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    I have tried updating the webpage with all the connection help I can give. If anything there is missing, please contact me.
    The server is starting to gain a community again :)
    * New version of IC-BC crossover - v1.14b
    * New plugin: FoundBoxx - Keeping an eye out for X-rayers

    For newcommers, we have built an inn. Here you can rent a room with IC power. The room is also only accessible by yourself.

    Hope to see you online soon =)

    We have just re-started our old buckfutter server. Now running with IC2, BC, and RP.
    Server adresse:
    More information on the server can also be found on our webpage:
    We have a pretty specific list of rules which should make gameplay fun for everybody :)
    With kind and accomodating crew, we are sure that everybody that wants to, will have a great time!
    Backups run every 15 minutes, and is stored back 5-10 days.


    If you have any problems connecting to the server, I can be contacted on mIRC, or in this post.
    IRC: @ #buckfutter

    Main ingame rules:

    • No griefing. Period. Mine all you want, but don't destroy other players work
    • No stealing. See a chest and wonder what's inside it? DON'T. Don't even open the chest, this just leaves your name in the log-files for that chest.
    • Admins do not hand out TP commands. Only /home permitted at this time
    • No additional client mods. Like Hacks, Flymods. This is a insta-ban rule.
    • No free stuff. (Admins do not hand out items using give commands)
    • No leaving floating trees after chopping!
    • Use ingame ticketing system for help. Its there for a reason.
    • Absolutely NO attempts to glitch the server
    • No foul language and immaturity
    • Ask first, act later. If you're unsure if you're allowed to do something. Ask =)

    More information, and more rule spesifications are located ingame by using /rules


    The server had a great community back in May, when it first started. Due to a lot of MC updates, and the admins simply not having the time to continually update the server, it was shut down. But is now reopened, and we hope to see you there! =)
    For protection, the server uses WorldGuard to protect your hard earnings. All this is specified in the rules section ingame.

    Hope to see you online soon!
    Please don't request building permits in this post. Use ticket system ingame. :thumbup:

    Could you please copy the entire error log :) Which of the temp fixes are you using?

    Thanks for the fix - I saw Direwolf's video and decided I have to get these machines! However, I need some more clarification before I go ahead and do this.

    Do I copy your fix into the jar for the original mod? Or do I just drop the "fix" into the mods folder? Or does your fix replace the original mod entirely? Given the way things get booched if something's installed improperly, it's far easier to have the instruction beforehand. Thanks.

    This fix is just like the one in the OP. Download only the fix, and place it in your mods folder.

    Is it a question or awnser???
    will it work on IC2 v1.23?

    Pardon me, but why are you to lazy to read some of the previous posts?? Yes it's an answer. And the question mark is a question to why your not getting it to work. Cause if your to lazy to actually TRY that as well, I'm not going to help you any more :P

    I can't find advanced machines v2.00, I need it to get on a server I play on. Anyone know where i can get it ?

    Then they are playing with a old version of this mod. This mod is v2.1. The old version is no longer availible. If you need to get on the server, you should ask one of the players on it to send you their mod version.
    zipp updated to v2.0 in this post and to v2.1 in this post where he also added SMP. So how someone is running v2.0 on SMP should be your question ;)

    Your server is loading the mod before it loads IC2. Just add a z in front of the filename. Usually does the trick.

    Ok... This took a little while to figure out :P But managed to get the textures working, as well as a SMP file.
    The SMP has a weird bug i can't seem to figure out... The panels never point UP... :P But seems to work OK otherwise.

    I advise a backup of your world... as always...

    Give me some feedback on the SMP version :)

    Dont change the block IDs in the client config if you plan on using it in SMP. The SMP doesn't generate an ID config file.. Didn't figure out how to.