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    How would that work? It's pretty well known that to cook a steak, you need to hit it with enough heat to operate a blast furnace. Minecraft animals are pretty durable.

    Fire a Maser beam - a microwave laser. Certain frequencies of that would very effectively destroy organics without seriously impacting metals or silicates.

    In fact, the US military already uses a wide-beam version of it to disperse crowds by making them think they're on fire.

    The only imaginable use for hydrogen fuel cells is storing and transporting energy, which crystals and lapotrons already do magnificently. I don't really see where else you'd go with them other than what the electrolyzer already does. With a stack of water cells you can store an amount of energy rivaling lapotrons for super cheap. I think that's a pretty decent use.

    A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its onboard fuel for motive power. Hydrogen vehicles include hydrogen fueled space rockets, as well as automobiles and other transportation vehicles. Some time ago, Toyota promised a hydrogen vehicle in 2015. The Toyota hydrogen car is still expected for that year. Widespread use of hydrogen for fueling transportation is a key element of a proposed hydrogen economy.

    I don't know why you're telling us this story, but what the hell, I'll get into it.
    I used to be a big believer in a future hydrogen economy, but I've become disillusioned since. The idea of superconducting megacables conveying gigawatts of energy around the planet, cooled by liquid hydrogen that would itself become energy at the destination was a fantastic dream.

    The major draw of hydrogen fuel is a supposedly clean, 100% renewable source of energy; but in reality, it's no such thing. Hydrogen cracking plants would still draw power from the grid, and the grid will include oil and coal plants for the forseeable future, so you're only turning dirty, nonrenewable power into a different form and losing efficiency in the process.

    Hydrogen offers no substantial advantage over gas-electric or pure electric vehicles; like electric, it has problems with power and range, but these issues are being addressed in both systems. The major disadvantage hydrogen has is that you would need an entirely new energy infrastructure to support it; a million or more hydrogen gas stations, not to mention all the transport and refining infrastructure.

    With electric, all the infrastructure is already there. (and this is true in IC as well).

    Hydrogen is kind of a pipe dream.

    This isn't even really about giving in, it's more about adapting a system that's convenient, cool, and doesn't change gameplay balance.


    So because "The Clusterfuck that shall not be named" is being fucking annoying showing things that should not be showed, we must change the way this mod works just because of that? Dood thats so wrong in so many levels.

    Must? No. Should? Yes. You have to change to accept reality sometimes. You don't ever negotiate with terrorists, but you do have to take off your shoes at airports. That sucks but it's better than getting blown up.

    From the obvious and probably-already-been suggested department, how about a machine that accepts UU-matter as input and can output a specified amount of a specified material? For instance, inputting one matter, taking one piece of wood, and the machine retains a 87.5% "charge", since normally you get 8 wood for one matter.

    I think one of the arguments against this in the past was the supposed "secret" nature of the UU-matter recipes, but here's the issue with that: All the recipes are right there on the bloody Tekkit wiki, so the situation we have here is annoying noobs having a better idea of how uu-matter works than actual IC users. I really don't think that secret thing is serving anyone, and having a convenient way to get stuff from matter would be pretty awesome. You could even skip matter entirely and have a target-item function like the EE cheat machines on the mass fab.

    I have noticed that the Nano Armor's energy use has gotten a lot more efficient; it never went below 90% for me. However, it does not offer invincibility like the Qsuit; a full set gives you 90% armor, which equals 72% damage reduction. That's enough to average out to less than half a heart of damage from most sources (including lava, I believe) but strong hits like Endermen or anything on Hard mode will still damage you.

    However, using the full suit of armor is unusual; most people prefer a jetpack or bat/lappack instead of the chestpiece, which make the damage reduction only 36%; quite a bit less powerful. A direct Creeper hit will take you below half health.

    So the tradeoff for not having flight/extra energy is a large amount of damage reduction. I don't think it's overpowered, although it would make sense if it consumed energy faster.

    A BIT faster. I don't want to run out of energy in the middle of an adventure, but never going under 90% is odd.

    Ah, thank you!

    And I thought the support section was for, like, "why is my minecraft crashing", not practical questions. My mistake!

    You can move/trash the thread. Or make me an administrator and I'll move it myself! Either is okay!

    I did a search, and in the archive found a thread saying that transformer placement orientation could be reversed by holding shift.

    Buuuut that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Or maybe it only applies to storage devices?

    Is there a way to place a transformer so the higher voltage input faces away from you? S'annoying tearing up a ton of infrastructure to get the right perspective to place it.

    This will work for IC2 1.97, though in my case I had to pull the config from an archived copy of a previous version, for some reason IB 0.08 didn't want to make it's own config file, but it was more than happy to modify an existing older copy. O.o

    Okay, so am I right in assuming if I had a working config file the crash caused by the petrochemical generator wouldn't happen?
    If so, can I get a copy of someone's working config file?

    EDIT: Actually mine seems fine. The petrochem crash isn't fixable.


    Since when do we compare the real world with Minecraft xD

    People who don't offer anything constructive and only complain nonstop have to be creative sometimes.

    I think the current system works pretty well. At overclocker stacks exceeding 10 or so, you need a fat MFSU to perform tasks a batbox would have sufficed for with no upgrades. Contrast this with the Induction Furnace, which actually uses LESS power while going insanely fast and that nobody ever complained about.

    If you examine even a single OV diamond drill miner vs. hand mining (without a divining rod or other hax) time-usage wise, you'll find that the miner is insanely more time-efficient as well as providing close to a 100% ore yield in a given area, and that is without factoring in the fact that the miner is automated and allows you to do something else (hand mine, even) while it's going.

    Consider the automation and even a normal drill OD miner has to be considered more efficient.

    Consider multiple miners and mining by hand becomes a hobby at best. Totally obsolete.

    Magnesium Diboride is one of the most useful high temperature superconductors, and a ceramic. So while not technically glass, because glass is by definition amorphous and Mgb2 has a crystalline structure, it looks like glass, acts like glass and feels like glass.

    Use this to reconcile it with your beliefs while the rest of us continue to not care.