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    Also, what exactly is the point of radioactive tools? Most of them (Excluding Naquadriah for example) have no clear benefits towards other, more common materials, but have the massive drawback of the radioactivity enchantment. While it sure is realistic, nearby entities (Mobs, Animals) should be effected by the radioactivity too, to make it atleast somehow worthwhile, given the requirement of a Hazmat Suit (which doesn't has much durability) to even properly use them.

    Use Radio-Active materials to craft arrow tips and arrows.
    They are very handy to fight the Ender Dragon.
    RadioActive material arrows only harm target on hit. So they are safe in your inventory.

    3. The needs maintainance Cover also outputs a Signal when the Turbine is below 25% Dura. Also Nuclear control Information Panels can now directly Show remaining Dura.

    @Blood-Asp I really can't find how it is supposed to output a Redstone signal when turbine is below 25%.
    Reading source code, I found nothing about a turbine durability check for Redstone emission:…

    Just a question. If it's possible, how do I make the EnderIO farming station accept GT fertiliser in addition to bonemeal? I'm not sure how to change it with Minetweaker.

    There is no such thing as Gregtech Fertilizer. IC2 has Fertilizer though.

    Anyway, EnderIO support multiple kinds of Fertilizers but these are hardcoded and mod specific. No Ore-Dictionary or configurable setting.…m/

    And unfortunately no IC2:itemFertilizer

    Supported fertilizers:
    Minecraft: Bone Meal
    Forestry: Fertilizer
    Botania: Floral Fertilizer
    Metallurgy: Fertilizer
    GardenCore: Compost Pile
    Magicalcrops: Fertilizer

    Magnetic materials retain same physical properties.
    A magnetic sword is no better than a blessed sword.
    A magnetic screwdriver tip has some use in real life. But in Minecraft, there is nothing like tiny screws handling mishaps.
    Even a Minecraft Compass does not use a magnetic iron rod ingredient.

    3. The needs maintainance Cover also outputs a Signal when the Turbine is below 25% Dura. Also Nuclear control Information Panels can now directly Show remaining Dura.

    I get no signal from the need maintenance cover when turbine is below 25% durability.
    I have tried every settings on the need maintenance cover (screwdriver).
    - Emit if 1 Maintenance needed
    - Emit if 1 Maintenance Needed(inverted)
    - Emit if 2 Maintenance needed
    - Emit if 2 Maintenance Needed(inverted)
    - Emit if 3 Maintenance needed
    - Emit if 3 Maintenance Needed(inverted)
    - Emit if 4 Maintenance needed
    - Emit if 4 Maintenance Needed(inverted)
    - Emit if 5 Maintenance needed
    - Emit if 5 Maintenance Needed(inverted)

    None of these settings emit a signal when turbine is below 25%, not even at 80%

    Have not tried with Steam or Gas Large Turbine, only with Large Plasma generator. Is it coded for Large Plasma generator in Gregtech 5.09.21?

    Thank you very much, that make it very clear now.

    Could you please have a look at
    Either I did not understand how Fluid Regulator Covers works or there is an inverted logic issue.


    Sorry for sarcasms below, but while I plan my large turbines setup, I can't find satisfactory monitoring solutions.

    Here are the issues I struggle with:

    • It seems wireless Redstone transmitters channels are shared across all players. If so; how can I prevent one player interfering with other player machinery/regulation by emitting in an occupied wireless channel?

    • Machine Casings can not transmit Redstone. In order to pick a Redstone signal from a cover(Need Maintenance) I have to place some non-Casing (Input hatch) next to Maintenance Hatch (because an input hatch is the only non-Casing allowed at that place in Large Turbine. Stick a Wireless Redstone Transmitter cover to the Input Hatch next to the Need Maintenance Cover on the Maintenance Hatch to piggy-back need maintenance cover Redstone signal on a hopefully unoccupied Wireless Channel. This, because all edges and corners of a Large Generator are made of Redstone incompatible Turbine Casings.
      This looks very inconvenient.

    • So, after dealing with 1. and 2. inconvenient setup; how do I monitor exhausted turbines to be replaced?
      Say I have 12 Large Generators here.
      These may not run continuously or on equal load.
      Turbines will need replacement at various times.
      If I don't want to go checking each turbine routinely and don't want to handle a maintenance log (I want to play and have fun. Having have another boring and unpaid duty in a virtual world is not fun).
      So I seek a way to report Need Maintenance and Dead Turbines alerts or possibly Turbine Remaining Durability in a central monitoring panel, I could check in a blink; rather than go about controller and maintenance hatches of all 12 Large Generators.

    Here is how my initial layout look like:
    I have not set input hatch next to maintenance hatch and think I will be forced to. Any alternate solutions are welcome.

    Aside questions. Blood-Asp merged today new tiered turbine casings. My concern is it will break my existing Plasma Generators; as the new code now requires Robust Tungstensteel Turbine Casings.
    I have a possibility to cheat give me, new casings to not waste those in use now. Is there a turbine casing in-world migration plan? Sound unlikely as Casings are non-ticking tiles. But controller could convert old casings if found during structure integrity check. Would be ok if old casings recipes are removed.

    Hello there. I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I am having issues getting my game to load a world when I have GT5 Unofficial installed. I'd appreciate any help! I am using the latest version of forge

    Please use a Pastebin service and give here link to your crash report.
    There is nothing to help you other than wild random divination from the bazillion possible causes to having your world not load, if you don't.

    You should also calculate the time needed for all that. I don't know how much time the preceding steps take for the fusion path, but the last step takes 144 minutes to make enough neutronium for 1 ingot, while the replication path takes 29.6 real-time days per dust at Low Voltage or 1.85 real-time days at Insane Voltage.

    The main choking point of Neutronium fusion is sourcing and processing Naquadria given the scarceness of Naquadah Ore Mixes Veins.

    Les start from a Naquadah ore mix vein.

    Default Naquadah Ore Mix in WorldGeneration.cfg

    All layers are Naquadah Ores
    Sporadicly Enriched Naquadah Ores (l10%) of ores

    So statistically 1 Ore from vein is 9/10 (81/90) Naquadah Ore, 1/10 (9/90) Enriched Naquadah Ore

    With optimal processing steps (crushing, washing, thermal centrifuge, crushing):

    1 Naquadah Ore is 2 (180/90) Crushed Naquadah Ore, 1/10 (9/90) Enriched Naquadah Dust
    1 Crushed Naquadah is 1 (90/90) Purified Naquadah Ore, 1/9 (10/90) Enriched Naquadah Dust
    1 Purified Naquadah Ore is 1 (90/90) Centrifugated Naquadah Ore, 1/9 (10/90) Enriched Naquadah Dust
    1 Centrifugated Naquadah Ore is 1 (90/90) Naquadah Dust, 1/10 (9/90) Enriched Naquadah Dust

    1 Enriched Naquadah Ore is 2 (180/90 Crushed Enriched Naquadah Ore, (9/90) Naquadah Dust
    1 Crushed Enriched Naquadah Ore is (90/90) Purified Enriched Naquadah Ore; 1/9 (10/90) Naquadah Dust
    1 Purified Enriched Naquadah Ore is 1 (90/90) Centrifugated Enriched Naquadah Ore; 1/9 (10/90) Naquadria Dust
    1 Centrifugated Enriched Naquadah Ore is 1 (90/90) Enriched Naquadah Dust, 1/10 (9/90) Naquadria Dust

    So after Ore Processing:
    Naquadah Ore Part:
    1 Naquadah Ore from vein is:
    81/90 × 180/90 = (162/90) 1.8 Naquadah Dust
    81/90 × 180/90 × (10/90 + 10/90 + 9/90) = (52.2/90) = 0.58 Enriched Naquadah Dust

    Enriched Naquadah Ore Part:
    1 Enriched Naquadah Ore from vein is:
    9/90 × 180/90 = (18/90) 0.2 Enriched Naquadah Dust
    9/90 × 180/90 × 10/90 = (2/90) 0.022222222~ Naquadah Dust
    9/90 × 180/90 × (10/90 + 9/90) = (3.8/90) 0.042222222~ Naquadria Dust

    On average, an Ore from Naquadah Ore vein mix gives:
    (162 + 2) / 90 = (164/90) 1.822222222~ Naquadah Dusts
    (52.2 + 18) / 90 = (72.2/90) 0.78 Enriched Naquadah Dusts
    3.8 / 90 = 0.042222222~ Naquadria Dust

    === Dust Processing from the above:

    (164/90) 1.822222222~ Naquadah Dusts centrifuge into:
    (164/90) × (50% × 1/9) = (41/405) = 0.101234568~ Enriched Naquadah Dust
    (164/90) × (10% × 1/9) = (41/2025) = 0.020246914~ Naquadria Dust

    Centrifugated Enriched Naquadah Dust
    ((72.2/90) + (41/405)) × (50% × 1/9) = (12548011/250000000) 0.90345679~ Naquadah Dust
    to optionally re-centrifuge recursively into (12548011/250000000) × (50% × 1/9) = 0.002788447~ Enriched Naquadah Dust (marginal) and negilgeable (12548011/250000000) × (10% × 1/9) = 0.000557689~ Naquadria Dust (anecdotic)

    ((72.2/90) + (41/405)) × (10% × 1/9) = 0.010038409~ Naquadria Dust

    === Finally, One Ore from Naquadah Ore Mix can be processed into:
    + 0.020246914
    + 0.010038409
    + 0.000557689
    = 0.073065234 Naquadria Dusts

    Fusion of 1 Neutronium Ingot consume 16 Naquadria Dusts
    That make for mining and heavy processing 218.982395923 Non-renewable hard to reach rare Ores from Naquadah Ore Mixes

    Considering this, even with parallel processing, arrays, miners, the fusion process is a dead-end waste of time and resources.
    And by doing so, you convert all your Naquadah Ores into Naquadria, so you are not able to use it as Enriched Naquadah into Naquadah Reactors. This is 100% processing total conversion.

    Current Neutronium properties and usage are quite deceptive, given the amount of effort and energy required.

    At the technology advancement stage, you are able to produce Neutronium, there is no Neutronium tool you need

    First, as an end-game ultimate material, anything built out of Neutronium deserve ultimate statistics and infinite durability.

    The sacrilege and funny disinterest for valuable stuffs that is, to craft a Neutronium Hoe, could trigger an achievement.

    On a more serious note about Neutronium usage:
    - Infinite durability tools and tool-heads,
    - infinite durability turbine rotors,
    - All machines available in MAX tier, with 1 second processing time, that process recipes at their base EU/t (no over-clock penalty)
    - No loss wires (I think superconductors should be no-loss already though)

    Here is a detail of how much material and energy you need for 144 l (1 ingot/dust) of Neutronium:

    By fusion:

    - 144l Molten Neutronium is made of 2,304 l of Molten Naquadria (NqX) and 2,304 l of Molten Americium
    - Fusion process consume 117,964,800 EU × 144 l = 16,986,931,200 EU / Ingot (+ Batch start-up cost of 600,000,000 EU)

    - 2,304 l of Americium made by fusion 4,718,592 EU × 2,304 l = 10,871,635,968 EU
    - Made of 2,304 l of Molten Lutetium and 2,304 l of Molten Chrome

    - 2,304 l of Molten Lutetium are made of melting 16 Lutetium Ingots for 1,488 EU × 16 = 23,808 EU
    - 16 Lutetium Ingots are made by vacuum freezing 16 Hot Lutetium Ingots for 62,640 EU × 16 = 1,002,240 EU
    - 16 Hot Lutetium Ingots are made of Electric Blast Furnace smelting 16 Lutetium Dusts for 924,000 EU * 16 = 14,784,000 EU
    - 16 Lutetium Ingots are made of Thermal - Centrifuge processing 2 × 16 = 32 Depleted Thorium Fuel Rods for 16 × ??? EU = ??? EU

    - Melting 2,304 l of Chrome requires 16 × 1,584 = 2,5344 EU

    - 2,304 l of Molten Naquadria requires melting 16 Naquadria Ingots for 1,848 EU × 16 = 29,568 EU
    - 16 Naquadria Ingots requires vaccum freezing 16 Hot Naquadria Ingots for 35,280 EU × 16 = 564,480 EU
    - 16 Hot Naquadria Ingots requires Electric Blast Furnace smelting 16 Naquadria Dusts for 720,000 EU × 16 = 11,520,000 EU
    - 16 Naquadria Dusts requires centrifugating 90 × 16 = 1440 Naquadah Dusts for 1,024,000 EU × 1440 = 1,474,560,000 EU
    - centrifugating 20 Enriched Naquadah Dusts for 4,096,000 EU × 20 = 81,920,000 EU
    - obtained from centrifugating 8 × 90 = 720 Naquadah Dusts for 1,024,000 EU × 720 = 737,280,000 EU

    In the best possible scenario excluding start-up costs, mining and processing ores;
    Production of 1 Neutronium Ingot cost:


    Producing 1 Neutronium Ingot by replication:
    - Replicator 100,000 l of UU-Matter with 1,638,400,000 EU
    - 100,000 l of UU-Matter mass fabricated for 32,000 EU × 100,000 = 3,200,000,000 EU

    Total cost of replication:

    1. 1,638,400,000 EU
    2. + 3,200,000,000 EU
    3. = 4,838,400,000 EU


    Compare cost for 1 Neutronium Ingot:

    1. All Fusion: 28,886,516,608 EU
    2. Replication: 4,838,400,000 EU

    You mean for the Recycler? That's documented here:
    Not much point in documenting it via NEI, because the scrap chances don't vary based on item value. Except for blacklisted items, every item or block has a 1 in 8 chance of producing scrap. Last I knew, you could determine if an item was blacklisted by putting it in a hopper pointed at the Recycler, and blacklisted items wouldn't go in (at least with a GT5u recycler).

    Thank you. I got that "false" feeling there where various chances.

    To be exact about mass fab: All tiers can draw up to 10amp so remember when wireing them up. They use less. All need same EU per UUM and double the speed per tier, so needed amps half each time. 8Amp(+loss) on LV, 4Amp MV, 0.5Amp on IV.

    Thank you Blood-Asp fro clarifying.
    Someone can update these precious informations into the Gregtech Wiki?

    I now think it was a bad idea to craft 256 LV Mass Fab and it explain why cables burned and caused an epic chain of explosions. Hopefully it was a test creative setup here:

    Now I have to recycle my 256 LV Mass Fabs and 64 LV Transformers either in disassembler or in plasma arc furnace :/

    If I read you explanation right, I can connect two IV Mass Fab on a single 1Amp cable as it will draw 0.5 Amp each so total 1 Amp? Or is there chances they will both draw 1 Amp every two ticks but at the same time, causing a 2Amp load?

    Still hoping it's April's Fool. On the other hand, if BC was supporting EU that would be awesome :)

    There's at least one good thing about this announcement, it is catching attention about IC2.
    It also raise the bar for April Fool Jokes.

    I can't see why you "had to" move to RF or how EU could not be ported to 1.8.9.

    Is there someone within the IC2 team, with an agenda to ditch EU?

    It is moving IC2 in direct competition with other established RF powered mods that already do the job;
    and it is depriving those who explicitly choose EU because of, failing risks and challenges:
    The core raison d'etre of IC2.

    I ain't omen a negative outcome, but don't let anyone rename IC2 to IC2RF as in "Industrial Craft To Really Fail".

    [EDIT]: It is not April Fool Day Yet :(

    What are recipe properties of a Mass Fabricator (LV)?

    Per 1l of UUM

    Without UUA input:
    Ticks duration

    With UUA input:
    Ticks duration

    While I am planning UUA → UUM:

    The UU Amplifier basic recipe (LV) is exactly 32 EU/t
    How can you feed it exactly 32 EU/t given cable loss?
    Do you need a generator per machine directly connected (no cable)?

    So I finally could use Wireless Redstone Transmitter (OUT) and Receiver (OUT) covers.

    Upstream processing array:

    • Machine controller on bottom face of Processing array controller in inverted mode (work if no signal),
    • Redstone Receiver (OUT) on top face of Maintenance hatch (just under the array controller).

    Downstream processing array:

    • Item Detector Cover on bottom face of Input Bus (emit signal if items),
    • Redstone Emitter (OUT) on near-by passing GT Cable (because there were no other GT Machine block to place it on),
    • Two pieces of ProjectRed RedstoneAlloy Wires to connect Item Detector Cover to Redstone Emitter Cover.

    Please have a consideration for the above usage.
    Using wire-less Redstone transmission to regulate machines that are 1-2 blocks away is very overkill.

    Could you re-introduce Gregtech4 Redstone covers to move signal from one face to another on a single block?
    Enable output bus/hatch free space check before finishing process. (like single block machines check their output slots).

    When you spend coverable space with wire-less Redstone cover and Machine controller, you can no longer connect a Need Maintenance Cover signal, because Machine casings have no support for covers. Maybe add cover functionality to casings.
    Consider allowing multi-block controller at edges or corners so to expose coverable faces.

    Output rate vary with recipe; so scaling downstream machines to a given upstream output rate is not a good option and surely a waste of resources, if you scale it to largest possible output recipe.