So wait, I'm a bit confused. I could've sworn that I read:
    :Refined Iron: :Water Cell:
    :Water Cell::Uranium Cell::Water Cell:
    :Refined Iron: :Water Cell:

    :Refined Iron: =open space
    Would generate no net heat.
    If a coolant cell only cools 1 heat a tick , and the uranium cell produces 10 heat a tick, how does that work?

    Also, do the cells take the heat away from the uranium cell, or does the heat go into the cells?
    In that, does each coolant cell just take away one heat (10-4=6), or does the heat evenly split between the 4 coolant cells? (10/4=2.5)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to mess around with the nuclear reactor, but I'm confused.
    Namely: How much heat does a uranium fuel cell generate in one tick, and how much do cooling cells cool heat in a tick? I read Alblaka's post,but I couldn't find anything explicit about it.

    Here is a quick overview of what changed:

    Rubber. In order to obtain rubber, you need to find special rubber trees. Rubber trees look a bit different, in that they have little yellow dots on their logs. Right clicking on one of these dots will shoot out resin, which you can pick up and throw into a furnace/extractor for rubber. To find rubber trees, look for trees that has two leave blocks sticking out on top.

    Wires are now way smarter, and can be split into more than 2 directions. It however should be noted that the copper wire loss is now 1 EU every 5 blocks, so be careful
    There are also gold, HV, and fiber glass wires, each capable of handling different amounts of current and having different EU loss.

    3 Tiers of energy: LV, MV, and HV.
    LV is low voltage, and is the only type most machines will accept. Batboxes and LV transformer emit 32 EU/t, or low voltage EU.
    MV is medium voltage, and is outputted by the MFE and MV transformer at 128 EU/t.
    HV is high voltage, and is outputted by the MFS and HV transformer at 512 EU/t.
    Note that copper wire is only able to handle LV current.

    Painters. Painters can paint wires a certain color, allowing one to separate wire that are right by each other.

    Wrenches now not only remove machines, but also will turn it facing to you. You see, blocks like the batboxs, mfe, mfs now only output on one side, which is marked by a dot. Using a wrench, you can turn the dot to face you. Transformers accept current from the 3 dot side, and output to other sides, unless redstone'd

    Batteries now no longer instantly decharge/recharge. They take a few seconds to recharge, and instead of dumping all the energy at once, will empty it.
    Recharging the drill/chainsaw does not need the mobile charger anymore. If your right click while holding a battery, it will recharge your tool, albeit each click only recharges a fraction of the tool.

    Recipes for several machines have changed, and multiple new machines have been added. I suggest you check the industrialcraft wiki for further info.

    Nuclear reactor has been completely overhauled. Instead of simplying throwing uranium in, one needs to setup a elaborate pattern of coolant cells, uranium cells and other components. Check the nuclear engineering section of this forum.

    Fuel has been overhauled, using reusable fuel cans. Again, check the wiki for further info.

    If you don't plan on making quantam suit, just make diamonds and fiber glass/lapatron cyrstals. You could also make iron/tin/copper or uranium if you wanted to. (Don't recall if there is uranium recipie or not). Though if ehre is a uranium recipie.... :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT:


    I would:
    add wires( just say the carry power so you gens dont have to be next to)
    add bat box. ( i usually get BEFORE bronze, and stops wasting of generators)
    change Gen recipe (more efficient)
    give overveiw of alt gens.
    Possibly short YT vid, or link to Direwolfs Power tut. (personally i wouldn't watch it, id rather read, but i dont need a tut anyways 8) .)

    Read my mind. I was planning on introducing the bat box during the wiring section, as well as adding in the more efficient generator recipe. Youtube video is a maybe-as direwolf has some nice vids already up.

    Could it be....that Yogscast somehow does not know that the modpack is unauthorized in the first place?
    It isn't like them just to do something that atrocious. While we still need to keep in mind the possibility that they know the modpack is unauthorized , could it be they don't?
    We ought to ask yogascast about this, and see if they do realize that the modpack is unauthorized.
    If they do realize it however, I'm afraid I will unsubscribe from them. I really did like those guys. I really did, but this is unacceptable.

    You are using the inefficient recipe of generator. This one requires 8 refined iron, and there are the recipe, that requires only 5 iron and 1 refined iron.

    I do realize that, and I was thinking of using that recipe instead. At the time, I was thinking that it would be best to just use the machine part, to keep it simple as all machines in IC use a machine part. However, now that I think about it, the alternate recipe could be a nice way to introduce the iron furnace, and than transition into the generator.