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    The cooling power of air around the reactor is 1/2 per air block? I thought it was 1/4. Every time I move the air slider 2 up, I get 1 extra cooling. Is this correct?

    My normal CASUC reactor (xgtexgns49y0b3o80sz6vvap8bktwxetkj3i5id1c6bk0) is a Mark 2, which should be mark 1. But wow, great interface and lots of information as usual.

    I don't think EE = Cheat. If I did not have EE in my Bukkit server, I would not be able to build a 15000 EU/t powerplant (it has a connection to every player in the server, with a energy flow meter and a payment system (tp pipes)) with 8 power reactors and 7 breeders (can run constant, with only 34.25 Uranium used per cycle) without creating huge amounts of lag because of the blockbreakers and the large number of sigle items running through the pipe network.

    First of, why the 4 integrated reactor plating, just use HD's.You could also not use lava buckets at all and place a uranium cell where the isotope cell is. This way you produce a lot of excess heat while producing 28 million EU at 140 EU/t. After 1 cycle you reach 9216 heat in all components. Then you put in 5 new uranium cells and 1 isotope cells in the middle and keep replacing the isotope cell until this cycle is done. When the reactor heat drops, just swap a cooling cell with an isotope cell (preferable the one on the right of the single uranium cell, than it also charges a little while heating). Nice breeder/Mk.2

    Edit: Heating which gives 140 EU/t (ends at 9209 heat for all components including the reactor itself) and Breeding which can start directly after a heating run (it is a positive breeder, but it ends at 9634 hull heat which gives 10 seconds to reload the reactor again with new uranium and isotope cells, so it works like a neutral breeder).

    I think my design is smaller, has better safety features, does not use bluetricity, keeps running for a set amount of time when it knows that there are 6 stacks of ice in the reactor and the supply of ice stopped and only resumes when the system has at least 1 block of ice in the buffer, has a infinite sized buffer (not really infinite, after 10.000 stacks of ice java will probably commit suicide), the buffer can be emptied into the reactor near instantly, has a nearly no load on a server and is a MK.1 1820 EU/t reactor that automatically shuts off after it finishes a cycle. I am not sure because I cant release the design yet and let you judge for yourself. I really want to tell you how to build it, but I want Direwolf20 to build it in his awesome let's play first. Then he will have more viewer (hopefully) and I accomplished my original plan to try and help Direwolf a bit. In this case with a very compact 1820 EU/t nuclear reactor. Here is his playlist of his current series if you are interested.

    Someone who has IndustrialCraft and Redpower should also have Buildcraft, additional pipes and advanced machines. Its all free to install and works perfectly fine together. I don't see the problem as they are all mods that have the same basic idea of how things should work. Pipes to transport things and machines that use energy to operate.

    you are right, it is imposible to achieve an mark 2 with this design.
    not realy posible to get it to run on mark 2.. unles you wish to make an ice plant to produce stacks of 64 ice blocks. then maybe. MAYBE you can get it to mark 2 or beter..

    i wil have an look at it shortly

    edit: this is the best thing i can get with stacks of ice blocks.
    using rp you can achieve this althou it is not even an mark 2. but has an high generation time, take an look. practicly it means replacing any coolant cells with ice stacks.

    What do you mean, with a few mods I was able to make a real 1820 EU/t Mk1 reactor. It really doesn't heat up, and it only takes up 6 by 8 by 9 blocks.

    This is the best I could think of in 10 seconds: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1k10101001501521s1r11r10
    Its not bad at all, just hook it up to a good clock and its runs a long time (probably 3 times longer than 1 uninterrupted cycle) and it will be cooled of when the uranium cells are finished.
    So it sort of acts like a MK.1 reactor for the end user and it never heats up past 35 hull heat. I'm not going to explain how to make a 1 to 3 ration on off clock. Just remember that there are 20 ticks in a second.
    Good luck.

    Edit: Well, thats what happens when you design a reactor in 10 seconds, you don't see the obvious things you can improve. Retry:
    Wow, its even cheaper than:
    "http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.…001511621s1r11r A pretty famous reactor made by dezuman."

    The new retrievers are definitely nice and are very good at extracting the empty buckets.
    I also made a CASUC reactor today using retrievers.
    By the way, thanks for reminding me that you can use the retrievers for CASUC reactors.


    I was able to go 70 EU/t higher, but it was very easy to build once I realized the insertion retrievers need to be as close as possible to the reactor itself.
    The problem with this setup (and maybe your's as well) is that once the reactor gets fully filled, the insertion retrievers stop sending buckets for just long enough to make the reactor overheat.
    This for me makes this setup a little bit scary to use, so I found a solution in the form of Buildcraft and Additional Pipes.
    As far as CASUC reactors go, Buildcraft and Redpower work perfectly together for me, sometimes I even replace deployers with bucket fillers because of the lower CPU load and higher SMP reliability (as in, it never drains an infinite waterpool).
    The reactor has only 10 EU/t less then your's but it feels 100% safer then when using Redpower to insert the water buckets into the reactor.

    The insertion is done with an advanced insertion pipe, a gold pipe (to speed up the buffer filling rate) and an iron pipe in a circle to make it a buffer which can hold (in theory) an infinite number of buckets as a buffer.
    The nice think about this is that it instantly fills all the empty slots in the reactor with water buckets.
    In combination with 7 retrievers pulsing at 0.5 seconds with a timer and 4 deployers on the same timer.
    It will (at least when i'm testing and looking at it) take less than 1/10th of a second to get all the used water buckets out and fill the empty slots with new water buckets.
    So in my opinion it is just as safe as a mark 1 reactor with a heat balance of minus 20.
    When Bucket Filler comes out for Bukkit I will probably make a low CPU usage version of this 1510 EU/t reactor.
    Then the only Redpower machine I will use is going to be the 7 retrievers for pulling out the empty buckets.
    The rest is going to be Buildcraft, which for me always has been way less CPU intensive and way more SMP usable.
    I can never figure out that a HD6870 Crossfire, 4 Ghz quadcore QX9650 machine can run Crysis 2 without breaking a sweat but not being able to run minecraft singleplayer with a good CASUC reactor in it without any stuttering.
    And on SMP (where the server runs on a dedicated 6-core 8GB MineOS Ramdisk machine) it also doesn't seem to run without stuttering when I'm in the same area as the CASUC reactor.
    Well, as long as I can play minecraft, build and discuss CASUC reactors with other people I'm going to be a happy man.

    The "so close" reactor is so nearly a Mk.1 that it works exectly like one.
    The only thing you need to do is switch the reactor off while filling it.
    I don't know about other people but even when i'm babysitting my reactors I never rush to a reactor that finished, but I walk to it and when i'm there I switch the reactor off while filling it.
    When I have a powerplant with 10 reactors I'm not in a rush to make sure they have an uptime of exectly 100%.
    That means that it takes about a minute for a finished reactor to run again, which is exactly the cooldown time after one cycle.
    So I will give your disign a try for my next powerplant in my Sever.
    Previous disign was an automated 1200 EU/t geothermal powerplant.
    I couldn't find enough lava to keep it running.
    Nuclear is probably the way to go.

    It works on a vanilla server (couldn't install builcraft to test it, somehow it crashed the server, but that has noting to do with your mod) but it crashes on Bukkit.
    It gives the error when placing a nuclear reactor. Then it freezes and i get disconnected. This problem is probably caused by the fact that the files aren't ported to Bukkit.
    If you don't mind I will ask someone on the forum to port this awesome addon.

    Here is something: I want to use it in SMP, so I don't want something that slows the crap out of my server. Rick's design is totally unusable on SMP and yours certainly is. I could just combine both designs: using redstone engines to pull out the empty buckets and fill the buckets with Redpower 2 deployers, but a few more so I don't need to use a 0.4 sec timer.

    So other than efficiency this reactor is utterly useless. It uses more space, more resources and more time to build and it does'nt produce much more energy/t than 16 Mark 1 reactors with 2 chambers which can fit in a 8 by 7 by 11 space which includes power lines and glass to show off the reactor. And they don't need huge amounts of shielding or other safety features because they can't blow up. They also don't really need redstone and they work on SMP without burning through your CPU and internet bandwidth to send a trillion chunck updates every second. So use this design in SSP if you really want, but I'm not going to use it in my server. And btw through, thought and though are 3 completely different words with different meanings. So could you please keep that in mind? Thanks in advance.