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    Not possible due to lighting engine limitations. The max amount the initial light source can have its 15 and it goes down by 1 per block of distance.

    A lot of things that were supposedly impossible were cleverly coded in. For instance, you could have a luminator simulate multiple light source blocks. I could think of a couple ways that could be done, although it would be awkward and stupid. Perhaps someone could think of an elegant solution.

    EDIT: Pseudo-air was exactly what I was thinking of.

    Just want to add my voice to the luminator crowd.

    Luminators as they are right now are basically super inconvenient torches. I'd like to see one of two things.

    1. Permanently powered luminators
    Not as cool as having them consume power, it's true, but without redpower- which honestly I just don't like much outside the paneling - the amount of space hidden wiring takes up is crazy, especially if you want to put lights on the walls or on the second floor of a building. And using batteries on them is even more useless, 2 days is like 20 minutes. That's nothing. I'd be okay with charging them once and that's it. That would be awesome, actually. Torches that require EU input but don't suck.

    2. Special features
    If luminators still consume power continuously, make them do something cool like incinerate mobs ala IC1 luminators, or - I"m not sure if this is possible (probably not) but it would be awesome - make them more powerful than torches. Much more powerful. If I could light an entire floor with two luminators and put them outside to keep mobs from spawning anywhere nearby, that would be worth any inconvenience.

    I don;t think this is exclusively an IC problem, but I'm hoping someone can help me! I'm trying to set up a server with IC and BC. Having finally solved the "major version mismatch" issue, the server is up and running and IC/BC items are craftable...

    but as soon as I actually create one the client crashes and I get a

    Quote software caused connection abort recv failed minecraft

    message. Does anyone have any idea what's causing this? D:

    Yeah i know it was supposed to be delayed and such, but why not just scrap 1.8.1 and release IC2 for 1.0.0? It's cool that there is new version comming, but i think it's a waste of time sticking with 1.8.1
    I think that many people will gladly wait longer for 1.0.0 than another 1.8.1 version. Just a thought! Since modloader/mp and forge are 1.0.0, i don't know how bugged or ready but i heard forge needs some fixing, other than that i think it's ready to go.

    This is the only mod that keeps me from making my own 1.0.0(private ofc). Best mod ever :)

    Eh, I don't agree. There just isn't anything interesting in 1.0 to make me want to upgrade. I was honestly more interested in glass panes and stone bricks than Enderdragons.

    This REALLY needs to work with the Mining Laser. It's the primary reason I don't use an otherwise awesome tool. Hopefully that can be added in an upcoming patch.

    It would only extend the power capacity of a laser by 75%. So you'd get 14 power shots instead of 8.


    MagusUnion: Sure, I'm helping out with a new antenna my adviser developed to pick up electron Bernstein waves from fusion plasmas. Assuming we can get the damn thing to work, it's going into the DIII-D tokamak next year. (And don't say you're "only" a geologist, all areas of science are worthy of study)

    "All science is either physics... or stamp-collecting."
    -Ernest Rutherford

    (I'm a sociology major, lol.)

    Rp2 already stretches the limit on ore diversity. From a dev standpoint is it going to be possible to unify ic and rp tin and copper? It's the suck to have two different ores with the same names. I could use another sink for copper...seem to have waaaaay more of it than tin. Maybe an ev wire using braided copper

    Make nuke reactors. Use like 8 stacks of copper for a 6-chambered one, including the wiring and alloy.

    Ah, yeah, I did miss that bit.

    Either way works actually, just UUM is awkward as it is now, making you expend, for instance, 7 UUM if you want a single piece of gunpowder.

    And yes, power it. Power everything. I expect powered trees eventually.

    I like it, put UUM in the input slot and the material you want in the reference slot, and it pumps out product.

    Kind of like the new EE machines, except not super overpowered as fuck.

    That's what Buildcraft is for. Either to make a small factory with or to just use the automated crafting table for normal crafting (it can hold items so if you forget something then just leave it and come back)

    Hm, I didn't think putting together a factory was worth it for ultimately a couple dozen finished products, but after taking half an hour to assemble one fusion reactor, I can see it could be. I'll try it.

    I still think my magnetizer idea is pretty cool, however D: !