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    tron nuggets in furnace, till you get an arch furnace. then you can do ingots

    That's stupidly unbalanced given you need wrought iron for LV/ULV machines.
    Sorry @bloodasp, I can't understand what you where thinking when making LV and ULV machines require wrought iron and forcing a blast or arc furnace.
    Wrought iron is the most basic and older use of iron in forges by smiths.

    Why was wrought iron introduced as a material then?

    I will fix these recipes with minetweaker.
    Wrought iron is not a material on its own. It define the way you work with iron in a forge.
    Same as pig iron that came as a material a few months ago. Pig iron is cast iron in small ingots all interconnected from a single cast thread like piglets suckling their saw.

    Now look at this
    The idea of a low tech ironwork is nice and good. But then make it not require high tech machinery to produce and work with.

    I will likely end up having a Machine that heats up stuff and one that centrifuges said stuff.

    I don't know your internals but, for the logic part of handling multiple energy sources RU and HU I'd put it this way.
    Make your HU a virtual or unobtainable fluid.
    Your Thermal centrifuge fills an internal reservoir of HU.
    Recipe consume fluid HU and solid materials items.
    Processing work on RU.

    In all circumstances, anyway you should make your HU transmit via fluids. Even dedicate a special fluid to it.
    Have your fluid handle a meta or other HU/Liter.
    Use regular pipes to transport the HU fluid.
    Fluid loose some HU/meter so you better not have too much tubing between heaters and HU consumers.
    Your HU consuming machines would consume as much heat transport fluid as needed given the amount of HU per Liter it has when reaching the HU consumer.

    Say you have a heater that can output heat transport fluid at 32HU/L
    You have 4 pipes to reach HU consumer machine. Your fluid reach consumer with 28 HU/L
    Your consumer need a total of 2800 HU per recipe cycle
    It will consume 1000L of fluid heat transporter at 28HU/L input
    At each cycle, it would output 1000L of cold 0HU/L fluid heat transporter.

    Can even implement Machines and pipes loosing HU per time unit, so if hot fluid stop circulating, it may reach 0HU.

    That is a good enough approximation of thermodynamic. Not too detailed, but with enough education and challenges on its own for a game like Minecraft.

    I tried to craft basic circuit by importing basic circuit board and NAND chip into assembling machine using gregtech item pipe. However, either basic circuit board or NAND chip got stuck inside the item pipe, just like the assembling machine have only one available slot. For example, if basic circuit board occupied the 1st slot, NAND chip cannot be imported into 2nd slot. I also tried with robot arm, still not able to insert into 2nd slot. But when I tried crafting NAND chip with the same setup, it works perfectly fine, both red alloy wire and iron item casing can insert into the machine. So I am not sure what cause the problem. Do someone know how to fix it?

    You need to use a distinct side of the assembler for the second input slot.
    Add a robot arm as cover to the side accepting items for the second input slot.
    Use a screwdriver to configure the robot arm cover to second slot.

    They might have thought it only goes from 0 to 15 which wouldn't be.

    This change to NBT tags was to harmonize and allow WoodType on many different block kinds with same common data.
    Logs need 3 states for directions (2 bits)
    Planks have no direction (0 bits)
    Stairs have 8 directions (3 bits)
    Upcoming doors 8 directions + 2 blocks (4 bits)

    Well Not sure I know if that would be appropriate to have directions and things like that as NBT and WoodType as Meta.

    Anyway, out of 15 bits meta, if you cut-out 4 bit directionality you have 11 bits left for 2048 WoodTypes.

    And yet another destructive world change issue, that players already faced by migrating from 3.6 tp 4.1


    While I try to add Forestry 4 wood recipe to the CuttingSaw, it look like there is no mean of passing Input IItemStack tags to output IItemStack.

    The MT3 pragmatically computed output appear not compatible with GTTweaker.

    Even forcing input and output a withTag(sometag) is totally ignored.

    All forestry Logs use same Item with an NBT {WoodType: int WoodType}
    Same goes for planks, slabs, stairs and their Fireproof variants.

    Why are GT Machine not taking IIngredient rather IItem as input?

    Is there something you can do to allow pragmatically determining output NBT tags from input NBT tags?

    In the short run, it is a massive bronze dump. You can get the bronze back later with the Arc Furnace, but it's a bit of a moot point by the because by the time you have an Arc Furnace you're not spending thousands of Bronze on anything in particular.

    You will spend 2 bronze ingots per Superconductor wire, 32 bronze ingots per superconductiong coil block, 1024 bronze ingots for fusion coils...
    In the end, bronze is following you all the way upper tiers Gregtech.

    And Thank @all for reminder of Tiered Fusions.
    Anyway I don't regret my heavy investment in hasslefree Naquadah Reactor MarkIII even if it rely on Gendustry Naquadah beess (40 Alvearies full of best traits Nq Bees). Was a tedious costly setup but it is now 100% no maintenance cost. It is the way I like it. When I spend time on a high tierred energy source. I don't want to bother with maintenance or rotor replacement. Have it handy and forget it. Work on interesting new stuffs, actually buid things and don't wast time enslaved in routine requirements.

    So you basically spend all these resources, duration restricted turbines, infrastructure, server load to produce a net 3801EU/t ?????
    Sorry BloodAsp but I call bullshit if this is true.
    Why would you do all this for so little?

    What do you breed?
    Plasma generators using turbines, sorry this is total non-sense.
    The conversion from plasma to energy is not by capturing heat and not even by getting some motion transform.
    This is by capturing excess electrons from the fusion to produce power from electric potential difference.

    I just wand the fusion setup and generators from Gregtech 3-4 please, where you could produce a net 21k-23kEU/t and forget it once you did all the hard enough deployment.
    If it is going to use disposable rotor bullshits with maintenance bullshit, man! I already have a job duty in real life. I am not going to have another fantasy job monitoring cuboid block structures in a virtual world and clicking on a maintenance hatch given an obscure message like a lab chimpanzee.

    I thought Gregtech was an entertaining mod with intellectual challenges.
    Now, I wonder if it is some kind of social experiment to test how far down you can convince users to go.

    Is Gregtech another variant of the Milgram experiment?


    It is well needed to have more beefed EU Production from nuclear reactors.

    Fuel should last much longer while decreasing efficiency over time. I think something like:
    1 fuel rod should produce enough heat for running a Nuclear reactor two RL weeks at full output.
    Past two weeks, output shall decrease (halve every 7 days)

    I'd also add, depleted nuclear fuel should require disposal infrastructure:
    - Either process depleted fuel for by-products or re-enriching
    - Either secure depleted fuel into radiation proof containers (special machine blocks crafted from depleted fuel into recipe)
    - Depleted fuel safes would tick check for surrounding water on at least 4 sides or it will start to build up internal heat, eventually expload and release radiations and tiny dusts of radioactive material dust in a wide radius.

    Alternate recycling of depleted material would be into a recycler with very high scrap or scrapbox yeld.

    Finally, it would be a good time to add a radioactive biome.

    However, they're only reusable in GT machines - the IC2 fluid/solid canning machine (which does not get disabled by default GT5 configs) still consumes them when emptied, and presumably other mods that can use them do so as well.

    Extracells AE1/2 fluid terminals don't consume IC2 cells, and it is a good thing.
    It is still frustrating how there is no more use for the large GT tungstensteel fluid cells. It always hurt my logic when I see plasma in a tin cell.

    Not a requirement but Gregtech could have admin commands and some stats.

    * List Gregtech machine (ticking) tiles per username/UUID and get total and average count/tile type ticking load,
    * Same for all server and per dimension
    * retrieve a given tile location

    Fun stats:
    - Total current GT EU consumed in server/per player and since map start
    - GT Ores mined
    - Total Machines runtime / per machine / per machine tier ...
    - JSON Export stats or listening HTTP socket POST/GET JSON API

    Gregtech management:
    - Commands to enable/disable/reset/empty/fix defect a given GT Machine tile, dump machine state data.
    - Commands to remove a specific user owned GT Tiles. Tag queue removal request so tile block is replaced by air at the next ticking event (don't try to remove/unloaded tiles)

    Would you add overlays for malfunction states with support for animations (think blinking red LED), and possibly any other operational states that could be rendered client-side?

    While you are at attaching resources and states changes. It would be nice to have a much more polished sound handling. Think of:
    - Rotational sound proportionally pitched to rotational peed ramping up to speed and up to operational speed (bearring sound)
    - Input Item (mechanical click followed by current GT5 bender sound)
    - Output Item (mechanical click)
    - Input fluid (gargling lava bubble sound)
    - output fluid (gargling)
    - Processing item (specific to machine type)
    - Processing fluid (hissing/steam)
    - Machine stuck/malfunctioning/maintenance required (hammer/dang/buzzer)
    - Electric machine (no rotational element, transformers..) electric humm
    Point is:
    - Having an immersive experience with: Stay near your machines and know what's going on without opening GUIs, like any concerned engineer technician would watch/listen a processing line.

    You could also make smarter GUIs representing all machine states. More elaborate/electric machinery would have textual messages, more gauges, and please, if there is a GUI, you have buttons to STOP/START/RESET/PURGE. Wacking a machine with a hammer is ok for very low tech, it does not make sense with high tech.