[Addon 1.115]Transformers BETA-1 v2.0 - Convert IC2 & BC3 energy back & forth!

  • Server - PowerConverters-1.3.4-mcpc78-r1
    Client - PowerConverters_Client_1.3.4

    hi all
    I have a problem
    I can not craft engines. other items available for craft
    can anyone knows how to fix it?

  • Forestry electric engine doesn't know when to stop taking in power, huge power loss while using forestry electric engines with this mod, works fine without this mod.

  • Hi there,

    I have on my server, with default CFG files :

    I have on my client with default CFG files.:

    TransformersClient v1.3

    I can give me electric engines, I can craft them in SSP but in SMP I can't craft them. It disappear when I do the recipe.

    Can someone help me please ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Hello!
    My client crached with this error:

    But without mod Transformers, client runs without errors. What could be the problem?

  • Been using this addon for a few days now and I gotta say I'm loving it so far. I definitely like it better than the other energy converter mods, especially since it doesn't nerf the hell out of redstone engine energy production. A competing addon which I shall not name made it so redstone engines couldn't even send energy to buildcraft pumps when I used it, let alone convert energy from redstone engines. This addon caused no such problem.

    I highly recommend this addon.

    Obsession with Automation is a good thing, right?

  • Hey, I have a little request. Can You make this mod not require Buildcraft? Because I use Thermal Expansion that need BC energy and don't wanna install Buildcraft (too much mods already). I can use Thaumcraft thaumic generator but it's hard to get in early beginning... Probably You should add alternative recipes and maybe separate engines from generators. It should be no such a problem for skilled programmer ;]

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope it is not hard to understand me ;]

  • I have a suggestion for the next version

    This is aimed at those who use lots of combustion engines for Massively EU / t, in order to reduce the lag, better production to encourage their use, having to use more materials to balance.

    Industrial combustion engine

    -Accepts the same fuel that enguine combustion (including biofuel, for example)
    -consumes 8 times faster
    -40 +10MJ to produce additional coolant if the engine contains
    -Cooling can only use coolant type b (then explain)
    -has two tanks, one for fuel (20 liters?) and one for the coolant (5 liters)
    -1 liter of coolant be consumed in 1 minute
    -if you put the engine without coolant, the average power offered (heated and cooled naturally) will be equal or less than the combustion engine and without bond
    -craft: as in combustion enguine, using iron block instead of iron, geothermal generator instead of glass, iron heavy gear * instead of gear, conbustion engine insead of piston.

    -heavy iron gear: "iron gear" surrounded by 4 machine blocks

    new tube: gold piping waterproof insulated
    only connected with industrial combustion enguine and refrigerator (new)

    Craft: as if x3 iron wire insulated cable only to change iron to gold piping waterproof

    Refrigerator: behave like an air conditioner, just a simple way to avoid complicating the modder and the process of computer
    -has two tanks, the first for the refrigerant coolant crafted and the second type b.
    -Operating need to work on the first deposit a coolant (this one is stored), upon receiving the necessary energy, create (if out of nowhere) "refrigerant b" to a certain rate and automatically expel him,also requires a sign of red stone.
    -here would be a table of three modes that may be adopted (if powered by IC seems to me better, which is stored and used as needed)

    "mode" "coolant liters" "eu / t" "equivalent MJ" "refrigerant per sec" "engines cooled"
    low ________2_______ 12.5______ 5_____________ 0,036_________ 2
    medum ______5 _______25_______ 10____________ 0. 091_________ 5
    max________ 10_______ 50_______ 20____________ 0,183_________ 10

    -craft: I suggest a pump, electric motor (large) 2 gears of diamond and copper or 4 cubes of advanced alloy ... and .... a reactor chamber :P

    questions and answers

    Why so ridiculous that consumption? you compare it with combustion engines and pumps, a pump fed with 1 MJ, 2 tubes connected to her gold can maintain cold 8 engines 24/7, meaning that there is a ratio of 1Mj consumed 40Mj created, in this type of refrigeration is 20/500 which results in 1/25, but may be greater if the author sees fit

    is it safe? if you follow the manufacturer's instructions (where?) if, just let the refrigerator operate only shortly before the first time, also, the coolant generates 10% more than necessary to ensure saturation, could actually cooled as max 11 engines, but if one breaks out in that case I am not responsible (cause strong explosion and a lake of lava cast iron xD)

    I have to be creating coolant all the time? No, that you create will be stored forever in refrigerator and never consumed.not be accepted in any other side.

    OMG! I have 100 + engines and not to do with them! maybe add a recipe that makes you recover much of the applied iron, pig iron maybe 10 motor

    EDit: Text created in Spanish and translated by google, and corrected some bugs
    will read a little, but not write English

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  • I've tried with a number of different buildcraft 3.1.6 versions and i've encountered a problem where I cannot turn the engine on, there aren't any crashes, but the game does log the following line every time I place an engine: Fixing wrong engine assignment.

    I'm not sure if the add-on is even supposed to work with 3.1.6 but I got that impression from the first post mentioning 3.1.x

  • We got the exact same problem on our Server. But the Pneumatic Generators also won´t work. You can put MC in it (Fuel Combustion), but they don´t give EU out.

    Some facts about our server:
    BC3.1.6 Build: 40
    Forge Build 160
    IC² 1.97

    I think this is posted into the console if you try to fill a batbox with a LV Pneumatic Generator:

    No crash of the game, just these lines.

    For the engines as written: " Fixing wrong engine assignment. "


    Does the Steam Engine work in your Versions?

    I hope for an update of this nice mod :)

  • Minecraft is crashing any time I attempt to place an item from this mod.

    MC: 1.2.5
    IC: 1.97
    Transformers: 1.3

    I'm NOT using the loss fix.
    Anyone have any ideas where I've gone wrong?
    Below is the crash report.

  • Honestly; it seems better to be a mod of its own, instead of part of this mod, but that's just my opinion

  • Bet it's because of the BC version. From what I've both experienced and read through here, this mod addon, right now, only seems to work with 3.1.5

  • I've read through the entire thread and I'm hoping I've understood what I
    need to. I just wanted to check that the slow electric engine requires
    2.5 EU per tick in order to function - is this the case? I tried
    attaching one to some solar panels using glass fibre cables and it
    wasn't working... I think I attached 3 solar panels which I believe
    output at 1 Eu per tick each. Is this all correct or am I doing
    something wrong?

  • Do you use buildcraft 3.1.5?
    Did you power it with redstone?

    Well I tried it again and used a batbox in between the engines and the
    solar panels which seemed to do the trick. I don't know if this is
    necessary or not - I may have been doing something dumb the first time.

    I was using levers with the engines (both times) - thanks for the suggestion though.

    I forgot to mention that I think this mod is great. The Technic Pack may be controversial but after forestry got removed and the electric engines went with them I was stuck using coal coke in a crazy production line that left me with loads of creosote oil I had no use for... so I was really glad to get my hands on these engines. Good job!

  • I cannot get this working properly with BC 3.1.6, ABO and Logistics Pipes, all SMP. Could you fix it if I gave you some error logs? This is by far the best IC<->BC energy crossover mod, and I'd really not like it if I have to switch to any of the other inferior mods :(

  • BC 3.1.6 isn't supported yet.

    To put it simply if you going to use Beta mods you have to be patient and get updates when they come out... Otherwise stick to supported mods.

  • Now that IC2 1.103 is out with full support for Buildcraft 3.2 SMP, I can't wait for this mod to be updated! I'm running a server without it and you never quite know how much you end up using something until you don't have it.

    Thanks Snyke for making an amazing mod!