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    I kinda like the idea, except for the 93.333333(etc)% efficiency. I would like to transfer energy en mass to the nether, without making several trips with inventories full of batteries... I know Al's mentioned something about making an Energy Storage Device, which it's only purpose is to move power from an MFE/MFSU to another one (And we may not even need it if Al gets the Nether Tech done when he's on Summer Holidays from Uni).

    The nether? I would think miners + geos in the nether would supply you with all the power you would ever need.

    If you notice my post in the main area of industrialcraft I designed an ore sorter that used redstone timing to work around that. It works beautifully once you work out the perfect timing.

    Also, about that solar panel maker (I had plans for one but I got lazy), does it make the glass itself or do you have to supply it? I would like to see it, if possible.

    Yeah I didn't dream of automatic cable production.

    I did it. With allocators/buildcraft.

    Also my teleporter suggestion.


    Actually I had problems with the industrialimprovedpickaxe too, i installed it and it didn't fix the mining time.

    Yeah, that is a major problem with how the electricity in this works. Rather than going when it's needed it just goes anyways and magically disappears/returns.

    I'll think about it and see what I can figure out.

    A possible solution would be for machines to emit a redstone current while working.

    It is possible...kinda...

    Have the power go to a switch block, up goes to the matter gen, down to a mfe and then to the machines. Rig up an energy o mat between the mfe and the machines, and have the mfe redstoned to not emit power. when the mfe is full, it will release power, triggering the energy o mat, which should then trigger a rs-nor latch to flip the switch block and turn on the mfe. when the power dies from the mfe, the energy o mat will switch off and that signal can flip the rs-nor latch back to the original state, resetting the system.

    The only problem with this is that the power to the machines will be intermittent, rather than continuous. A possible solution would be to have an enormous string of repeaters that would reset the rs nor a while after it got turned on, so that it was timed that as it got low (if being used) it would stop power to the matter gen and start to refill the MFE.

    I realize thats probably confusing, I think ill make the system and post a pic.

    I like to use a "stair" method.

    Step up a combo of switch cables and normal (you can put MFE's instead of switches for more length) then cover the whole thing with solar panels.

    What if, we could have a machine that turned objects (or you) into energy, sent it along a cable, then turned it back at the destination? Like, we can create matter from energy with the Matter Generator, and we can obviously make energy from matter with all the normal generators, why not both? Think TRON.

    The machine would work somewhat like a HVT, though it would probably require more than just 2000eu, possibly up in the millions. When you load it with some items (probably the size of a normal chest, a redstone signal could activate it), it zaps them and turns it into some sort of special current, which travels down the cable (splits could halve the material at each exit point, and any normal machines tied in should just break from the massive energy surge, even HVTs) and gets to another machine. (as we don't want to use multiple ID's, it would probably have to have a very distinct difference between normal energy input and the special energy, so that the system only needs one type of machine that can both send and recieve) That machine turns the energy back into items at the location, and you can retrieve them from the machine.

    It could also be possible to use it as a personal teleporter, though it would probably require a new block for that, unless something ingenious could be thought up. Perhaps an "upgrade" of the normal one makes a player viable one.

    -Easily transporting mass amounts of items over long distances, such as between a base and a mine.
    -Makes machines that use other mods like buildcraft or allocators easier to set up. (as it seems most people do)
    -Possible teleportation device.

    At this point I don't really know, but it should probably include a matter generator, as well as some HVTs, and some of the more expensive items.