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    I was just informed of their existence in the process of turning a nuclear reactor into a generator. Pretty awesome how the wiki doesn't mention them.

    I had been hoping to avoid even installing TMI now that I usually don't blow up my MFSUs, but that's borked now.

    Why does this mechanic exist? It's a retarded pain in the ass. Explain to me exactly how to destroy a nuclear reactor with a wrench accidentally.

    It's not even possible. It would take you half an hour to make a dent. You'd have to get your degree in Applied Destruction to even fuck up a dishwasher.

    And the same guy who put a nuclear reactor together out of shit he dug out of the ground yesterday is messing up this badly?

    I like it how you're stating a fact that was never documented anywhere as if it's something obvious.

    >> "First of all, something that eats 24 EU/t shouldn't be running on LV."

    Uhhh....what? Isn't LV anything up to 32 EU/t....and isn't 24 less than 32? That's like saying your vacuum cleaner should be using your clothes-dryer outlet just because it uses 80% of the amps allotted for the other outlets -- ridiculous and absurd!

    The problem... obviously... is that it will clean out a batbox in less than 30 seconds, raising the question of why something that can only accept LV is completely useless when used with LV infrastructure and inconvenient even with MV.

    Nano-saber killing in one hit isn't particularly overpowered, because you still have to monitor power usage and recharge it periodically.

    If you wanted something that kills in 2 hits, the diamond sword uses a comparable amount of resources, never needs recharging and generally never needs replacement unless you're hunting mobs full-time.

    If it's really a problem, I don't think doubling the nanosaber's energy usage would be uncalled for.

    2. (Off-topic, since I covered this in class today, lol) what's the reasoning about using heavier Hydrogen for Fusion? Is it the instability of the nucleus to circumvent the Weak/Electromagnetic forces, or something else entirely?

    It has to do with the most efficient fusion pathway, what's referred to as the D-T (Deuterium-Tritium) fuel cycle.
    Deuterium-2 + Tritium-3 ---> Helium-4 +n

    Where the 2 neutrons in the deuterium and the 3 in the tritium together constitute the 4 in the resultant helium atom plus a free neutron. It is this free neutron that then reacts with lithium in the D-T design to produce power in the
    n + Lithium-6 ---> Tritium-3 + Helium-4
    When encountering Lithium-7, the
    n + Lithium-7 ---> Tritium-3 + Helium-4 + n
    pathway occurs, which fails to produce energy, but repopulates the reaction with neutrons, thus helping it continue, so a D-T reactor would contain both isotopes of Lithium.

    so tl; dr: The number of neutrons is important. You can also less efficiently use Deuterium-2 + Deuterium-2 in the D-D fuel cycle.
    I think there was some fusion pathway that uses vanilla hydrogen to combine with a heavier element to reduce neuton production (because energetic neutrons will cook your face) but I forget.

    On topic: This looks fucking awesome, please continue this.

    Edit: oooh, I just noticed this is a legit D-D reactor. Very cool.
    Do D-cells stack? I assume not, it seems like kind of a pain in the ass to refuel and reignite the thing every 300k EU.
    But I guess Tritium will fix that yes? Oh but it has fuel storage I see now.
    I'm a schoolgirl with candy up in this bitch! I can't wait to make this Millenaire village smell like victory.

    I don't see why it's so hard to move three blocks around :O

    Considering that a fully upgraded miner eats more than the entire capacity of an MFE, it's more like 6 blocks, once you use an MFSU and associated transformers.
    MV transformer
    LV transformer
    wires maybe

    Mess up any of that and KAPOW something expensive passes into the cold dark night.

    First of all, something that eats 24 EU/t shouldn't be running on LV. That's insane. Let it use MV at least.
    Lapotrons would be ideal.
    I realize you probably want to encourage people to use the smaller, slower miner modes by making OV/DDrill operation power intensive, but allowing established players to use more convenient power options wouldn't hurt.

    My issue is that I have a power plant with an MFSU sending power downfield to several factories using HV cables, connecting to MV transformers and then LV transformers inside the factories.

    :MFS-Unit::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::MFE-Transmitter::LV-Transformer::Cable::Cable::Induction Furnace:

    These factories include several induction furnaces, which are redstoned to maintain their heat. The problem is that each furnace is consuming 1EU/t, which when requisitioned from the MFSU results in that miniscule amount of power being sent along the ~ 50 block HV cable network. Thus the 32 EU pulse from the LV transformer to the furnace is sent down the line and turns into a 72 EU pulse.

    If the MFSU only fed the MV transformer when it could handle the entire 512 EU pulse, that ~65% energy loss would turn into ~8%.

    The only solutions to this problem (that don't involve impractical amounts of fiber cable) I could think of are chaining LV transformers with copper wire, which is disappointingly ghetto and makes HV cable useless, or using MFEs in place of MV transformers and only turning on the power network when they're empty, which is expensive and inconvenient.

    If there's a solution that doesn't involve recoding the game, lemme know D: