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    Some of these numbers are different from what I was observing (immediately after the release of the turbine) when the Liquid Heat Exchanger displayed 100/100 at max capacity instead of 200/200. That said, the HU/t I saw coming from my reactors didn't change even when the LHX got its GUI tweaked.

    I did see a significant drop to 64EU/t from turbines that had been giving me 128EU/t.

    Before that, though, yeah, the difference from stirlings to turbines was shockingly low from a level of effort standpoint.

    A different thought, though, more tooltip numbers to help a new user intuit what quantities steam and water the devices use.

    Also: Is the steam per bucket of water in line with railcraft/GT steam per bucket of water?

    It looks like the Steam Generator's pressure (measured in Bars) may be the key to determining turbine and EU output. With this very tricky balancing act in mind (at least as unforgiving as it is in these early builds), I would guess there is a setup (or single handful of setups) that performs optimally, and all other setups (or the remainders of setups that aren't direct multiples of the 'perfect rig') should run Stirlings.

    StragaSevera, with the shape of the 7 blocks that make up the reactor, and the 5x5 shell of the pressure vessel, there should be something like 20 air blocks inside the space. You didn't fill those with pressure vessels, did you?

    Fun fact unrelated to the Nuclear, but new for IC2: The Liquid Heat Exchanger turns lava into pahoehoe lava (a hawaiian name for the lava that has the not-bright-orange crust on the outside), which cools to basalt cobblestone if you place the source blocks from NEI or use the Floodgate from the latest Buildcraft.

    Since these are all full blocks, it's impossible to wrench some blocks into the proper orientation with the IC² wrench mechanics unless you dismantle half your assembly (or, don't build any block sequences in straight lines, stair-step them, but really, that's a lot of flexibility lost).

    Thunderdark mentioned on Jenkins that a Fluid Regulator should be used between the Steam Gen and the Kinetic Steam Gen, but the fluid-eject module on the KSG pushes Distilled Water into the output face of the Fluid Regulator at the first chance it gets.

    Edit: Things have changed since this design. In particular, the mb, hu/t, eu/t numbers.

    This is about the most stable power train I've got. Start with 11mb of water in each of the steam generators. Put fluid ejector modules in everything that can take one. Duplicate half of what you see here per 200hU/t your reactor generates. Your mileage will vary if you're not producing exactly 200/t per powertrain setup.

    The reactor isn't super efficient, but I'm going for reliable multiples of 200hU/t, and that was the first I made.
    This design gets 130 EU/t in an EU only reactor, and about 230 EU/t in the 5x5.