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    i am getting this crash while trying to play bears den.

    Trying to enter this custom pack with seed as "Grag" dont even start. Looks promising.

    I can understand if this exact amount is op and should be larger but is there a reason that something along the lines of X dirt and X water in a mixer doesn't produce clay?

    because there is already a recipe for "clay" , using dirt and some round and round. if it still exist.

    Blood sorry for trouble you , but i am having a interesting "bug" , i play infitech 2, and after the update of pollution i build one pyroluse oven, supplied with nitrogen to make charcoal , and it run quite nicely, until it run out of nitrogen and stopped, now even giving it more nitrogen and with the correct circuit (2) , it refuses to process log in charcoal as it did before, the normal recipe without nitrogen goes normal, i tried to break and replace the input hatch and muffler, but nothing changed.

    AESU and IDSU dont exist in GT5U, all power storage blocks have been replaced with batteries and battery buffers. for across dimension power you can just transfer batteries in ender chests I guess.

    transfer batteries will still be a manual labor as automation for re-batteries is disabled.

    But we do have an "wireless power transmission" , i am still far from it, so idk how it works.

    this last update broke allot of recipes on infitech2 , some metals became meta item and some processing, like mercury into quicksilver vanished.

    Well i am playing gt5u on the infitech2 modpack, and it sure make the "time consuming" task a good chunk of it. I am still on the wait for the redstone display we had at gt4, but i dont think it will ever come , as people prefer more fancy displays as nuclear control and rf tools do, whie i like the old lighting bolt for power and reducing circle for process time.

    i will ask here since it will be more easy for you to see, did you changed how much eu the turbines for large turbines multiblocks give? after the last update it has doubled the amount it can generate, and with the explosion if the dynamo dont match, it can be pretty bad, this also makes it more interesting as power source than before.

    Pollution for now is fine, after playing a while and putting the number on check, the real important number in the end is that "1%". good job.

    I wonder, what did you expect? A whole wipe of K1-K3 maps with what purpose? Furthermore, vanilla worldgen is extremely boring.

    well, yes, k 1.0 was a fresh map, k 2.0 was also a fresh map, k 3.0 is the old maps, old maps have the problem of bein already depleted, so anyone who did not playied before will suffer.

    Where i complained about world gen on my post?

    Is anyone following immersive engineering mod? i am watching DW20 using it at his server play, very beta yet , but has some features that looks cool, all machines are multiblocks, and the drill have the animation i always thought to be more realist than smack it against the stone.

    Hmm... i cant find tin or casserite ore...

    I have used world edit to remove all stone blocks to see only the ores... And in a 600x600 area is no tin. Is this a bug? :(

    from experience on GT5 vanila, no it is not, casserite veins are kind of dificult to find, but they do exist, the way to resolve this on my case, was to invest on crops so i dont need to hunt they later.

    Foghrye4, i know i dont have any power to call for it , but, cant you do some kind of spotlight on your mod? the last video you posted is way old, IHL have so much content now, that must say idk where to start from, and what do what, i tried to find some guide on the net, but nothing, just the wiki, and that is not enough to me, maybe this mod isnt for me after all.

    Loved to see a more complete version of GT5, if we had all the missing machines from the very start , gt5 would had been more awesome, but Grag... i did not saw at changelog and did not checked at the game, but we have the redstone displays? and the player detector? retriver is imposible now since gt pipe teleport itens?

    it seens to be an awesome job, keep up!

    After the downgrade of gregtech, i was able to do what was missing, so i am here to tell that i have done all i could and wanted on kirara, it allowed me to create a LP that imo is better than the previous, so i thank Invultri first, for allow us to play minecraft, and also everybody else who play the game with me, even apart on space and time, and i am sorry for all the nuisance i made. So this means i will not keep playing, chunk loaders are removed and everything should run more fine with me back into the void, so i wish to all you people who still gonna play, the best the game can give you. I will still see the forum for a while but wont take long for me to sink in, so fare thee well.

    I am relieved it wasnt my base the other one, since the numbers are somewhat close and nameless base and mine are too... but we still dont have explosions right? since some parts where i derped and did not prepared for that, are okay. Pity we did not downgraded Gregtech to be able to do the lens again, since greg changed how to get but did not added the way to do it (aka no gem blocks). Just this last step on gregtech current tech tier and it will be over.

    I know greg ignores this alot, but outer people dont

    how about give invar cover a feature? like making the simple plate when placed in a fluid pipe block the damage from steam, and a dense plate block the damage from lava. the reason is simply because invar blocks are heat proof, so i believe the same could be said about the plate. Or we could get a crafting of a pipe with invar plates around to make a invar convered pipe, or simply invar pipes with less fluid than steel but heat proof.

    Also, lately i am having trouble to figures out how gt e-net work with diferent machines request/batterys/ic2 machines, so i cant find how to set to always go to one first them later outer, so how about a especial cable to have a higher priority than the outers? we have a pipe to make pipeline better, and we do have a way ti make fluid pipes more effective, only remaining the gt e-net without a way to optimize without just dumping more losses.

    Why do you want eggs? i always thought it was the feather what we realy wanted, greg could add an artificial feather thing with plastic. but it was like that the crops, over 1k (bein prob 600 mine) and almost no lag. For egg uou could just trap one chicken on a closed 3x3 holow with an annilation panel below geting eggs 4ever.

    Every coke oven is 26 tile entities. I rather use the setup above

    I prefer mine, almost fully automated with very little resources spend, but have problems like farm dependent and is not very fast (for now?), i did not tried but maybe i could change and expand a little to alow it to make the charcoal also. It is that one i said that time on the server, the nether one (incomplete now).

    Okay people, remove all your Hoppers and replace them with other ways of transporting Items. Pretty much everything is less laggy than a Hopper.

    Acording to what was said later, it is laggy because it keep checking every slot to place the item... but i ask, it is just laggy if the item stay on the hopper?

    And yes I am aware that there is a very laggy GT Bronze Casing Block in BloodyAsps Base, but that thing actually does quite some work so it is justified.


    Or there is another alternative?

    we could have item clearer... but...