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    Changes v1.51 -> v1.60:
    Check line 19 please.
    Both Splitter and Detector cables EU loss have been increased to 0.5EU/b

    I want to say that is not necessary to implement anti-griefing stuff if server-side plugins already does it.
    Personal safes are good since they have a storage of double chest in a single block and don't have BC/RPpipe interaction.

    Edit: and don't forget [Suggestion] in title

    Realistic, cheapest and intended way would be to use HV cables to every house and step it down there.

    If you want loseless transfer use fiber cables and either MFSUs (gives you extra buffer to prevent brown-outs in case of high load) or HV transformers as repeaters.
    I would place the plant in the middle of the city and put a cable under every street, easy access and you reach every house. Need to keep an eye on the overall capacity of the line tho. If using fiber all stations can only draw 512 EU/t combined, fine for 10 ppl on one line, but 20 is already too much. You can use HV lines, gives you a lot more power, but you also lose a lot more.

    You can make a single line of glass fiber cables handle 2048EU/t using 4 MFSU AND HV transformers as repeaters.

    Powergeneration :Wind Mill::Solar Panel::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre:4x:MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::HV-Transformer::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::HV-Transformer::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre:

    very nerfed, resistance nerfed from 6000 to 60, water and lava resistance have also been nerfed.

    These slots are for upgrades,
    Transformer upgrade : increases voltage accepted by machine by one tier. (2 makes it accept HV)
    Overclocker upgrade : increases machine speed, at the cost of more energy.
    Battery storage upgrade : increases internal storage by 10k.
    all upgrades are stackable up to 64

    for recipes check industrial wiki.

    Fuel cans have different damage values as their content is different (Bio fuel, Coal fuel or a mix of them)
    TMI probably gives a filled fuel can with unvalid damage value, which wont be burned on generator. NEI gave me a filled fuel can with 6 coal cells in it ( 30232:15288 )

    Fuel can damage values with :

    6 bio cells ___________30232:5208
    5 bio cells + 1 coal cell _30232:6888
    3 bio cells + 3 coal cells 30232:10248
    1 bio cell + 5 coal cells _30232:13608
    6 coal cells __________30232:15288

    This means, the higher is the damage value , the more energy the fuel can will provide when burned in generator.

    So basically there could be Lab with 2 slots. One for circuit/nanobot, second for tool/armor. Lab would require connection to BatBox/MFE/MFS with required amont of energy (similar to teleporters). Lab's gui would also include one button to add circuit/nanobots to given device. If energy is too low, it would provide only lower tier effects, while consuming higher tier circuit/nanobots, or it would just destroy (Tier1) circuit/nanobots.

    I would like to see a lab with a gui where you can select which circuit/nanobot (like enchanting table, with more than 3 options) you want to create then it gets produced at the cost of material in inventory + energy. Tier5 would consume 16 times more material as Tier 1.

    With some tweaking I could really see a nice implementation of this idea.
    I think that higher level enchantments with the lab shouldn't rely on bookcases or whatever other ic2 block to be around to get better gear but instead the amount of eu/t

    I got an idea for "enchantment" tiers

    Tier1: Supply material for circuit.
    Tier2: 2x Tier1 circuit + energy
    Tier3: 2x Tier2 circuit + more energy
    Tier4: 2x Tier3 circuit + even more energy
    Tier5: 2x Tier4 circuit + lots of energy

    So tier 5 circuit would be very expensive