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    How many Certifuges/electrolyzers are needed for a fusion reactor now?

    By calculations of my friend(from 1.4.7, but works for now), 55(50 electrolyzing water, 5 making Hydrogen) electrolyzers, 150(125 Deuterium, 25 Tritium) Centrifuges. Yeah, he does not like overclockers, he think overclockers in reactor automation is heresy. Later i understand, that there is not enough Hydrogen generation. And changed num of electrolysers up to 70(60 electrolysing water, 10 Hydrogen generation). By my calculations, 36 Centrifuges with 2 overclockers shall be enough. And my test scheme even worked. But you will lose about (16*4^2)*36 more eu/t, ruther then (16*4^0)*150.

    Maybe you have the same issue? Check my previous post.

    Hello, guys.
    I have another interesting bug. Machine disappearing! I don't know, exploded them, or not. I can not track this. But they are disappear, then I return to server.
    AESU, and 4 Electric Crafting Tables. Even after i replace them, they disappear after server reboot. ECT upgraded up to Tier 4(8192 EU/t). Powered from 4 Plasma Generators, by fibre cable.

    But I found some "connection" between the two machines, despite their difference. Both was placed at the cliff edge of the chunk:

    And these chunks force loaded by a chunk loader mod. Dimensional Anchors from Immibis. I don't know, i must post this issue to him, or here. But, other mods things, that on the cliff edge of the chunk, don't disappear. And then, i did some tests. I have a building Fusion Reactor automation, that should be on one chunk. Some machines are on the cliff edge of the chunk. There is no working chunkloader. And i placed AESU away from the edge of the chunk. And they survive even several reboots.

    But, sadly, i don't have access to server logs. I'm not the admin of the server. I'll try on singleplayer later.

    Only on certain conditions, which imply overheating your reactor, otherwise it's useless. GO for it only if
    a) You want to run constantly in hazmat suit
    b)you are THE DANGER
    c)you love to babysit your reactor
    d)you have advanced automating tools and luck 10 in your s.p.e.c.i.a.l. stats

    You reminded me of long time forgotten question... "Why my full Quantum Suit does not work as Hazmat Suit?! At least for radiation. This is so stupid...", and about 5 times i dead because of Uranium-235 nugget accidentally sucked up in my inventory, and i was in SO MUCH SUPER QUANTUM SUIT RLY KOKOKO. But, this is wrong thread to talk about this.

    I don't know mentioned someone this before, or not.
    But, server there I'm playing recently updated from 4.07v to 4.08s, and we found out, what Uranium Ore now does not contain both 238, and 235 Uranium. Uranium Ore from IC2 is now Uranium-238 Ore, but there is no Ore for Uranium-235. Fuel Rods for Nuclear Reactors need Uranium-235 nuggets.

    And some items from GraviSuite is noncraftable.
    To craft Ultimate Lappack, needed lapotron crystals without metadata(unobtainable without cheats):

    And same thing with Advanced Lappack: