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    I'm waiting. Several mods have copper/tin so you'll be alright with that. But you won't have uranium. Its up to you whether thats a problem.

    You CAN start a new world, and don't explore too far. Get started, once this comes out, add it in, and then relocate to a place you've never explored before. Those new chunks will be generated and will have the new ores.

    But like I said, i'm just waiting (WTB: new F5 key)

    You won't find diamonds where they were before, and you won't find as many of them overall.
    It used to be a safe bet to mine on level 12 ("sea level" for lava), quench any lava you came across, and find diamonds in the caverns. Now, most of them will be below the level of lava - so you won't be able to search as many places and you'll have to mine much more carefully.

    As if diamonds weren't rare enough as it was! OYE! :)

    Still im confused, How can there be 32k IDs for Items and "just" 255 for Blocks? :s

    Just asking, but can't Eloraam and/or Spacetoad just incrase the Block IDs range? I mean they have forge and could basicly inplement.. everything?

    I don't quite understand the code either (Never jumped into it) but I've heard Eloraam and others in her IRC channel talking about trying to convince Jeb to expand the block ID range. Its currently 8 bits, which is where the 255 limit comes from. They've been discussing trying to get Jeb to bump it up by at least 4, which would bring it up to 4,096 block IDs. Of course, i'm half talking out my butt here based on what i've seen discussed by people WAY smarter than me, so I may be a bit wrong there.

    The nice workaround thats used a lot right now by modders is the 'damage code' to use different blocks. Pickaxes take damage, and eventually break. You can somehow use that damage modifier to have many different blocks within the same ID. For example, Lapis and Squid Oil I believe are the same block ID, but different damage codes.

    The problem is that the current implementation of MC isn't very modder friendly, the ONLY saving grace is how (relatively) easy it is to decompile java. What Mojang really needs to do is incorporate an 'official' modding API and mod-loading functionality.

    In a perfect world, Modloader and Minecraft forge shouldn't be necessary. Putting in Modloader, ModloaderMP, Minecraft Forge, etc into the Minecraft.jar is too cumbersome for your average gamer to do, and the block ID problems mixed in makes modding really intimidating and hard to jump into as a newbie. Not to mention the pain that new versions of Minecraft bring, among other pitfalls. I can't tell you how many messages I get on Youtube from people who can't figure out how to install these mods. Granted, its not rocket science, but its more challenging than it could be.

    If Mojang made modding easier on both the devs and the players, I feel like these mods would become infinitely more popular. If you could add a Minecraft Mod into your game as easily as you can add a WoW addon (Obviously apples and oranges there), the modding community would explode :). I think at the VERY least modloader functionality should be standard.

    Thats all just my opinion though.

    Check out my forestry mod spotlight video, if you're interested in what more it does. Powering BC engines & IC generators with trees is something you may enjoy :).

    The tricky thing with setting timeframes on when you expect to have things done is ---- if you miss that time frame for ANY reason people start jumping down your throat and screaming for the hills. OMG ITS TUESDAY ITS NOT OUT YET WTF WHERE IS IT?

    Not saying everyone does that, but it does happen. Quite a bit as a matter of fact :).

    I think Alblaka wants this forum to be dedicated to people discussing Industrial craft and all the cool things it entails. If he didn't make that hardcore rule -- you'd have a dozen threads in here asking for an update on the v1.0 release. And those threads would clutter the place up. It wouldn't be enjoyable. Go find any forum post over at the MCForums, and its full of people saying 'Whens 1.0 update coming', and equally as many people saying 'It'll be out when its out, stop asking'.

    Hes already stated (a couple times) on his blog -- - that after this bugfix update they'll start working on the v1.0 migration. A timeframe is a hard thing to guarantee. Minecraft's code isn't, how to put this nicely, the cleanest code in the world? I've also heard the term 'Trainwreck' thrown around :).

    When using a battery / crystal, would you be able to code it such that a luminator will take all the energy it can for its internal storage on the first click? It seems to me that it takes a long time to charge the luminators from batteries / crystals. If 1 click would fill the luminator completely, it'd be much easier to recharge many luminators.

    Thanks! :)

    It's rather the fact i'm (as it's lead developer) currently extremely limited regarding free time, due to the SWProject for my studys ^^'. We're gonna work on the port next up (given no hotfixes for 1337 are ned).

    Thanks Al,

    I think I speak for almost everyone here when I say we love this mod, and are more than willing to be patient while you and the team get it going with v1.0. Thank you for all your hard work on this mod!


    I was able to load up with Advanced Machines and Iron Chests and ForceField gens. I didn't exhaustively test them, but i didn't crash at Mojang either :).