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    Mass-manufacturing reactor chambers is annoying as hell, with the mountain of mats you need that you always forgot something out of and all the shitty unstackable components like plating and coolant cells.

    I don't mind the expense, but if you have a mind to, maybe think of something less annoying to put together?

    How about a recipe for a toroid section (8 sections a reactor makes) using a magnetizer and an advanced machine and some other (stackable) trash? That'd make sense.

    Thousands? Wow.

    And no it's not, its Minecraft. Quit comparing them.

    And my justification for wrench failure is this:
    There are many cases in the game where mass seems to be created/destroyed. Stairs for example, and also mass fabs. If matter can be created & destroyed in this world, who's to say that materials wouldn't just randomly disappear/appear?

    He's the one making the comparisons to giant machines you can't move, not me. I'm sane and can see they're the size of microwaves. Which leads us right back to... why can't we move them?

    I don't think you realize when you say "It's Minecraft, not Earth" you're making my point for me. Minecraft is not realistic in any way unless you live on a really fucked up planet.

    Which brings me to your final point, and mine: Stuff being created is fun. Stuff being destroyed is not*. We play Minecraft for fun.


    *unless it is someone else's stuff.

    Agree with Al. Garbage ores (and the garbage tools you make out of them) is what I hate most in most mods.

    I think bronze is semi-useless, but if you don't like it you don't have to make any, which makes it perfectly okay. Digging through rock and finding nothing but useless stuff is failblog.

    Quite frankly, if this mod didn't have that sense of realism, I doubt so many people would play it.

    Minecraft is so far from realism it's long distance to call out, and IC takes it still further away from anything remotely approaching reality. Even if you were to pretend machines are room-sized monstrosities instead of the minifridges they actually are, there's absolutely no reason they couldn't be moved. They are routinely moved in reality, and even if they were immobile, what's the justification for breaking them?
    Are you seriously trying to tell me thousands of pounds of copper, tin, redstone, alloy, and coolant just vaporizing when a wrench is used... is realism?
    What planet are you on, bro? This is Earth.

    Besides the example of the Soviet tank factory moving, water desalination plants are just picked up wholesale and moved to disaster zones. Entire factories have been moved across oceans as heavy industry is outsourced to Asia.
    In fact, the very first factory in America... was moved from England, by Samuel Slater, in 1790.

    Good fucking thing they didn't have a wrench failure.

    I don't even know what RP2 does.

    Besides the redstone wire functionality, none of it is documented anywhere. I'm not going to download something that adds a bunch of new ores that I have no idea what to do with.

    Like, what do you do with Silver, exactly? Tungsten?

    It's impossible to know unless you install the thing. The wiki is empty and the thread OP doesn't mention anything about it.

    Id just like to point out again that im having this problem still too. I wouldent bother repeating myself, but no one has yet addressed this problem and this mod looks extremely promising. I can get ALL the other addons to work, and i can fix fairly complex crashes. But it isnt crashing. it loads the Rocket mod, then using Recipie book, nothing shows up. Ive tried JUST minecraft and IC2 and still no luck. Anyone have a fix?

    Try one of two things.

    1. Unzip the actual mod from the compressed folder it's in. It's basically zipped twice, you need to remove one of those layers to get Modloader to actually read the files.
    2. rename the (correctly zipped) mod to zrocketscience.jar. That will correct any problems with load order modloader might be experiencing, loading rocket science before its IC2 dependencies.

    If neither of those work, think about what you might be doing differently from everyone else.
    Are all your versions correct?
    Did you install any mods that go directly into the minecraft jar, like modloader, in the correct order?
    Is your computer on?
    Are you in the Matrix?


    Maybe expand to include a new wrench that never breaks anything? Or
    maybe have this feature exclusive to the electric wrench?

    You know, either of these is fine. Make your super wrench out of compressed gold for all I care, as long as there's an option for moving super expensive machinery that isn't retarded.

    Or just make the normal wrenches work. Like this.


    This topic isn't going to die until someone comes up with a way to get a 100% wrench rate. So here. Not actually tested, because I made it on my lunch break at work, but it was a 1-line code change, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna work fine.

    Personally I support the config file option too. A multiplier for wrench failure rate, 0 for no failure. But that addon should tide folks over until such a setting does or doesn't become a reality. :P

    You're a hero.

    This'll make me happy, but there are going to be a lot of pissed off people who don't even know this forum exists until this "feature" is solved.

    It's also a lie that factory machinery isn't moved in real life. It's not commonly done because, you know, that stuff is heavy. But the Soviet T-34 tank factory in Stalingrad was moved 8 times in front of advancing German lines during the Battle of Stalingrad. While under artillery fire.
    You tried to tell them they couldn't move their machines, they'd shoot you and use your body as a cushion for an arc welder.

    its simple you dont like a mod you dont use it. problem solved.

    You sound like a suicide victim.

    "If you don't like life, end it!"

    Some people prefer to "solve problems" proactively.

    Also I like the mod. A lot.

    It's called research:

    I apologize for the implication, and that's fair enough, but you can't possibly be seriously suggesting I figure out there's some secret hidden quantity to the sword and go off searching with that in mind. I read the wiki religiously, but I'm beginning to realize it's kind of half useful at best. I knew it does more than 5 hearts, because it can oneshot crit things, but the extra damage to N/Qsuits isn't possible to figure out unless I make a habit of killing everyone I see.

    I think you need to take a step back from how you've been thinking up to this point and ask yourself: How do (semi)immobile machines contribute to gameplay?

    I think that 90% of newer IC players, including myself until just now, have no idea that immobile machines is even supposed to be a gameplay concept. Wrench failures are just a random bit of pain to make life a little less enjoyable, and immobile machines don't feel the least bit "realistic" when all machines are the size of a microwave.

    Plus, when most machines were a box of iron, a circuit, and some random garbage, a broken machine was a nonissue.

    Breaking a nuclear reactor or an MFSU is game ruining.

    Actually we probably /are/ wasting 150B a year instead of /investing/ 300 billion a year. A lot of times we try to accomplish things on budgets instead of building a more modular system that can be modified to fit a whole generation of tests instead of just one. Penny wise, pound foolish.

    Scientific progress can't easily be rushed. The original Tokamak design is a prime example; the US was pouring rivers of money into anything with "nuclear" in its name, including nuclear fusion power, and failed miserably, while equally deperate but heavily underfunded soviet scientists stumbled on a design that to this day works better than any model predicts. Laser confinement looks more promising at the moment, but commercial viability will likely use another method altogether. We can only hope it builds on current research.

    The wrench itself is fine. I like the wrench. I liked it even more when I discovered the electric wrench, even though it looked like a middle schooler's bad dick joke.

    But the wrench should not break things. I should not have to be terrified to experiment with my factory layout. I should not have to watch entire stacks of items vaporize because a wrench slipped.
    20 copper
    20 iron
    30 copper wire
    4 coolant cells
    20 advanced alloy
    8 glowstone dust
    8 lapis
    30 redstone

    What happened to it all? Oh, I stripped a bolt. It's ruined.
    Using TMI feels like shit, but not as shit as all that.

    I mean, I did think about where to put my reactor. It was exactly where I needed it. But you can't remove a chamber without wrenching the whole damn thing, so that's what I did.

    Not to mention every week there's a new patch or a new incompatibility and everything needs to be rearranged. I shouldn't be punished for that.