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    I would rather want people to mess around with a stack of UUM, trying to figure out the different possible combinations for ressources :3

    Yeah, it doesn't take more than 15 minutes to run through all possible combinations if you don't use a recipe book mod. I just do that every time there's an update and add the new stuff to my cheat sheet.

    Still missing a recipe for bones, though... hopefully that's coming soon. :)

    How many EU does the adv. compressor use per item? I ran the numbers for normal compressors, and (aside from needing 90 of them) it would take about 37MEU to compress the 60k ice needed for one full cycle. That reduces the effective efficiency below 4. (about a 10% loss)

    I've been having similar frustrations... You can mitigate it somewhat by placing extra scaffolding to help keep pieces from falling off before they're filled at the cost of some wasted CF, but the worst is having to waste a whole spray on that ONE stupid piece of scaffolding that didn't get filled in, and is now isolated.

    Another possible solution would be to add an "advanced CF sprayer" that has modes similar to the mining laser where you can change it between filling 1, 3, 5, 9, and 13 blocks per spray (with slightly reduced efficiency at the lower end). Even just 13 and 3 would work (build mode and touch-up mode). Have the tool require power, and use the CF pack for foam.

    Speaking of the rocket science addon... You should make a missile silo. OR you could just make a server for us to join and help you.

    Er... I was absolutely NOT planning on doing this... There will be absolutely no doomsday weapon-tipped ICBMs in this lair. :whistling:

    In fact, my incredibly evil Angle Corruptor Bomb (makes all angles a few degrees off of right... no Minecraftian will be able to build straight again! bwahahaha!) does not, in fact, exist...

    Updated crafting station... Anything put in the top chest gets sent into the item handling system through the sorter. The retriever grabs stuff from remote storage and puts it into one of the 4 chests immediately to its right. Also added alloy furnaces, storage for IC/BC/RP machines, pipes, and wiring, and a "table saw" (just leave a saw in the center slot of a BC auto-crafting table) and chests for microblocks.

    Top: Recycling, scrap storage and mass fabrication. Bottom: Mass fab controls up in the control room (without any covers on). Mass fab has both automatic and manual mode. In auto, it counts out a set amount of scrap as it's generated (configurable via the right-hand counter in the control room), then turns on the mass fab until one UUM is produced. In manual, you set how many UUM you want (left hand counter in the control room), and it turns on and shovels scrap at the mass fab using the retriever until it gets the required number of UUM.

    Up to 4 racks of chests in the storage area...

    The compressor, extractor, and burninator (and I'm standing on the macerator).

    Cobble factory (cobble -> smooth stone, cobble stairs, cobble slabs), smooth stone factory (stone -> stone slabs, stone brick, stone brick stairs, stone brick slabs), sand factory (sand -> sandstone, sandstone slabs, glass, glass panes), and basalt & marble -> their respective brick blocks.

    That way if it's charging the mass fab gets cut off?

    Invert the signal from the detector. The mass fab should be held off all the time until it gets a signal, then allowed to run for a set amount of time to make space in the MFSU, then it shuts off and waits for storage to fill again.

    Once the next release is out, you can just use the signal from the full storage to kick off the mass fab, and a timer to turn it off again (or redstone pipe to detect a completed uum). This method should work well with constant draw stuff, since if you're producing more than you're using, you should get at least an occasional pulse when it fills up.

    In the meantime, you might be able to stick a wind gen or two on the input to guarantee a constant flow, and use a detector cable on it to see if it stops, which should indicate that it's full. Again, if you set up a circuit to run the mass fab long enough to use 500kEU or whatever every time your detector trips, it should still work.

    Updated view of my mountain with the spawn house and library. (have to have a cover operation, right?)

    Inside the spawn house.

    Front of the library (just realized I'm missing the windowsills on the 2nd story...)

    Library first floor. NOTE to any sort of "agents of justice:" There is absolutely NO hidden evil lair entrance anywhere near here.

    Library 2nd floor. Have I mentioned how awesome Eloraam's microblocks are? :)

    The similarity of these bookcases to the ones in the library is entirely coincidental... :D

    One of the stairs.

    The breeder half of the still-under-construction reactor control room (which has a nice view of the breeder through the re-glass floor). Also the uranium storage bunker.

    Newly completed maceration module of the factory. You can dump as much of whatever you want in there, and it just circulates until it's all macerated. There's a sorting machine on the output that re-tags stuff for storage or further processing.

    The "item bus" tube with coal coming into the macerator, and copper, gold, silver, iron, and tin dust heading to storage.

    Every Evil Genius needs a lair! Now that RP pr4 is compatible with IC, I can finally get this project moving again... Thought I'd share some pics of the construction process.

    This looks like a likely spot! It will become a snow biome in 1.0.

    Clearing out a temporary shop space. This is centered on the chunk that will eventually contain the reactors and reactor control room directly below. BC fillers in clear mode == teh win.

    Much better! All moved in. Full set of gear including 4 macerators, a compressor and extractor, automatic mass fab, and 3 recyclers. The mess on the left is the mechanism that separates excess recyclables from valuable stuff coming from miners/quarries and sends it to the recyclers. Currently powered by 32 solar panels until I get the reactors up and running.

    Now I can get to work... No Evil Lair is complete without impressive corridors.

    The pit for the reactors and reactor control room, and the beginnings of the hole for storage and factory space. All have to be carefully sited due to chunk loading considerations.

    Still waiting for IC to update to 1.0.0 at this point, so I decided to break out the Plunder-matic 4000 and get a head start on material. TP pipes because this is about 1000 blocks from the base. The single geo gen obviously can't power 4 diamond drills, but I was pumping up so many lava cells, I figured I might as well use them. :P This entire operation, including all the scanners, drills, 2 lapo crystals, a bed, etc. was designed to fit in my inventory so I could set it all up in one trip.

    1.0 at last! Starting on the crafting room. The item retriever can place stuff into any of the 4 chests. The chest on the bottom right has an additional connection that receives anything the auto-storage system doesn't know what to do with. I like to use the BC auto crafting tables, since they don't vomit your projects on the floor when you need to stop and get another part or something. Interestingly, even though this will be the main shop area for the base, I don't think there will be a single IC machine anywhere near it. All of that will be down in the factory spaces, and accessed via RP tubes.

    The other side of the shop area. Starting the first of 5 banks of chests for building materials.

    Finished the first bank of automatic remote storage. Each bank can hold up to 10 double chests for each of 8 different items. Stuff comes in through the black tube at the top right, and through the sorting machines. The transposers at the bottom handle overflow. The other horizontal tube behind the sorting machines is connected to the retriever in the shop (retrievers ignore colored tubes and any valid destinations on the way, so as long as the retriever is too far away to catch inbound items, it's really simple to connect).

    You should be able to make a bucket CASUC in the Nether. I think that once you actually get water down there, it behaves normally - you just can't place it via buckets.

    So, compress yourself some ice blocks, place them to make your coolant pool, place torches around to melt them, then proceed as in the overworld. Just be sure to mind the chunk boundaries or plan to stay down there while it's running...

    Same sort of thing should work for massive obsidian harvesting with BC quarries.

    I think a power "teleport" block could be useful in overcoming the engine limitations in very long distance power transmission (a mining operation 500 blocks away can't have a wire run to it due to unloaded chunks in between).

    To maintain balance, use a block that incorporates an HV transformer, and only transmits EV at a loss of 0.2EU/b (10% @1k blocks). The catch is that it has a 128 block *minimum* range, meaning you still have to use normal wiring for most things.

    Probably more appropriate for an add-on, though, since it wouldn't be useful without BC & Additional Pipes' chunk loader blocks.

    6uum(<= don't know exact number)+ 2 tin(+time)+ 8coal=>8 uran cells

    This whole thing seems to be predicated on using UUM to make uranium... unfortunately, you currently can't. :(

    also, it would be 16 coal, not 8...
    NDU-cell -> DI-cell requires one
    REU-cell -> U-cell requires another

    Yup not sure why we have Tin cables but nothing to step it down to the ULV when most of the simplest generators produce more then the cable can handle (minus Wind, water and solar)

    Because the current implementation of the energy net only limits voltage, not current. If you could step stuff down to ULV, tin cables would be almost as good as glass.

    My understanding of tin cables was that they were intended to help build solar/wind/hydro farms without having have batboxes everywhere, not as an actual voltage tier. Only now that we have stuff that uses those tiny amounts of power instead of producing, we have a similar problem that's harder to solve without unbalancing things... One way to do it that would actually be a big improvement would be to have a "lighting transformer" block that can send out 4EU packets, but only to luminators. Also let it send up to 8 packets per tick, so it can support up to 32 luminators on LV.

    Batbox can send 128 eu/tick not 32. But it sends it in packets of 32 eu. Usually when a windgen farm becomes so big i got a MFS or better by then. I mean we are talking about 128eu/tick which can power alot of stuff. Even a mass fab will run at a reasonable speed to make some nice stuff.

    Transformers do 4xVolatage rating per tick... storage blocks only do 1x...

    Rick... You are only thinking about the difference in resource costs. I am thinking about both the difference in resource cost and time to set up as well as how tedious+difficult it is.
    My point isn't that solars are cheaper to build in resources. my point is that in the time it takes to make an equally well performing wind farm to my solar farm you are going to spend MUCH MORE time building and crafting and walking/climbing. You would do well with a jet pack but then you have to build that. You would do well with a water hole to fall into, each time you do you still have to climb back up there.

    In the time it takes you to finish your wind farm, i able to finish my solar farm AND resume looking for resources. Can your resources comparisons match some diamonds, a few stacks of iron ore, copper ore, tin ore and redstone dust as well as some stacks of cobble to run through a recycler etc etc?
    You would still be building after i have gathered enough resources to build another solar farm!

    Hm... I think I'd have to respectfully disagree on this one, actually. If you take the 128EU/t average as a target, it means you'd need 256 solar panels, and I'd need about 100-110 wind gens at high altitude.

    If I'm building a farm that big, I'm not going to space them out for absolute max efficiency (for exactly the reasons you cite). Now that we can use tin cables, I'd build 8 or 9 stacks of 12 mills each (4 at 127, 4 at 124, 4 at 121). That would only take about 10x24 or 17x17 depending on how you set it up - almost exactly the same as the 16x16 required for 256 solars.

    Still ugly, but at least it's smaller, so there's not as much ugly. :)

    EDIT: another consideration... for 256 solar panels, you'll need over 3,000 rubber with the new recipe. You'd either need to spend time setting up a large rubber tree farm, or be limited by the tap respawn rate. :(