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    Fixed Bugs as always.

    oh good, have to see if the bug i was going to report gotta fixed. nope, any cover atached to a machine
    bottom, get over when the machine is placed.
    Now i just to know what a retriever is. so much wood...stain?!! oh brother.

    Well, I can :P. It would be so ugly above ground. Maybe my next project :P

    its ugly because it dont have any eletric device, at end game will look sily.

    i have been almost a week, trying to configure my line of automation with only gregtech, and i think i reach my limit, aside ore processing, it doesnt seen much point on automate outer machine with only gregtech, is just sees so much material/effort/thinkerer for things that are more easily done by hand, gregtech have many things that help, but the lack of outer things like combo material input, safety of no clogging, lack of space on the machine, and some machine losing their role (extractor and compressor are hardly used now), made look sily to even try.
    I would coment on tech gaps, but people would only say to mine more.

    Anyway, awesome mod as ever.

    any plans on making a comestic cover, to work with the obscurator? also some granite cover would be nice.

    @UNG: It really, really isn't that simple.

    that was a simple direct statement, in a long play we should always look what give more on what we need, and are able to produce, it was just a direct use, no byproducts involved or outer process, so indeed, is lame. we already have some guide on max efectiveness on ores, so i dont wanted to bring any long discuss.

    Oh and Tool Crafting will be automatable using the Extruder and the Assembler, because I'm going to add Tool Heads. But that only works on Metal Tools for now

    ah the fear, our eletrics tool, are going to be pushed even farther away, soon, will, required censored .

    Pshh, showoff :P

    as if you arent a little too.

    @UNG: you are supposed to use three or more electric crafting tables in line on dust piler mode. It usually works fine.

    I won't add additional Machines for things which can easyly be solved using a Brain.

    okay, i understand, is my fault realy, i just thought that this resolution bein old, and the future making it goes skyrocket, would be a good change, but okay, is my fault for wanting to assembling dust with one line with the normal products.
    that tip on the buffer is realy good, i dont have see it anywhere, could have saved alot of work and thinkerer before.

    Yeah, I was thinking of a table with the ores for the lines and different columns for:

    i said that on a video is yet to came, its is actualy very simple, the line wich start with u-macerator will give more of the raw ore (if iron, you will end with more iron) while the industrial line will give more byproducts. thats all i could understand.

    Hello, I am using this beatiful mod but I would like to be able to disable Hard recipes

    i believe you are looking for the "tooeasymode" config, turn that on true and most complicated things became normal.

    Thanks gregoriusT for fixing the spary problem, now, if could tell me where the textures are located, because it dont use the same texture of ic2 vanilla, and dont accept obscurator either. Anyway, i can havae a decent floor now.

    Found the Bug. My new OreDict Processing algorithm accidentially placed the Small Dust behavior into the List of the Tiny Dusts.

    i was going to report it either, have small dust, and the only use of it is just oredict.
    Taking the opportunity... can we have some machine just to deal with the small/tiny piles? with the new additions, the amount types of dusts over pass one electric crafting table, im using two inline, and sometimes its not enough, some dust just dont get processed, and im talking about vanilla/old gregtech ores only.

    Anyone has any texture packs for GT? Faithful hasn't been updated for ages

    i use the sphax ones, but those are too, very old ones, most are for 3.x only, the most actual version have no update.

    40 cf cell + spray can in canning machine. Put the spray can in first.

    im using the most actual ic2 and gretech, and as far NEi shown no such recipe, in fact it changed on last time to only have black and red color, when i put the empty spray can on the auto canning machine, and then the CF cells, the only thing that happens, is the cell bein unpackted giving some cf powder from gregtech. I deleted and maked new config, nothing, something fishy.

    GregoriusT, any reason to take spray from us? before i just wanted to ask if you intencional removed CF spray recipe, but now, only the black and white color are avaliable... if so, at least change the info on the frames, since we cant CF ic2 vanilla any thing on your mod.

    your machines are more clever than before, at least since i started, now i can make a way around some derpiness of the past, so, wich means, i have to change my line, again.

    this is personal, but can someone give me an example of use of the transmiter cover in, the out i had make somethings, but found no way to make anything with the In setup.

    but there is indeed no Way of watering those Boilers, other than using Buckets.

    Houston we have a problem, because a simple bronze pipe with drain can fill the tank.

    @Circuits before: just as i said, it was my thinking without circuit, and having no such problem with multiple recipes on the same machine, before, i was going to have an one way line of transport, meaning things made by a machine would never return to the same machine, unless intentional, so even having the setup long , if i wanted some cell just need to toss the 2 plates on the system, so it will enter the plate bending because i wanted, same with fuel rods, but now it will be impossible, and the system will became less automatic because any change of shape need a circuit to be replaced (unless i make a machine for every shape).
    Also, you should understand , that we (especialy me) dont know where those new things will be used, always first think that new things will be a higher tier than the outers, bein sometimes not the case.
    Im starting to give up on making a strict line of automation with only gregtech, every new version break something.

    I'd rather have two machines for different purposes than one with that circuit thingy.
    Theres the extruder for multi-purpose machine already.

    and i dont understand if you are with me or against me.

    Yes I HAD a way

    i thought on the regulator, since i can configure how many will be inserted. I can understand that in the future will be necessary, or not, as you said, you could just dont create such conflict, as i am kind of amazed, you wanted to spare the work on us, for going from step by step on those double and triple ingots.

    but thanks to these new required circuit, my line of automation broke, again, i cant now just plate bending things after smelter, because smelter produce material faster than the bending do, so i end having dense plates, and advance regulator (where is the normal ones?) are game ending machines.Oh , what a sneaky change on Khantal.

    i still dont see a good reason for this new "circuit" thing, we already had machines with their recipes, we also just ago received a machine that required a "shape" to work, so now, recipes are taken away from machines, toss into one and requiring a "shape" to work correct, now its two machines like that.
    I realy dont know why this was implemented after the extruder, and so many types, at first i though of the circuit telling how many "material" would be need and processed, but, after seeing it goes from 0 to 24, nope. I still need to test, but i believe gregtech had a way to avoid material bein consumed wrongly at later stages without circuit.
    But i have no ideia what GregoriusT is planning, so again im just bein myself.

    wow, it seens , i was the most fast one to complain about AE problem. heh

    well, on my unification config everything is false, so it works normal, even changing the config, sorry for bein stupid, it wont change the item on the spot, put it on your inventory so it can "update" and revert.

    So are stuff like kanthal and nichrome, and they get the special treatment.

    because kanthal and nichrome are gregtech alloy, and energium is vanilla ic2

    He means having a flat Rubber Plate instead of the Rubber Ingot to make the Bouncy Rubber Sheet.

    and i just tod him to give time to you,im sure your head is about to explode with ideias where and what use the new material.
    Soon next step along with update the books (it still say refined iron) would be a book about materials, there is so many of them

    when i saw nikolite, im "what!, the return of the fools diamond?!"


    let see how screwed we gonna be. (talking before testing) before , was going to remove the wash and thermal, 90% of recipes are equivalent or better , only gold and uranium deserved thermal, wash was for more of the same ore.

    Yea, at least something for quartz picks, so that they aren't nearly as easy to make.

    Another thing, maybe rubber sheets should use rubber plates? It makes sense, they are both flat and made of rubber.
    Another thing 2, no GT energium dust?
    Another thing 3, is it safe to change my unification config to the new items? I haven't got any processing, so it should be fine, but I just want to make sure.

    what the fuss about diamond pickaxe, after the first one to mine obisidian, you prob gonna change to a jackhammer and never return.

    rubber is just out of the oven, let it breath a little, on the future we sure will have things to do with, just like, bolt, round, rings, lens...

    why an energium dust? its already a mix of dust, no reason to do that.

    unification had a rollback i believe, since mine returned nice, dont feel necessary, but since you ,supose, are at the begging, will be less problematic in the future, or not.

    Do anyone know if we can disable the NEi showning recipes not avaliable on the game? im tired of seeing things i dont have on my game, like forcelium dust, basalt dust, astral silver dust.(by the way, the macerator have now almost 800 recipes)

    Aaaaand another Mod, which adds its Stuff to the OreDict without using it itself. That is an Applied Energistics Bug (report it to AlgorithmX2 aswell). You can temp fix it by setting the Unification of CertusQuartz to AE

    thats not gonna happen, since he stated the mod is on a complete stop for a long time, he already made the finale. but if disabling help, gonna see how it does (even im using nothing of it)

    but , what was the point on this update changes? gregtech was already a very grinding mod, now its even more? i indutrial grinded some galena, when i go to the chest at the end of line, there was no galena dust, found it cogling the pipe at the thermal centrifuge, because now there is a galena crushedpurified ore, wich cant be thermal, them i though i would need to just make a small adjust, but no, the next step for galena is to be macerated again, then centrifuged to finaly get the old galena dust, so much steps, also with these new types, the filter dont have enough types, there is crushed, crushedpurified, crushed centrifuged, but no washedpurified, man, i just remade my setup for greg automation, then this need to re-macerate, then centrifuge, destroied again, it getting hard to think in a line of process without any outer mods help like AE.
    you could at least make some recipe to help on this changes, like an assembly recipe, where you place a filter pipe with 2 circuit to make the slot type from a pre fix ore, or 2 advance to make the pre fix ore thing from a slot one.
    Soon the game will be so diferent, a restart may be required.

    did anyone else did have this issue, with this new version, alot of materials changed, so some texture returned to default, this is not the issue, all the certus i have changed when picked, and these new ones cant be used to make the recipes, so basic, the new version broke applied energistics for me, anyone else?

    Fixed some Bugs.
    Added the new MetaItem to the Game. Many of the Materials are unused as of right now.
    Due to that, a ton of Recipes have been changed slightly.
    Rubber Processing got a new Step of smelting Rubber Pulp.

    update, very very scared, by the way, i was using icxp 362, so far never updated because , there was no big change on ic2, so only if required by gregtech, i would update it, wells, it said to me.

    Yes, I did that recently. The Chemical Reactor is now responsible for the Fertilizer Recipes. If you have Problems with that, then just use Bonemeal instead.

    whoa, easy, i wasnt complaining, just stating it,i was curious to know how to obtain fertilizer for crop matron without forestry, because, before the update, i had to macerate apatite for fertilizer and all chemical required fertilizer, on vanilla ic2 was just bonemeal+scrap, wich cant be used anymore.

    aside that, the "decorative" storage shelf, also seen to have te ability of digital chest, just saying because if i use a rubber hammer on it, it display the same things, but dont work, dont keep the "filter", would be a good help early game or simply setup if we could use them like that.

    does the detector cable not working at moment? i tried to use it, and tested , but i dont made it work.
    the silver for glass cable is vanilla ic2 too? because if so, then glass fiber cant be made until we construct a thermal centrifuge, since there is no outer source for silver on ic2 vanilla aside thermal purified lead. Its not a complain, just is rare to see some tech tree.

    i wanna thank you too, its realy usefull, pity we cant scan the uranium block, but, resin? a long time ago , when i watched DW20 channel, and he tried to scan resin, it failed, now it seen possible.

    oh, it seen greg changed the recipe for fertilizer, so it now dont mindless spend one fertilizer to make one fertilizer.

    so it baffles me as to why people always run out of energy.

    i could guess, thats is a lack of preparation, at some point the amount of Eu just jump, from thousands to almost millions, and the time required to make that Eu is enormous through the "easy" way, when we reach the industrial blast furnace, the amount of Eu already over pass a CESU, it takes time, effort and planning ahead to make the enough Eu for that exact time, but most are not that diligent. Even after some basic Nuclear Eu, im still running out of power, an inline production/processing, just consume more Eu that it can produce, and over time, will empty. Also, Any upgrade to the voltage of the system , also means that every machine will need a transformer, so much material. That my opinion.