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    Quantum tank maybe?

    I know what it is, but it's harder to craft at Tiers 2-4.
    Often i make first of this only then i'm ready to collect resources for Fusion Reactor construction(Have all machines, better energy generators, better AE item storage, and AE-based Mutiblock Frame Super-Tunnel Mining Shield 36x24).

    And lets remember good old RedPower2. Unpainted tubes can connect to all painted tubes(GT tubes too). Maybe make machines, that working with tubes, possible to define "target" color, so that "packet" of items will go only to that color of tubes. This can VERY SIGNIFICANTLY simplify some automation logic based on tubes. And make that "packets" of items, that did'nt find free target inventory, return to "source" machine. And that will stop machine from sending additional items, until that item finds place.
    And, based on that, implement good old Sorting Machine © from RP2.

    //Just because i'm just fan of RP2 tubes logic. And RP2....

    EDIT: Additionally, make Hopper Upgrade, which crafting will be from before steel stuff. Transfers only 1 item(per tick? sec?). And upgrade which can adjust output speed of electric machines and conveyors.

    Little disbalance here. Why should we create Small Electric Buffer, and use it, if we can just make an Brass Item Pipe, attach conveyor, and have just the same small buffer? Only one difference, tube can not emit power to outputside...
    Maybe, make tubes require power somehow? And transfer that power, like cables(Powered Tubes? lol).

    there's a lot of materials now but Greg didn't add storage block yet,just like Th and Pu and something else
    for the (3) as you said,now I think It's needed to nerf the E-Furnace and made the Induction Furnace more useful
    proably Full upgraded E-Furnace speed<Induction Furnace speed or something
    On our side,almost nobody want to waste EU for an overclocked E-Furnace

    >just like Th and Pu and something else
    Plutonium Storage Block. Just add a neutron...

    >I think It's needed to nerf the E-Furnace and made the Induction Furnace more useful
    Heh, i agree, an GT-version of Induction Furnace is needed. With harder craft. But there is no need to nerf E-Furnace. Just make fully upgraded Induction Furnace process two materials at once, and at 0.75 speed of fully upgraded E-Furnace. And people will use it.

    3. Full upgraded(4 Overclockers) E-Furnace with Nichrome Coil is so fast... That the induction smelter from bare IC2 is sucks no longer needed.
    5. What storage blocks? You want a Sulfur storage block? Or Rubber storage block?

    Nope. Soviet Russia is dead. We will restore the Great Tartary and will remember our heritage :D

    For Russians.

    Thats probably a bug then (maybe with the anti idle lag that Greg added somewhere).
    I recall my electric crafting tables crafting dusts together in no time.

    Video link
    I know that quality is low, but you can see here the "speed" of Electric Crafting Table.

    EDIT: And, also, just another suggestion, can you make an "GT Wrench System" suitable for all machines? Since it does not work on some. Like Machine Boxes, Industrial Electrolyzers, Centrifuges. For people that does not like this, add an override. Sneak, or IC2 Alt Key will force any cover, for example, be placed on that machine side, you look at.

    @above 6: give them enough EU/t and they will work as fast as possible (20 operations per second). Thus it requires a good EU/t line and transformer upgs.
    Also, regulators dont need overclockers, they are just to "regulate" amount of items inside an inventory.

    Electric Crafting Tables speed is most boring. I upgraded them to Tier 4, give them 1 energy crystal, so they can now store 1kk Eu, but still work so slow. Still 6 crafts(Dust Piles mode), pause about a second, and again only 6 Dusts crafted.
    And powered by 4 Plasma Generators(8192 Eu/t).

    Hello, there. I have some suggestions.
    1) What about Tungstensteel Crowbar?
    2) Make machines Universal Cells(from IC2) and Fluid compatible. C'mon :D, you already have fluids for all of your cells. And use Universal Cells by default. And an option for some machines, to output liquid except of filled Universal Cells. For example, electrolyzed water from electrolyzer.
    3) Make compatibility with Forge Multiparts. Like decorative-covering any Gregtech thing, that supports your Covers(Iron Frame), with Covers from Forge Multiparts. Even non-metal.
    Or, if you hate Forge Multiparts, there is another way. Make some decorative blocks being processed my Plate Cutting Machine, to make useless, "decorative" plates...
    4) Add Steel, and Tungstensteel armor. I know, what then you are able to get Tungstensteel, you might be already half in Quantum Armor, but... What if i want to gift a friend a set of Tunstensteel Tools+Tungstensteel Armor, for first few days playing on a server. It makes sense. Since Tungstensteel is five times better, than Diamond shit.
    5) Some kind of metal bows. With better durability, and maybe, better damage/recharge. Swords are not always better.
    6) Make Electric Crafting Tables, Advanced Regulators, and over same things possible to Overclock. Just because without overclocking they are so sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww......

    Soviet Russia will rule this world pretty soon!