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    Hey, sorry about this, but I get the below error report in my modloader.txt when I launch MC. 1.2.4, fresh jar with Modloader, ModloaderMP (SDKs), Forge (Latest) and Audiomod

    EDIT: RichardG suggested i decrement the build number in the URL. This was with build 153, 152 seems to work for me :).


    @direwolf: How about making 2 videos. The first one can cover Coffee and Beer, given that's in 1.85 already, the second one can introduce weedEx and the Cropmatron.

    Btw, will write an guide for brewing asap.

    You got it!

    I *kind* of get the gist, its hard translating from alblakian to english. I'll download when i get home from work, start playing around, bug richardG on irc a bit, and hopefully put together a not-too-uninformative video :D

    Looks like i should get to work on a brewing spotlight / tutorial video :).

    Sounds FUN!

    I'm guessing the UU matter recipe should be kept secret, but i'll mention its there :). How about the crops, want them to be a secret people have to discover as well?

    Also -- Weedex, Crop-Matron, Iron Scaffolds not in the patch notes. Any other items/mechanics that are new that I should touch on in the video?

    Awesome work btw :). Means I can start up my new LP season that much sooner!!!

    At the risk of appearing like a self promoter, you can watch me play my way on Youtube :). Just look up Direwolf20.

    The minecraft modding community is just awesome, and theres SO much you can do. Lots of great mods out there, and lots of crazy things you can build. My current focus is on Railcraft and Steves Carts (mod spotlight on steves carts coming in a few days). Those 2 redefine rails and minecarts.

    Railcraft even adds a batbox/mfe/mfsu cart which is basically a minecraft that holds energy. It also adds blocks to transfer energy from your MFSU -> MFSUCart, and a block for MFSUCart -> MFSU. Pretty cool stuff for moving energy around.

    The new changes to MFSU's (emit redstone signal when empty) could make for some awesome builds.

    I seem to be having a problem with this mod and red-power, basically if I have some redpower cableing going to a reactor connector the cableing will send the signal to turn the reactor off but after that the reactor connector seems to emit a redstone signal even after the signal from the redstone wire has gone, this meens that i cant turn the reactor back on and have to remove the wire on the connector block and replace it. I am using beta6 pre2.1, Thanks

    I can confirm this bug -- as a work around until its fixed, use vanilla redstone dust as the last segment of your wire, it seems to work alright

    Just use a filler set on clearing from the highest point of land to the sky. That works quite well. Then finish it off with a laser, make sure to have magnet mode on while doing the fillering, it'll cause tons of lag otherwise.

    Use the flattener mode, saves you the trouble of putting a landmark way up high.


    What do you use the mining laser explosive mode for?

    Killin creepers in style (and doing more damage to the terrain than they would have otherwise).

    This this:

    Get an MFE. Put 1 energy crystal in. 100,000 EU. Connect up a machine (macerator for example, dont forget LV tranformer or transformer upgrade) , and check the EU remaining in the MFE. Then add a couple energy storage units, and get the machine to run a bit by putting an iron ore/bar in there. Check the MFE now, and it'll drain MORE energy out.

    I spoke with iChun last night on IRC. Hes doing basically a complete rewrite of Portalgun in attempt to fix all the bugs. I also suggested to him that he consolidate block ID's using Eloraam's tricks, or maybe make it modular (so you don't need to download the other stuff).

    Well, I had planned on replacing that engine sooner rather than later. it just blew up before I got around to it.

    My *PLAN* is to use a biogas engine. It needs lava to 'get started'. so what better place to use the biogas engine? I can just hook it up to my lava import line. Biogas engine produces 5energy / tick, same as fuel, but the biomelange doesn't last as long. The good thing is that they will never explode.

    Also, I rebuilt the system already using entirely red power. You'll get to see me over engineer an overly complicated solution to a problem, and then wind up scrapping it for a much simpler and elegant solution :). Episode 33 is 1 hour and 6 minutes long, though I'm considering splitting it into 2 parts and uploading them together.