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    In the Ic2 config there is an option to increase the mutilplier for the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. In the modpack im playing at the moment, this is set to 8. However the maximum output of the RTG is still 32EU/t measured with the EU-Reader. Im guessing that there must be an option that the creator of the modpack forgot to adjust somewehere. Can you point me to it? Couldnt find this online.

    You could do what I am doing and use Extreme reactors turbines to generate Energy, need to convert it back to EU. I am getting 10.000 EU/t with a non-optimized design (that can be adjusted in the config, I left it untouched). Fluid reactors in IC2 only are not creating that much energy if you want them to be easily maintained and automated.

    Did you use the EU-Meter on the MFSU to check what actually is put in per tick? Try connecting all cables to the same MFSU. You will need at least 2 glass fibre cables connected to it. Also Im not sure if you are aware of it but this reactor will blow up after 2,5 minutes.

    I dont have these two mods, we are on 1.10.2 and I dont think theyre updated but I found a way with Ender IO pipes, these are great so much versatility.

    Now the design is clear and I get to building, not looking forward to craft 4000 solar distillers but well.. ^^

    Ill post some pictures once Im making some good progress, thanks for the input so far.

    Hmm, I dont think ill use MOX reactors, they seem inferior in design as of now, and I've got plenty of uranium, resources are not an issue,

    Any filter that comes to mind? I dont know many mods, have tried the Mekanism one now but the pipes dont connect to the reactor when relogging so that's a problem.

    Thanks for your input albijoe, I have decided to leave a MOX fluid reactor for later since I cannot get a stable design with continuous steam flow.

    Here is a little update on the project:

    I have the reactor and the the turbines set up in creative and all works well together, getting a LOT of energy out of one reactor.

    Now its time to tackle the automation which might be even trickier since I have no experience with it, so Id like to ask for some input from you experienced players.

    1. Which mods/system would you recommend to automatically replace Quad Rods? Will Mekanism pipes work well?

    2. What do I do with all the Plutonium (since MOX is not really working in fluid)?

    Well, assume I got a way to automatically turn the MOX fluid reactor on and off, according to the wiki they are twice as effective above 50% heat, Shouldnt a MOX desgin be better in any case then? More Heat more EU?

    I did read the post I think, Im looking for a MOX design though.

    Oh, also, are you allowing iridium reflectors in your designs?

    Sure, why not?

    Assume I'm a complete noob on this :) Are you saying that if I manage to get that heat in there (perhaps using another reactor to heat up components and transfer them in) it would be possible? sounds like a very fragile thing to do ^^

    Thanks a lot for your help btw!

    I'm going to try to answer some of your questions. The biggest problem I have is I am a MOX NOOB.

    0. I use IC2 Experimental Reactor Planner from MauveCloud, It can handle anything.
    - A good "rule of thumb" is to run the simulator as an EU reactor, then double the result for Fluid HU/Tick. For example, this one runs 1280 HU/t average, because it is 640 Max Heat in EU mode:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    1. This seems like an EU reactor. Those stats are "if you heat it to 7500 for start, it will put out 1040 EU/t". this is confirmed in the planner. The planner also has it blowing up in fluid mode.

    - That is an IMPRESSIVE number for eu/tick, I can't see more than 1005 EU/tick from the best fluid reactor I have, with standard IC2 steam turbines.

    Does that mean a Fluid reactor will not maintain heat? I tried this and the heat always returned to 0.00% when putting back the heat vents.

    Pull out any vents that are cooling it then run it with the uranium in until it reaches the kind of temperature you're aiming for. Don't forget to put the vents back in again afterwards though

    So this wont work for MOX Fluid reactors? Is there anyone who knows a good MOX Fluid reactor design? I would really like to utilise both types of Fuel in my Fluid reactors (I will not use EU reactors if avoidable).

    Assume each lhc is holding 1000mb of fluid, up to 2000 if there's a backlog. Does that help?

    Not really :/ The pipes fill up with coolant (visually seem full) and drain completely when I turn off the reactor. I have fluid ejectors in the LHEs so they shouldnt store it?

    Thanks a lot for the answers! I will answer in detail later when i have more time, while experimenting I just ran this reactor quickly:

    And for some reason the reactor runs out of coolant after about 15 seconds, I have tried pulling upgrades, installing more fluid ports and it still doesnt keep up with the consumption. This is my setup:

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    Hey Everyone,

    Seems like this is the best way to do it, thanks for the hint ;). This is going to be long and detailed.

    IC used: industrialcraft-2-2.6.188-ex110

    Some background on why I'm asking some of those questions:
    I'm building a large scale nuclear power plant complete with 50x50 wide cooling towers (filled with solar distillers), 2 or more fluid reactor blocks, uranium enrichment and mox refill stations and so on. In short a massive project. I'm trying to keep everything as realistic as possible. All is built in survival and I am not scared of crafting 4000 solar distillers for example :D

    The server I play on with my friends is using the FTB Infinity Lite pack. That means no GregTech (seems out of date), no worldcontrol (the current versions seems to be more or less broken for 1.10.2), no Thermal Expansion. All the mods including IC2 ofc are on 1.10.2.

    I want to use the Fluid reactor from IC but will use the Turbines from the Extreme Reactors mod. the Steam-repressurizer block from IC transforms the steam to be compatible (awesome). I also want to use Immersive Engineering for tanks and pipes (if possible but that might not be, or too much hustle in the end and I think the cables from the industrial era are not thematically fitting in a modern nuclear power plant). Only requirements: I want to use the IC coolant system (most realistic and very cool!) and Extreme Reactors turbines.

    I am not quite sure yet how many reactors I will have and how exactly they will be set up but I am not afraid of going very complicated and large scale! Probably one breeder for plutonium or just several MOX reactors as they have the highest heat output. In the later case I'll just make some plutonium to start with and have Thermal Centrifuges contribute the Uranium 238.

    This is the chain so far:

    5x5 Fluid reactor > Hot Coolant (HC) > Liquid Heat Exchanger (LHE) > Steam Boilers (SB) > Steam-Repressurizer (SRP) > Extreme Reactors Turbine (which one is to be determined as soon as I find out how much steam I will produce).

    Since I'm investing so much time and effort into this I want the returns to be nice of course, that's why I went through the reactor design thread in search of the best fluid reactor in terms of Heat output (keep in mind: NO GregTech), and I found this one posted by Shananiganeer:

    Now the questions:

    1. This reactor states 7500 Heat, is that HU/t or HU/s ?

    2. I ran this one in creative mode and got a weird reading of 20000-24000 HU/t (I read somewhere that in 1.10.2 the reading is off and I should divide it by 20, but I can't find that thread anymore). Is this because I have not heated up the reactor to >51% Heat?

    3. Currently I am experimenting with the HC distribution to the LHEs, I am not sure which pipes of the many available pipes to use maybe someone has experience with this? If no pipes are practical I would consider using fluid distributors although I have not managed to get them running yet (they dont extract the coolant from the reactor and they wont accept pulling or ejector upgrades. Ideally the pipes would be the ones from Immersive Engineering since the look most realistic but I can settle for EnderIO or the classic Buildcraft pipes (now in Mekanism). What are your suggestions?

    4. Which pipes would you recommend for steam transport? There has to be a filtering option (otherwise the boilers will output distilled water) and the amount of transferred steam needs to be large (I am expecting huge amounts).

    5. Which reactor design(s) would you recommend or is the one I posted the one with the highest Heat output?

    6. What do you use for automation of the fuel rods? Which mods and which transport system?

    7. is the Experimental reactor planner usable for 1.10.2?

    8. How do you heat up MOX reactors safely?

    Now this is quite a lot to read I hope you don't mind.

    Some of the questions might be obvious to you but keep in mind I just recently returned to modded Minecraft, last time was 2012, back then reactors were simpler ;)

    I love the way the fluid reactors work and that you kept the components, I prefer this system over any other out there!

    I want to monitor the heat inside the reactor to keep it stable. The monitor would have to be able to send a redstone signal upon reaching a certain temperature. Besides that I don't really need anything. Theoretically it doesn't even need to be readable on a monitor as long as it is in the UI and sends the signal.

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if there is an alternative to WorldControl. as of now its not working on 1.10.2 and the developer stated he wont make it happen.

    The modpack im playing is on 1.10.2 and it will take time for modders to catch up to 1.11 or even 1.12. Do you know of any similar mod? I mainly need a nuclear reactor temperature control device. Monitors and such I can take from OC. Thanks!

    Thanks for the replies guys, after some twiddling i managed get steam and super heated steam going, I read the steam re-pressuirizer can convert ic2 steam to regular, is it still a wip? when i connect steam to it the internal tank is filled but nothing further happens?

    Hello all!

    First of all sorry if this is the wrong forum, I wasnt quite sure about it. I have a lot of questions which i tried solving first by searching the net but without success.

    Now my questions summed up, which build of IC2 should I use and where would I find up to date documentation for it? Its been a long time and Im a bit lost at the moment :)

    Me and my brother recently picked up modded minecraft againt after 3-4 year long break.

    We have a an FTB infinity lite server running on mc 1.10.2, the ic version is 2-2.6.188-ex110.

    I have tried getting the fluid reactor going but I am stuck at the steam processing part. There are three blocks i think related to this:

    Steam Boiler, Steam Turbine, Steam Re-Pressurizer

    As far as i can see the boiler produces superheated steam that should power the turbine which would then power one or more kinetic generators for EU.

    but for some reason I cant get it working. I have tried to search the internet for information but the wiki seems out of date (can only find a steam generator there, not the turbine or boiler or repressurizer).

    I have currently set EnderIO conduits to pipe the fluid to the liquid heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to the steam boiler filled with with distilled water (a hell of a night mare to get it in), producing steam at 375 degrees. That goes into the steam turbine which power a kinetic generator.

    I can only get one generator going no matter how i set it up, what am i doing wrong?

    I am confused about versions as well on the download pgae (jenkins?) I find two version compatible with 1.10.2,:


    I was also wondering about nuclear control and if its compatible with 1.10.2?

    Thanks for any help!


    Awesome Mod, i was really looking forward to protect my 1200 EU/t Multi-Chamber-ReactorMonster.. I tested a lot in Creative Mode, but when i went to our Multiplayer Server I encountered erious problems with the recipes. Unfortunately there are some recipes missing in the wiki or i am not intelligent enough to find them.

    I am looking upgrade recipes (range, capacity etc.) i watched the last 3 mod spotlights by direwolf, checked google A LOT, even 60% of the pages in this thread but i couldnt find them.

    So if anyone can help me that would be really awesome!!