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    In the end, no one has been or will be able to build a stable modified 1.6.4 Minecraft with IC2 or Gregtech.

    the one i play is pretty stable, survived all the changes from december up to final, and it have both ic2 and gregtech, i had more troubles on the previous, 1.5, alot of ic2 bugs, errors crashing and deleting whole chunk.

    since gregtech dev for 1.6 ended, i guess this thread will be alot quieter than ever, well, since i started using it of course, GregoriusT could have done some wrap up on the final version for 1.6 and remove all itens/meta/process/stuff, that is never gonna get working on such version, it would help reducing the start up time and some sync, but thats is never going to happen, the big question would be how much of this thread and how fast it is going to be forgoten when the 1.7 gets online. i have, on my current schedule, at least 20 days before getting live with the final version changes, prob will be useless before going live, like alot of things that haven been.

    I think that because of the old e-net, where it outputted 4x128 EU packets, while now, it doesnt.

    that kind of problematic, since i build everything having on mind the high voltage, now i understand why some machines are empty of eu while the machine box for eu storage was still full, i could try another upgrade to see if it will bump the high voltage, but the fear of my machines exploding. And AESU is too expensive, mind a mid game not later, ruby/chrome is still a big issue.

    you Guys were lucky I fixed the Advanced Miner before Player updated to 1.7.

    thanks for that, was realy good.

    Bug report: Machines box with transformers output less eu than it should, as i reported before, the machines box are not outputing the eu it should, to reproduce, place a machine box and give it two transformers, so it will be 512 eu/t , now make the machine box feed a msfu (just for fun) them feed the machine using a rtg with only two pellets (so you can see it store energy), it will only starting to send energy after building above 1k eu, but you can see that the msfu will only receive 128eu, a lower tier than it should, but the machine will blow any machine of lower voltage than 512.

    Miners collect anything dropped by the ores, including "rare" drops.

    true, but greg stated that ore rare drops only are suposed to happen by player, and any kind of machine would not do it, well, it was like that in the past.

    If i recall correctly, gravel can be used as scrap. Thus, Cobble -> Universal Macerator -> Gravel + 0,1 (10%) Flint , here is your not so cheap scrap source.

    yeah i always forget about that, but this is just overkill, need to use a %chance drop(gravel/flint, because just macerating cobble is sand, isnt?) to create another %drop(scrap) i wonder how much it would cost to make this, already like betwen 6 to 20 itens to make a single scrap, a whole stack of cobble for maybe two or three scraps. Anyway, can someone tell exactly how much scrap boost (reduce eu usage)? in the OP old ic2 each scrap was like 3%.

    Crop harvestor harvests crops (and logs) in a line and overclockers increase that linear range up to 9 (Not sure)

    just picking on it, since before , it collects anything on a bigger area, and then just work almost miserable, each over clock doube the range, so at 4 would be 16, but ,how much energy it would consume just for that.

    I do not plan to use MOX fuel, not my thing. Why the hell should I bother all the effects for a little gain? Maybe later, with an separate nuclear plant, sure, why not, but definately not when reactor is standing in the same room with all the other machines.

    i see, but give a try, the new ic2 xp made nuclear a little more easy, even i made a simple MK0 reactor from simple information.

    because,realy, there is no much info on nuclear componentes out there, a plae wich tells exactly what every components do.

    I am having, at least, a strange behave, i have a machine box with two transformers and an 1m eu upgrade, so it accept 512eu and emit it, right?, well, it is bein suply by two n00b reactor and they together inject 280eu (140 each), so i guessed it would always stay empty when there is energy consume, but, it is not, its not outputing the 512 eu, its full but dont output it at that voltage. I have a High transformer to downgrade the enet to 512, aside that machine box i also have some solar leftover from the broken rock break, thats the reason for the hv transformer, and it is feeding a large charger with two transformers upgrades, and some adv batpack and energy packs inside. So what can this be?
    also, before i had the most strange thing, for some reason, itens did not go trough a pipe on certain setup i had before, i removed and replaced everything to be sure, but still not working, then i changed my setup to go on an unused part of the "lab" and it worked, so strange.

    Can someone tell me, how else am I supposed to get u235, but as a byproduct?

    From what I see, there are no ways to do that, but wtf am I supposed to do with the excessive amounts of 238?

    ah the question who labeled me ... well, in the past the only way of getting it was to thermal centrifuge purified/crushed uranium. However, now it possible to ind centrifuge 4 uranium dust to get some tiny plutonium and some tiny pile of uranium 235, if it can be smelt to the nugget and used, i dont know, but with so many uranium 238 and you dont plan or have enough plutonium to make mox, just compress it, macerate then ind centrifuge to more plutonium for mox or rtg. good luck.

    final version of gregtech to MC 1.6.x ? now it is a great time to play a LP on it... oh wait, im finishing one, just have to wait to see the lights of a new gregtech.

    ignored again? oh brother. okay them.

    little nerf for your gregtech, placed advanced miner on an ocean biome, when it was ended, found some green saphire, wasnt supose to only drop when mined by players?

    with the last update i only lose stuff, as said before, cover blow out of outputing slots, also the new improved ore dic or IDKW made more itens goes to the black list of recicling, and i lost my only way of making scrap, was using the rock break to make compressed cobble, not anymore, i understand that greg dont want an easy and cheap way of making scrap, but serious, he could at least make something to detect when such things exist (like TE,forestry) to aply those, when not playing with such things, is just overkill nerf, i stil find the crop haverster too expensive, need a clearer for that, a clearre work on large AoE and then, just one?

    lets try this again, shall we.

    Well hello, again. I had some troubles with the new version, just as i entered the game, the new output system seens to act like the output of outer machines, like buffers, they dont accept covers, so when i logged in, all my cover on that side ejected into oblivion, also , while the most machines of gregtech work smart, not accepting itens it cant process via pipe, the multiblocks one (ind sawmill just for ex) dont work smart and accepted my emerald dusts, the U macerator have a little bug, i setup a small buffer to only input one item at time, it work normal for a while, it does put one ore on each slot, but, when the u macerator produce a byproduct the system somehow stoping working and the macerator gets more ore than it should and break the purpose of that, and for some reason item detector dont work on eletric buffer or diesel generators.

    GregoriusT having been doing an amazing work on both gregtech and ic2, on the last two months i see the mod change almost completely with just a few tweaks and some adds, of course, unfortunately had more adds than purposes (for now or ever), but is a mod that change the way we play minecraft, i dont know if i can play MC for so long as i having been, without gregtech, and not dying of boredoom, i still dont know if i curse or bless you for this. Even i looking like sh*t to you, it was a pleasure to break tabuu and play your mod. Thank you.

    With ic2 getting ported to 1.7 , it will just need gregtech and some outer mods to follow and a new mod pack can be made, as you (who wishes to, and not had gonne to my LP series) can see, i use few mods:
    Awaken nightmare LP mod list

    it is not final , i still want to remove some like natura and Bspkrs core mods.

    Considering you leave only the cooling slots empty, you don't need adv regs to do that, but fuzzy buses to take out cooled cells.

    i dont realy have tested, but dont maybe the retriever will do? 2 of them, one requesting the cell from the reactor, and outer requesting from the cooling/storage?

    A heat concept just wastes another face on a machine and screws with automation.

    indeed, but we already have it, since if you aply a heat vent to a machine, it runs better :)

    hmm, harder automations... seems Greg would be for that...

    it only gets harder, if you are used to automate it with outer mods , try just gregtech and blow your mind or your pockets, with the dificult.

    Greg, maybe in 3-4 versions time (or 1.7, if that comes around soon) you could remove the old batteries, or at least remove them from ore dictionary (getting them in recipes is a pain, especially if you can't craft them). Also, is the intention that they will replace the old RE battery in recipes? (same with the advanced RE battery). Finally, the lithium batpack and the regular batpack produce normal batteries in an assembly machine, not your new ones. Just wanted to know if that was intentional.

    i believe this is just problens of a mechanic change, in the future or for new players, it will be normal. Ic2 baterys are required for many things, so a batpack turning into them is no problem, the lithium is quite, but you can just turn them into upgrades that are used on the recipes. Be happy you have a item that no longer can be crafted \o/ just like my single use baterys, they are legendary now.

    Which don't crash together until GregTech is added. So...

    Yet it only crashes with GT installed.....

    to me, he is asking for your help GregoriusT, since you are more active than the outer mod problematic end, it seens more early to get a help from you than to expect and wait for the developer of the trouble mod to correct it. Those kind of choices are not rare, i had to chose betwen optifine or Thinkers. So it for now a choice.

    WeedEx kills your crop stats, do NOT use it, ever.

    and stay close to your crops forever too, its a status killer i know, but until i got enough crops i use it for alow me to go and do outer stuff. status will raise, and not always a high status is good. But thanks for the info

    GregTech is more than enough to dump BC.
    Use IC² advanced miner as a "quarry". After that use GT advanced pump to drain the water/lava. Need to teleport stuff over? Use tesseracts. Need remote energy? IDSU.

    Not just that, it was this thought ,who drive me play a gregtech core modded ssp.

    Can you point me to a video with how to use the advanced miner?

    i will eventualy upload it, but, for now ,its not complex, is easier than the normal miner, just place, inside you can choose betwen black or whitelist, to work like a quarry just leave as it is, then you need a scanner, the base one will dig 8 blocks on each side, while the advance will dig 16, suply power (tons of it, the internal is 5m eu) give it chests to hold the itens, and aply a redstone (a lever will work), and it will slowly dig, you can put overclocker to speed up, but will cost more eu, diferent from a quarry, lava dont bother it. The downside is, it dont chunk load, so you need some of it, to keep the chunks loaded, and on server restart (log out and in) it lose the progress and have to start again (wasting eu).

    I wonder if the adv miner ideia came from a video on the past, where some people create a huge chunk miner with redpower, mffs and outer mods, works very similar to the adv miner.
    Anyone else anoyied by the no stack machines with diferent output orientations? i had 5 no stacking machine box, placed them down and all have nothing diferent, cover or whatever, when i wrenched them to the same side, they stacked. kind of useless since when we place a machine it face us.

    @UNG: It is btw better to let Mercury run through the Magic Energy Converter than to make Batteries with it. And the Creation of Sulfuric Acid is not really worth it, so you either need Sulfuric Acid as byproduct from the Distillation Tower or you just make 1000 - 3000 EU per Battery or something similar small. But in the beginning those Mercury Batteries are really good.

    indeed, but magic converter, is quite end game dont you think, need to kill the whither just to get the star.Batery sulphur, indeed is not much, but help to clean inventory/chest of sulphur and gain something of it, in the past i would just scrap them. Also is good to power some machines with small or not constant energy need.

    I would just qtank the mercury and ore process netherrack with it. (How about a way to get silver in large quantities with mercury? Right now I have way more gold than silver because of this)

    sorry for my noobness, but for what? the gold? also since you maked an extreme sugar cane for water, why not an argentia farm?

    Btw, my aurelia isnt producing any drops, i placed the gold ore block bellow it, but nothing, it need to be replanted? also, i am gaining zero status crops, is that possible? dont the base ones all 1?

    Added a new kind of SU Batteries, which are much more realistic than those vanishing vaporizing instant decharging things of IC2.

    I am not able to shown how much this is cool, usefull, and somewhat an ideia i exposed. this will be a big help, i have tons of sulphur just busting my D-chest, now it have an use, and also mercury, since when you go redstone for chrome, it will easy fill d-tanks, we need a mobile liquid tank, and also something for item, maybe if we put a shutter on all sides, it would hold its content never .
    I was looking for an item storage simple, wich dont hold much item (a stack is enough) and work with pipes (the compartment dont accept item via pipe), I dont see anything like that with gregtech.

    That was interesting , and it does make some sense, thanks for the info, I believe the most drastic change was the transformers, since they no longer emit more than just one pack of EU.

    IC2 related Mass fab question: anybody has some spreadsheet of possible items

    i had it before, but lost it, well, almost all ore block can be scanned, ic2 ore blocks are, resin is also, iridium, on gregtech end, i know nothing.

    wellcome to the internet, but serious, is dificult to keep things up, i am thinking about giving up in this very forum.

    When updating the minecraft version, i always create a new world, it is a pity to loose everything you did, but , its a new world, you will have new ideias, new setup and config, a new layout, and less problem with things changing drastic. i am not a old player of MC, but i dont always use the same layout, so many new ideias, so many changes, sometimes it dont need a new MC version, gregtech changed alot since my start, and i feel like trying again, on this new way of to do. Sometimes i do think to try and enter that hardmode server, so i can shown my ubber noobness. no luck so far.By the way, using my actual LP, to update i only need ic2 and gregtech, the outers are just aesthetic.

    Found out why, you now have to extra the plant's product to get a tiny pile of that metal. Except milk, which makes milk power which I'm pretty sure you make a synthetic baby milk from

    like the indigo flower? you need to extract the drop to get the dye?

    Red Alloy is an early game nerf, late game buff. You can sink your redstone into basic circuits and electrum into advanced circuits.

    indeed, after getting an assemble, it works fine.


    what? realy? only now you tested it? good thing i uploaded the video with the display thing. i use it inverse, so it showns how much time to complete.

    Why can the metal former still be crafted? It seems much cheaper than any GT counterpart, and throws loads of balance out window.

    that easy, because he does not need to remove, indeed it can work similar to greg machines, but soon you realize it only work on the most basic material (iron gold tin cooper bronze) and the most of after bronze age is more advance than that, steel is the most obvious one, and outer means take more time , spend more eu or just dont give the same amount of resources than gregtech machine itself.

    I did not came here for this , i came to tell something, sily, stupid even:

    i saw at the topic of little know things of gregtech (sorry for not know the real topic name) about the CF spray having outer modes, then i question myself, how, i tried the way i thought of, the one we normaly would try, the ic2 mode change, and nothing happened, so today i tried the vanilla, shift right click, and changed, thats new , because nowhere it was mention it, since gregtech is an add-on of ic2, is normal to think it would follow the same commands. just a piece of mind.

    Rubber Bars are not Metal Ingots. The Plate Bending Machine can only bent Metal Ingots into Metal Plates.
    Bending a Rubber Bar into a Rubber Sheet via squeezing it would be a bit goofy.

    the point is, the extruder original purpose was to be a multi task one block machine, to emulate the work of outer machines, doing it faster and more effective but costing more EU, but in this one case, it is a recipe exclusive to it, it is not emulating a plate bending machine, it a job that only it can do, but maybe greg will make this a new pattern, i believe the coin system already does that, all the coin mold are made in the extruder.

    Greg doesn't add fences/walls, slabs or stairs for things either. We need more granite pretty stuff plz Greg!

    who said anything about fences, slabs, stairs? my ask was for somekind of block that prevent the animals so slip through, cows keeping pushing against the fence until they actualy pass through it, greg created something like that for liquids, creat similar to mobs would not the impossible, outer mods do it, like thaumcraft warding stone or ars magic sigil of imprison. you get the ideia, im so bad with this kind of thing.

    Granite fences and whatnot aren't really necessary since you can just plop them down into Carpenter's Blocks blocks.

    indeed, thats what i do.

    Why does does 2 Cinnanbar dust + Industrial Centrifuge yield 1 Mercury Cell + 1 Sulfur, but if you just smelt 2 Cinnanbar dust in a normal furnace you can make 2 Mercury Cells? It does not make sense that such high tech machine produces inferior output (since you almost always end up with 100x+ more sulfur then you would need).

    the industrial centrifuge breaks down material into its components, so two cinnabar will be split into one mercury and one sulfur, like the furnace will smelt both together into an unique product, the two mercury, in IRl the mercury will be impure with sulfur mixed on it, but since it is a game , it dont make such differ, for now.