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    No Galacticraft?!?

    Sure, it's not used that often, but how many players have gotten that far through the tech tree?

    I was really looking forward to it. Living in a space station (that's possible right?) was my ultimate goal.

    I can totally live without JABBA, and it does, unfortunately, greatly reduce the drive to expand your storage Tech. Otherwise, I like it. The Iron Dolly can move IC2 machines, Chests, Barrels, etc. Barrels make a nice transition to AE storage, especially with the ME Storage Bus, but they don't require an Emerald Farm.

    However, moving spawners could be OP even without (perhaps even more because we're without) an Enchanting Table:

    • Collect Zombie and Skeleton spawners to create an XP and Enchanted Equipment farm
    • Pranking with Silverfish (except that with Underground Biomes, folks probably won't build a base susceptible to it)
    • Put blaze spawners in your base for easy generator/boiler fuel


    As to PFAA, I think it needs to be more mature first, but I really look forward to that day.


    Biomes mods: Biomes O' Plenty has biomes worth seeing once. Highlands has biomes worth living in.

    Highlands also adjusts oregen in it's own biomes, allowing, for example, Iron Ore to spawn well above sea level in it's mountainous biomes (so you're not wasting your time caving near the surface like you kind of are in vanilla Extreme Hills).

    I like Thaumcraft, but I'd be more open to it on this sort of server only if you could slow progression (perhaps by reducing aura node frequency, vis distillation, and reducing research point intake (maybe some sort of .5 or .25 modifier on all those things).

    Iguana Tweaks and /gamerule naturalRegeneration false

    Iguana tweaks can discourage suicide for regen, and also makes you spawn with only 2.5 hearts on Hard. It can also make poison do less total damage, but removes the part where it can't normally kill you.

    I see that you're looking for 400EU/t and effeciency. Considering that Reactors are no longer 96 copper for just the basic block (12 lead instead!), I suggest going with several reactors, producing 50 to 100 EU per tick.

    In this case, you're picking Efficiency only, allowing you to have enough component space to deal with the high heat that neutron reflectors produce. You make up for output by simply building more of them.

    Crops bread to high stats (unlike bees) cost you additional resources to maintain, (and will still plant, but spontaneously die) in harsh environments (or for perfect plants, imperfect environments).

    If this is partially derived from what I had said on IRC, I hadn't meant to indicate that growth > 24 caused plants spreading themselves; I meant it would cause weeds.

    Interesting to see that the weeds inherit properties from parent non-weeds. Being immune to weeds makes >24 actually viable.

    The spontaneous death for nutrient 0: That still does apply to >24 plants?

    Different plant types require some hidden total of nutrition, hydration, and air quality to grow and not die. Plants with higher total statistics may either require more totals or simply drain the totals faster. You can keep either or both of nutrient/hydration at 0 for some lower tier plants but not for others.

    With what you've seen, providing you have a good consistent supply of fertilizer, and hydration and weeds are kept manually, are 31/31/31 plants useful, or not worth the trouble as I had indicated in my IRC post?

    Anyone having this issue: Using Carpenter's Blocks variants of items (Doors and Beds) does not work with an empty hand (in adventure mode?); you must have a block or tool in hand to use them.

    My pack is this server's pack with Gregtech J and IC2 364, so I'd imagine you guys are having similar issues, or are about to.