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    i doubt a tutorial form GregoriusT would be good, he probably have so much stuff he doent want us to know, it would look pretty clumsy, aside, he might take everyone as at least briliant, and people like me would be excluded. I would love to see a LP from him, but a tutorial, not so good.

    Do they need casing/things placed next to them?
    I need to know this because I've got a TE tesseract feeding some thermal boilers,and pumps feeding the tesseract doesn't really work.

    check the advance pump, see if it have enough EU (128/t), mining pipes to go down, and give it at least one cell for it start pumping, if everything else fails, replace with a miner and atach the advance on top of it, it will use the miner as a guide, i believe, but i am no one to tell people things.

    I always wondered why there wasn't a GT version of the induction furnace. Probably would have a better 'upgrade' recipe from the normal furnace rather than just 7 copper and a machine block.

    Any java people want to help me figure out why I'm crashing?

    simply because , he does not need it, induction cant be overclocked, greg e-furnace can and have outer usefull addons, also, most of later game metal is blast furnace only, so no point on that.

    im not an expert on nothing, but its prob some mod you add recently , it happens alot, take one a time and see.

    it is a pity, that gregtech have its own version of CF, when i first saw it, i was happy, then it diferent behavior (not accepting obscurator) just destroied most of it.

    found strange that a small fluid pipe cant be used to drain water, since it cant store a full bucket, the drain does nothing, there is still use for normal pipe after all.

    I have just reach the point, where i need to invest on data chips, and stuff that level, but im kind of lost on tracks, just dont know what go after, everything cost so much, the casing for kanthal is like 240 ruby dusts, any data cost so much emeralds, energy flow are a heck of expensive and you need tons of it for anything, so many things, so much work, so ugly lab.

    GregoriusT, when i tried to build an industrial sawmill i found this, is this a mismatch of information, or bug?

    aside that, can you tweak a little the way of getting achivements, so we can gain the ic2 achivements with your machines?
    also, there is a way to make your cover , for detecting machine internal things, work for ic2 vanilla?

    So, it looks like me and edoreld are GT showcase enemies :D
    It feels weird having a competitor, especially since I started making videos to replace him (because of the looong hiatus).

    there is never too many gregtech videos, for the truth, there is too little of them, thats why some people, like you, edoreld, and me too, made some videos, some people are succed at it, outer are completely not.

    Greg: Could we get a "coin mode" on the electric crafting table, or better yet a mode where you can define a recipe shape, and it will try forming recipes in that shape with each type of input item? Kind of like the 1x1/2x2/3x3 modes except the user can define the shape.

    there isnt already a mode for that? the arrow alone was suposed to accept any recipe you made on the phantom grid, also , i noticed a blank button too.

    Right now you can use a machine box + piston to simulate a piston with covers. I feel that not enough people use the machine boxes.

    indeed, but here is things we cant use boxes/frames for, like redstone based covers, since they need to read the machine atached to emit it, i can have a display of work, inventory of any GT machine, but not from ic2, it kind look awfull to have missing info, like why there is for this one and not for this one.
    I believe most people dont use much batery box, because of the work to make it reliable, you need transformers, and increase the energy buffer, after that you are good to go, but is so much steps for alot of people. And after a while without AE auto crafting, gets realy anoying to make conveyor/transformers/the box itself.

    How do you guys go about mass-producing stainless steel endgame? Chrome, Nickel, and Iron are super abundant from automated mining, but Manganese isn't. I either have to find a black granite deposit and sic advanced miners on them, or fly in the nether to manually gather Tungstate. Is Manganese meant to be the limiting factor? Why is it so rare? Do you people ever renew it somehow, or just limit your production and consumption based on how much Tungstate you mine?

    Nether? i believe it is The End, oh wheels, i believe most of stainless steel is for machines and tools that you only make once, and never more, so thats is why, but since im far from it, i might bein stupid again, cant we scan it for replicator? if not, them use it wisely.

    I think it would be cool to have a GT piston. That way we can put covers on them.

    i would like that too, since we cant put covers on any ic2 machine or vanila blocks, so we could make things more cool, piston would alow to compact auto door or hidden places, machines to keep track on things like work, inventory, tank, energy.

    This is a valid point, although it's "inverted" because you are wrenching the front machine facing and not the output face, which faces away from the front facing.

    not quite, since most machines/inventory who have an output from default, the wrench change its output, while machines without it, just rotate them. also i tried shift clicking, nothing happens, only loss of durability. its not that big, but if you forget this while building, you might need to break things to fix it, or end up losing itens with the wrong side output tossing them on the underground.

    aside that, i can confirm that after the new version of today, the wires dont seen to break conection any more, repeated the steps of before, and they conect nice as should be.

    Your strange behaviour may be intentional, does it follow (or a reverse of) this: http://gregtechcommunitywiki.w…renches----In-world%20Use ?

    the normal wrench way work fine on any machine, however on the ones i mentionated, it is reverse, dont see a point where it would be inverted for a reason.
    and still happens.

    That would force other people to update Forge, and therefor no. I do Forge Updates ONLY when updating MC aswell.

    so, gregtech dont get updated with forge, but since we need IC2 , and sometimes it request forge update...
    anyway, prob nobody use the same version as gregorius use because we always have some mod that require a newer version.

    do anyone else having a strange behavior on sorter, buffer, and filters, where, when you wrench it, the output change to oposite side you wanted? i wrench to right and it goes left, wrench on diagonal and it face me.

    this is old, but, since now all sides need somekind of cover to avoid fire, how it affect crop haversters? since they only haverst on front of it, i believe i need to leave that side open.

    the unconected cable line also happened with me, when i used some type of teleport (in this case, dim door) the cable line simply broken, each cable was in their palce, but not conect, no eu transfer, nothing, most time i just quit game and login to fix it. Now that a bed was metioned...indeed, there was always around here my bed (or outer friend).

    anyway, GregoriusT, any plans to make possible your covers to be placed on ic2 machines? or a verions of ore washing and thermal so we can use them instead. Any special reason to not alow covers on the machine casing?

    i admit defeat, i was lacking sense of testing, though mox was like its precessor, and doubled heat, so i would had a base, but seens, it was false.

    this might sound sily, but does gregtech generate silver ore? i keep seing this on wiki, but since i started, i never found a single one.

    Ahem you are mistaking Uranium 235 with Uranium 238. I dont change the Recipe for Uranium 235 at all. Thermal Centrifuging crushed Uranium Ore was the ONLY way of getting Uranium 235.

    as far as nei told me, any recipe using uranium ore, crushed, purified, dust will always result on uranium 238 (tested u-macerator>orewashing>thermal and IdGrinder>thermal), wich cant be crafted on the tiny uranium, thermal centrifuge purified uranium will wield 5 uranium 238 and 2 tiny uranium 235, so the only way of geting uranium 235 is crafting 9 tiny uranium 235. So there is no way around it. tiny uranium will end at some point, leaving me a ton of uranium, i have outer plans for plutonium, so there was no MOX on the plan.

    so , basic, with gregtech we dont have ic2 uranium, only gregtech uranium, wich cant produce the same things ic2 would so, to force players spending biproducts on things they dont want.

    Thermal centrifuge (purified) crushed uranium ore

    Use o mod Not Enough Items se ainda nao o faz e use plutonio para MOX fuel.

    there is no outer way of getting tiny uranium aside thermal centrifuging it, however, on ic2 vanila you could use uranium and break it down to have more tiny, but since gregtech disabled it, we cant, and tiny is always lesser than complete uranium, for each purified uranium we gain 5 uranium and just 2 tiny, so to make one fuel we need to smelt two the end, even using to make fuel rod of any type, at some point i will have tons of uranium, but not a single tiny, bein broken. If we can make tiny on mass, them okay, but if not, greg broke the ic2 normal behavior, for a way of getting tons of something you cant use, because he doent want. He could just change 1 uranium = 9 tiny uranium to 1 enriched uranium = 9 tiny.

    i think that the answer will be what i think so, but...

    it seens that gregtech disable the ic2 way of getting "uranium nuggets" , wich is requeried to make enriched uranium, so... how do i get more nuggets to make more uranium fuel rods?

    (the answer i thinked was, from more ore only)

    Hmm, the computer cube used to scan bags... If it still does, it can be automated somehow.

    Talking about crops, crossbreeding is not meant to be automated.

    i wanted to ask this, did greg disable its cube? because i cant acess it, i place it,try to conect power (the cable dint link), but i click and the GUI doenst appear, nothing happens, just the hand swing , and its tool tip is entity something.

    aside that, these "coins", are just for Multiplayer servers?

    by the way, reactors are noisy. i wonder if greg could creat a glass cover for us, so we could protect machines, use frames for ceiling and stuff.

    Quoted from "UNG"
    And the bug i spoke, about the machine not accepting material via pipe thats not match a full recipe?
    You are already 4 Versions behind the only Version which actually had that Bug.

    sorry about that, with just "some bug fixed" is hard to know wich one is fixed. and i was only inserting the right amount, and throwing excess away

    however, the diesel generator x biofuel cell :Bio Cell: , is intencional?

    sometimes i do wish that greg create a antimatter generator, where we could turn any, undesired metal/ore in raw EU, we always end with so many things we dont need anymore.

    i am having recipes showing less material than required, like, for lesh, say it was a slime ball and a string, wich was actualy 4 string, and also, told me i could make methane with just one nether warth, wich was false. Probably a NEI bug with the lastests version. And the bug i spoke, about the machine not accepting material via pipe thats not match a full recipe?

    any reason for the diesel generator, not having an internal tank for biofuel? the semi-fluid and gas turbine have an internal tank for like 10kmb, while the diesel just consume one cell at time.

    offtopic: after reading most of GregoriusT profile, im curious, and kind of wanted to see a LP from him, it would be at least interesting . But as old says , those who mod most time dont play.