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    I've run mine for hours at a time, and it never blew up once after I got the design figured out (I run it with only 3 buckets slots now). In SSP this design worked absolutely flawlessly. In SMP, its a different story, but you can read that in my previous post.

    These designs are absolutely useless in SMP. Even hosted locally on a 8 GB ram, 4 GHZ quad core machine and just 1 player in the server, it starts to run like shit when you turn on the reactor. I will probably have to wait for a less buggy version of redpower 2. At least I got Bukkit working with Industrialcraft 1.23, buildcraft 2.2.4, zeldo's additional pipes and a hole lot of Bukkit plugins.

    My machines don't jam with the timer double the speed, but they don't work any faster either. I do have a not gate with a pulsformer behind it to invert the clock signal for the filters that take the buckets out. I think this way the buckets have a change to empty before the filters get a tick. Now I have my 3 chamber reactor filled all the way with only 3 slots for buckets left and it seems to run fine while producing a nice 705 EU/t. Logging out and back in while it is running doesn't have any effect on my setup. I'm going to build it in SMP tomorrow so I can see if its going to be used in my servers. Would love to build a huge machine room that can be used by 20 people at a time which runs of just 1 reactor.

    After adding a buffer in front of the injection transposer and behind the empty bucket remover it did run perfectly. Now this reactor is running with even more uranium cells you use. I added 2 next to each other in the 2nd row, and one all by himself on the first row. Now it does 635 EU/t and it didn't blow up so far. I also build an other design with 1 reactor chamber less. I filled all the rows except for the top row. I only have 3 cells there. 2 connected to each other and 1 alone. It produces 695 EU/t. That is 60 EU/t more than your design, but wow, 2 600 EU/t+ Mark 1 reactor. And Alblaka wanted us to believe the perfect reactor's didn't exist.

    I did try that, but with only 1 filter and 1 deployer it always explodes at some point, or it drops water buckets on the ground because the filter can't keep up. Maybe you could send me a save file so I could see what I'm doing wrong.

    Hi all, first post on this awesome forum.
    I wanted to know what the highest EU reactor was.
    And to be clear here. I don't want an efficient reactor, I have to much uranium as is.
    If anyone knows a nice design, please post it.
    Also, you can use a redstone clock, but I don't think the on average highest EU running reactor needs a cool down.
    Best design so far I know of was this one: LINK