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    If you think this further on you got your alternative to brewing. Just add a slot in the canning machine for water/lava/whatevercells/buckets. Then proceed to add mix/craft recipes for food.
    Something like 3 cubes of sugar + 6 melon slices + water in canning machine = SpeedPotion Like Melon Juice Can.

    Now you can proceed to use any of the new crops for that and crazy effects. I have no clue whats possible in vanilla brewing, and what is possible with additional coding but to my mind THIS is a nice idea :D

    I still prefer my idea of adding nanobots for potion effects which lasts until death.

    How about a 1% chance of the nanos coming loose and trying to eat you alive? :P

    1% chance when?
    another ideas:
    25% of getting strong effect, meaning body accepted well nanobots.
    Upon having Nano armor, nanobots gives special abilities to it [same as quantum, but at reduced rates]
    Upon having Quantum armor, nanobots improves its special abilities by 50%

    Mini generator... Meh i have mixed feeling about this one. At best you could make it so w/e the machine its in operation it will reduce the EU needed for working by 1... or just make the machine generate that 1 eu/t FOR ITSELF aka his own internal storage.

    but that still would generate energy from nowhere ;D

    I like the mini-generator upgrade. It means that if you really wanted to, you could plop down a macerator and put one of those modules in, and it would slowly get energy, even if it's not hooked up to anything.

    Should be relatively expensive, as you said, though..

    it is cool, but its like getting energy from nowhere.

    Or you can make mini generator be a Tiny Fusion Nuclear reactor which uses air Hydrogen to produce energy :P

    What a nice suggestion you have here. I'd love to see this(similar) way of "enchanting" in game. However, +50% block breaking speed with diamond drill probably can't be done and it also throws 10x power to instabreak blocks to garbage.

    I added one more function to Overclock circuit, now it should not be garbage anymore :)
    Edit: although i don't think it is code-able

    Nanotech laboratory: Allows the creation of nanobots and nanocircuits [Idea for IC² Enchant and Brewing]

    If no item is placed inside nanotech laboratory, it will display 5 nanobot options to be created.
    If a IC² valid item is placed, it will display all circuits available for item.

    Injectable Assist Nanobots: gives player a status effect.

    Effects (Negative effects) [Nanobot type]:
    Regeneration (Poison) [Medical Nanobots]
    Strength (Weakness) [Arms Boost Nanobots]
    Speed (Slowness) [Legs Boost Nanobots]
    Resistance (Nausea) [Skin hardener Nanobots]
    Haste (Fatigue) [Break Speed Nanobots]
    Upon Injection there is a 5% chance of body rejecting nanobots and causing a negative effect.
    All effects lasts until death (Negative effects lasts for 5 to 60 minutes before your body destroys rejected nanobots)
    Second idea for nanobot duration/modes:
    Lasts forever until player health gets lower than 70%
    If player health is lower than 70%, there is a 1% chance on nanobots getting destroyed every second
    If player health is lower than 50%, there is a 2% chance on nanobots getting destroyed every second
    If player health is lower than 30%, there is a 4% chance on nanobots getting destroyed every second
    If player health is lower than 15%, emergency mode is activated and nanobots gives quadruple boost for 5 minutes, then gets destroyed after that.
    [Medical instant heals you 5 hearts after emergency mode activates]

    If player press default key for modes while holding nothing [and wearing FULL quantum suit], activates double boost and improving quantumsuit effects while consuming 0.25% energy from quantumsuit every second.

    Nanocircuits: Improves IC² items on many ways:

    Output circuit: Increase number of Energy packets outputted by Batbox/MFE/MFSU by 1/2/3/4/5
    Energy Flow circuit: Increase number of packets transformers can handle by 1/2/3/4/5

    Mining Assist circuit: Places a torch [which if destroyed won't drop anything] once light level is lower than 7. Torch lasts for 10s
    Energy Efficiency circuit: Reduces Energy Usage by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%
    Mining Efficiency circuit: Increase block break Speed by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% {Edit: 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%, looks more balanced}
    Mining Refinery circuit: Give player a chance to get double,triple,quadruple drops from non-player placed blocks by 10%,7%,5%/20%,14%,10%/30%,21%,15%/40%,28%,20%/50%,35%,25%
    Nano Processing circuit: Give player a 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% chance getting the original block and a 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% of getting damaged by nano processing for every 5 blocks broken
    Charging circuit: Increase recharging speed by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%
    Battery circuit: Increases energy storage of item by 10/20%/30%/40%/50%.
    Overclock circuit: Break blocks instantly and removes block break delay [Default is 5 ticks], at the cost of 18x/16x/14x/12x/10x more energy
    {for more info about block break delay, check click mining fix mod}

    Fire saber circuit: Sets enemy on fire for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds
    Light power circuit: Increase Nano saber/Mining laser damage by 2/4/6/8/10
    Range/Penetration boost circuit: Increase range/Penetration of Mining Laser by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%
    Explosion boost circuit: Increase explosion of Mining Laser explosion mode by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%

    I would like two new items for miner:

    OreFinding scanner:

    Recipe: :Electronic Circuit:= Advanced Circuit :Industrial Diamond:= Diamond/Industrial Diamond
    :Electronic Circuit::Industrial Diamond::Electronic Circuit:
    :Electronic Circuit::OD Scanner::Electronic Circuit:
    :Electronic Circuit::Energy Crystal::Electronic Circuit:

    Miner tier3 scanner.
    Rightclicking with it on a block shows all ores [and quantity] that are nearby it. [11x1x11]

    Reading: Cx Cx Tx Gx Rx Lx Ix Ux Dx

    C : Coal ore / Copper ore
    T : Tin ore
    G : Gold ore
    R : Redstone ore
    L: Lapis lazuli ore
    I: Iron ore
    U: Uranium ore
    D: Diamond ore
    x: quantity of ore in range

    Searches ores in a range of 11x11 inside miner.

    Iridium drill :

    Recipe: :Intergrated Plating:= air :Electronic Circuit:= Advanced circuit :Mining Drill:= Diamond drill
    :Intergrated Plating::Iridium::Intergrated Plating:
    :Iridium::Electronic Circuit::Iridium:
    :Iridium::Mining Drill::Iridium:
    Miner tier3 drill , its too heavy for Steve to use. [since iridium is the second most dense substance]
    Mines 2x faster than diamond drill, at the cost of even more energy

    Energy cost with OF scanner and Iridium drill : 100 EU/t [this making miner accept up to MV]

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    We got OD and OV scanners taking the function of searching ores. Don't see a reason to implement another system.

    OD and OV scanners are kinda imprecise in terms of searching ores, in my opinion.
    People like something that detects the exact location of ores, not something that says : there are ores nearby you, have fun looking for them.

    Or make scanners show how many and which ore(s) are nearby you :D

    The energy thing could be slightly more complex to control (as you said, it would require some sort of toggle), will have to check our options to edit GUIs to that degree.

    Or make teleporter accept energy inputs like this :MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Teleporter:-------------------------------------------------------------------:Teleporter::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::MFS-Unit:
    ____________________________________________MFSU Output: 512 EU/t_____________25% is used on teleportation_____________ Teleporter Output: 384 EU/t

    Make teleporter have more two teleporting modes. [by opening a gui on teleporter and choosing mode]

    Energy teleport mode:
    It would send ALL energy on adjacent MFSU/MFE to
    other teleporter (the power would go to its adjacent mfsu/mfe) at the cost of 10-25% [Distance cost]

    Item teleport mode:
    it would send any items that are thrown on portal particles at the cost of item teleportation (IC² wiki).
    Edit: inside any adjacent chest to destination teleporter.

    Hmm, how about making storage blocks have a option to add modules?

    Output module: Insert a Ins. copper cable/2x ins. gold cable/4x ins. HV cable inside Batbox/MFE/MFSU on battery discharge slot to increase its output by 4x without changing voltage.
    [make Batbox/MFE/MFSU output 4 packets of 32/128/512 EU]
    Storage module: Insert a REbattery/Energy Crystal/Lapotron inside Batbox/MFE/MFSU on battery discharge slot to increase its energy storage by 10k/100k/1M.
    [inserting energy storage tier 3 item on tier 2 storage block won't work.]
    Voltage module: Insert a LV/MV/HV transformer inside Batbox/MFE/MFSU on battery discharge slot to make storage unit accept MV/HV/EV without blowing.

    This would, however, ruin any sort of realism we have...
    "Lol, my turbines produce 8x the power from flowing water i just pumped". > Perpetuum mobile.

    Rather going to look for a different solution ^^'

    forgot about that. :(

    Hmm make water mill work with steam?

    If water is passively heated with lava water mill will output 0.5 EU/t
    If water is heated by working generator it will output 2 EU/t
    If water is heated by working Geo generator it will output 5 EU/t

    My suggestion is to make pumps feed water inside water mills [4 at a time] (like placing buckets into it)


    X = Anything
    P = Pump
    W = Water mill

    A screen of how a 3x3 water tower generator (only 4 water mills)

    This would make each water mill output 2 EU/t for a total 7EU/t [considering pump 1EU/t energy usage]
    This can be a way to make water mills more competitive to solar and wind generators.