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    So now fluid on pipes do change the temperature of the pipe and actualy afect players... well the first better protection is to stay away from it, second is to pour concrete aroud the pipe (CF on your stuff is very late greg) , third would be use a hazmat suit when you want to mess with it... i could say more, but dont want to give him more nasty ideias. I do favor the heat to be celsius, at least an option on config to change, AE allow us to see diferent types of metric.

    the last updates have changed alot how gregtech is handle, i did not like most of them , but the gamble we have now is the worst, on some cases make things very grindy, on kirara because of PFAA ,we have pitchblade instead of uranium ore, that means i need to gamble uranium dust just make the first fuel rod, also for that i need Hv centrifuge.

    Every coke oven is 26 tile entities. I rather use the setup above

    I prefer mine, almost fully automated with very little resources spend, but have problems like farm dependent and is not very fast (for now?), i did not tried but maybe i could change and expand a little to alow it to make the charcoal also. It is that one i said that time on the server, the nether one (incomplete now).

    Okay people, remove all your Hoppers and replace them with other ways of transporting Items. Pretty much everything is less laggy than a Hopper.

    Acording to what was said later, it is laggy because it keep checking every slot to place the item... but i ask, it is just laggy if the item stay on the hopper?

    And yes I am aware that there is a very laggy GT Bronze Casing Block in BloodyAsps Base, but that thing actually does quite some work so it is justified.


    Or there is another alternative?

    we could have item clearer... but...

    I liked GT 4 more than GT 5. Yes, there's multiple tiers of everything, you can make your tools and armor out of everything. But what's the point, really?
    You end up using about 10 pickaxe materials. Flint, Iron, Steel, Tungstensteel, maybe diamond and some other stuff to get Silk Touch or Fortune III or looting. Then there are tons of materials you would NEVER use for a tool. They just clog up your NEI.
    Same with machine tiers. There are tiers you'll most likely never use, because they don't have the recipes you want from them. Having a basic machine and being able to overclock them was better approach IMHO.
    Same thing with cables - you're gonna use pretty much just one or two materials of each category.
    I like both world gens.
    Plus GT4 is finished and has all the important and interesting Tech stuff that you play GT for.

    I kind of agree with you,but not all, the tool is one of my big complain too, i even said, the tier for tools are kind of useless, most material is tier 2 while only a few are 3 and even less 4 and 5 and we dont have acess to machines above iv, but cables is diferent, we do have ton of cables, but diferent from tools we can get back the material just losing rubber or tiny parts of the cable, so it can be used more than tools, machine tiers and overclocks kind of walk together, but that theory is just my opnion (wich dont value a penny), world gen ... no coment , Gt4 was not finished, had alot of bugged recipes and features, but indeed had more than the actual gt5, but the gt5 is a good chance to rework gt itself and move forward and away from ic2 heavy dependency that we had before. Let us hope when you can play again, it have developed.

    now I have the basics to experiment more and discover the most advanced stuff on my own, and this is the fun part. If you reveal everything in a tutorial, what's left to discover?

    That one point i always tried to get on my videos, shown enough to motivate the self learn, thanks for leting me know.

    Which one did you use then? There are like 10 tiers of them.

    Just as said, the only diference is how many slot a bus have (so if it have many input or outputs, a better tier is required, for a fast nichrome multi smelter a hv output/input is good) about the hatche is how many liquid it can store.

    Have to say though that in the past I found pretty useful UNG_God's videos.

    I realy did a sneaky peek recently on filters buffer and regulators, but as the name says, it is not deep. But i do understand i am not good to this stuff like a pro, you can see the "lame tutorials" playlist .

    All Tanks are empty.
    Shutters have "Only Output" mode to prevent backflows.
    May be i did smth wrong?

    Since you have RC tanks, what i do is storing water on rc tank, so i can get a good amount before running it, also, you should only use one tank as primary water suplyier, and all outer fill this tank with pipes at top of the primary tank, but greg L-boiler do consume alot of water pretty fast, so i do little burst of use. Even bein ugly you should avoid using pipes to transport water to boiler, the closer better.

    On the update on kirara, i found some strange behavior, it was just said, but basic extruder dont work rubber and plastic anymore, making the machine useless, diamond ( and prob outer gems) plates can be used to make drill tip anymore also nei only shown uses of the plate is to make diamond gear, this might not have to do with gregtech, but people said their reactor stopped working (0 eu, no work), also all my laptrons are empty, this might be a case of config invultri uploaded.

    Why didn't anybody find the secret Recipe inside the Brewery? There is one for a certain something I am not gonna say.

    You already said it, it is so new i dont believe anyone had alot of time to play with to find secrets.

    Added the JackHammer back. It is an HV Tool with Titanium Hull and shatters most Rocks into pieces. Not to mention it is twice as fast as the HV Drill.

    So... since it shatter, it work like the hammer and not pickaxe i supose, so dont dig your ore with with...oh wait you cant if it is not changed.

    Energy buffer accepts twice the amp it can output, a 1 slot accpt 2, 4-8,9-18 and on.

    if the "sense" is just for the pun of it, i would use on my language ,because we already use the pun. Foice.

    1) Can GT packets "rebound", frying a 1x cable, and when?

    packets arent send, but more likely requested by machines, so no, and it would only fry if there is more avaiable than the cable can handle , like out of transformer is output 4 packets, so if any machine require more than one on that cable, it will burn.

    2) Which battery buffers (and batteries) to use with LV tech?

    That is based on the system voltage, amount of machines working at same time, and the generator, for me i can safely work 4 lv machine with one 4 slots buffer, with four bateries inside (because each batery output 1 amp), the batery can be either GT lithium/sodium lv batery or ic2 R-batery(these will have less energy storage and more generator hungry), just remember to use 4 amp cable.

    I wonder why that happens. I thought it was Thaumcraft Golems, but it happens also if there are none.

    During one of my records, i detected it happened everytime i mined a GT ore and picked it drops, it seens that the game dont know wich item it is as default (origin) and only after GT unifies it, it stop the mensagem for that item

    I am guessing the Thermal Centrifuge uses a full 32EU

    acording to GregoriusT, it is the only basic machine who consume more than the voltage of the machine, consume 48eu/t, even looking, it is not outside the rules (2xEuT / machine voltage + 1=amp required, 48x2, 96/32, 3+1, 4 amp) it just consume 4 full amp, so need more power.

    I added 3 additional LV Energy hatches but I have ran into a couple of issues.

    Each energy hatche consume two amperage, and a transformer can only output 4, so you need 8 amp to fully suply energy to all 4 hatches, what i did was puting 2 hatches close and an energy buffer of 4 slots to feed those two, made the same on the outer side to avoid connection, then all you need is enough power on bateries to suply it (8 lithium 32v batery, 4 each buffer, because each batery is 1 amp output).

    appears that it eats the aluminum dust as if I hit the machine again it starts working again and pulls in another dust. I am assuming that this is a bug and not intended to eat dust.

    It is intended, multiblicks dont have an inside inventory, and Greg wants you to plan before doing your stuff or you lose.

    If you play this with default settings you will probably be cursing me. I had my 1.6.4 GT server set up so that you did not even get your first pickaxe until you could successfully grow fields of food to stay alive long enough to do anything at all

    That look...promising?...strange?... well it can be fun i guess, but that also depend on how much boredom will cause, there is just somethings that are not worthy to make IRL, irl is bore as it is already. Pack dificult is based on the player level, not the mods.

    yes using GT Wirecutter

    the plate goes on right side...?

    Higher Tiers waste more Fuel for Higher Voltages. Very simple.

    instead of wasting, it means using, because i believe if we use the same amount of steam on a lower tier, and then transforming it up, we would end having the same amount of voltz. Dont make people believe on wasting.

    I wonder if people already got the brilliant Idea of Combining 4 GT Boilers to a giant 5x5x5 Boiler, since Machines can also share Hatches.

    the boilers dont, but i did think on the IBF, but it seens not worth on the energy hatches, also the limit of where we can place the components, make it very cramped, also what will happen when i placed a shared maintence hatch and repair it? all got repaired? also this may lead to dupe bugs...

    so in the end was a we need a way to generate water, chunk load, and we can discart railcraft.

    Very nasty exception below.

    i believe that was me, i was CF some scaffold them when i moved to cath my scaffold back, boom, haddler exception, so look at it, also, i got this very often on the log.

    also i saw this :

    my lastest log is just a huge error log.

    Is this the expected behaviour?

    yes, it is, simply because you can just right click a water source with the cell to get the water cells, and start to use the fluid canner to move liquids from a container to another, basic canning will always try to void "easy liquids" or turn into dust.

    Battery Buffer now outputs as much Amperes as there are Batteries inside.

    they kind of already worked that way, the only diference i can see , it now cant be use as a machine hull power conector. Before one single batery cant feed the internal buffer enough to it work to its fullest, so no big deal.

    I think this is more important now.

    if we had any ideia what that is...

    Oh, that boiler

    dont look like a boiler, it is receiving steam from the tank, actualy two pipes, so either BBF will now actualy require steam to work, or only greg knows what it is.

    this is kind of personal, but i am having troubles to understand some parts of the e-net, it seens that e-buffers and transformers have a higher priority over amp , than outer machines, is it suposed to be like that? i can see two diferent system on a single e-net... am i crazy?

    If so what does the basic electrolyzer do?

    only very simple recipes, electrolize water, make charged certus crystal, all recipes below 32eu/t. it is the eu/t that say the voltage/tier of the machine, not the sum of all packets/amp , that is only true for multiblocks, because greg.

    AFAIK all machines accept only 1 amp

    Not actualy true, machines takes up to 4, e-hatches and automation machines 2, all outer 1.

    Is this loss system explained on FTB wiki yet?

    afaik the only "try to explain it" was my 3 sneaky peeks, not much else to say.

    So there is no way to craft Water Mill/Wind Mill/Geothermal generator/Thermal generator/Solar Panel? What are the ways to get energy?

    sorry for the delay, but it seen greg wants to replace most of the old system with new machines and mechanics, so expect almost all old machines to cease to exist or be replaced by a gt counter-part, and as outers kindly answered, for now the first generator is the basic steam, since you need to make a boiler to run steam-age machines.