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    Another solution just occurred to me: Put water in the left tank, lava in the right. Presumably the lava wouldn't backflow into the left tank if a different fluid is in there, but if it does, well, then I guess I'll clog that side of the machine with obsidian... and that's just fine for this use.

    Also, something about the Universal Fluid Cells (empty or full) makes them immune to Inventory Tweaks' auto-sort. The small stack and large stack will switch places at best, but not combine.

    The GT Canning Machine does not have liquid transposing capability, and this is the only such IC2 or GT machine that would do this (excepting the GT multiblock hatch), right?

    So Canning Machine with fluid ejector into GT Bronze Fluid Pipes:

    When I drain cells, the lava goes into the right tank. The right tank empties because of the fluid ejector. The pipe fills. Then, the pipe dumps into the geothermal generators AND back into the canning machine, except that it goes into the LEFT tank. The left tank does not eject. All I can do is wait for it to hit 1000mb, then fill another cell to drain back into the right tank.

    Ok. I saw the recipe for Universal Cell. Why and how is it different from a normal Cell? Other than survivability in a canning machine, what particular uses does it have, and does it work to input fluids to GT machines from the GT machine GUI?

    One of the Canning Machines looks a little like a liquid transposer. I put a lava cell in (still a little disappointed about not getting the cell back), and lava went into the tank on the right.

    How do I get the lava out? It appears that I can only store liquids in cells if the liquid comes from the left tank, but my experiment shows that extracting from a cell puts liquid in the right tank.

    What gives? What is this machine even for?

    Depends on the frequency :). And also on the medium ^^. Guess what absorption spectrum were invented for ? ^^

    This is where the particle/wave duality makes photonically conveyed energy confusing. Physical objects, air, etc. are not the medium that conveys EM waves in the same sense that water is the medium that conveys waves at the beach (if they were, EM could not travel through a vacuum). Because they are not the actual medium, not all objects are affected by the passing of EM waves.

    To add to this thread, Machine Boxes, which are said to be limited only by imagination, have a serious limitation: They cannot be accessed directly. Any fluid/EU/items conveyed through them must be pushed through by adjacent blocks and covers.

    Looking at timestamps, I'm guessing this applies to IC2 experimental, so I have a question based on this diagram:


    The O is a copper cable from an unspecified source carrying it's full load of 128. The + is a tin cable. The Bs are input sides of 4 batboxes.

    By splitting my 128 four ways, am I getting A, B, or C?
    A: 4 round-robbin- style time-delayed packets of 128 causing each batbox to explode
    B: 4 packets of 32 that fit just right into the tin cables
    C: Something else

    Is "" still current for reporting IC2 Experimental bugs? I reported an issue (admittedly minor) that hasn't been assigned or fixed in any of the nightly builds I've tried, thus raising my question. I've seen quick bug responses for Gregtech on the official GT addon thread; is there a similar place for IC2exp?

    Any updates on the horizon? Looks like the server has gone a few weeks without.

    Also, I hadn't realized that NEI just wasn't working for many Forestry items without NEI Plugins. It looks like those MJ producers and the like ARE craftable, so I take back my (in hindsight) silly question about Forestry only being installed for tree breeding.

    Looking through craftable things, it looks maybe like the intent of having Forestry installed is *only* for tree breeding and nothing else, right?

    Other than aesthetics, do bred trees do anything without squeezers or fermenters?

    All previous + present terrain gen matches the same versions that distribute ore the way this page says it does, right?

    Oh, found some tetrahedrite, looks like it does match. I saw some jagged chunk edges on my way out here, though. Would that by chance have caused any ore to spawn in what are now biomes that shouldn't have that ore?

    How is activity on this server going? I found no evidence of civilization near spawn, so I presume everyone lone-wolfed it to the middle of nowhere.

    edit: Also, I noticed that the Scoop doesn't break bee hives. Is this intentional?