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    Viper, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me the source to this installer as I am currently in the process of self-teaching myself and would like an example to work off of. If you would like, you can remove parts you think would be too... sensitive for me to know (like the IP (I'm assuming) used to update).

    But, I would be happy if you can leave as much of the net integration intact possible, but, of course, it is your choice.

    Are you after the entire code base or specifically the update checking code? I've put a reasonable amount of effort into this and I'm a little hesitant to hand out the entire code base...

    I have updated the installer to work with the current version of IndustrialCraft2 (1.62) on Minecraft 1.1.0.

    The link is the same

    A couple of additions to this version;

    Update checking utility: Future updates will not require a redownload of the installer. Simply click on the update button and all required details (links, hash codes etc) will be downloaded. Note that you will still need to actually download the new files from their respective sites.

    MC Launcher: A utility for running multiple versions of Minecraft. The utility will enable you to run different versions of Minecraft with different mods etc. Please note that this utility requires more field testing. Please make backups of saves etc. Use at your own risk!

    It looks promising for a future update. Presently, Mono supports up to .Net 2.0 framework but they're working on the 3.0/3.5.

    Once this is done, I can pretty easily generate the binaries for a linux deploy :)

    Thanks FnordMan!

    Actually I didn't mean merging class files, I was asking if you could make the program you have into a .jar so it would be avalible on all systems

    It's something I can look into, but I haven't done a great deal of Java coding so I wouldn't want to make any promises.

    That mod is pretty impressive for building automated factories, except the crafting pipe should link straight to the crafting table... I mean, who would be bothered to use DOUBLE the needed materials to make a factory using logistics pipes?

    Given the number of diamonds you would need to build anything of notable size, it would be pretty hard to use this mod legit. Especially given that you need a logic pipe at every intersection for the routing intelligence to work properly.

    I played around with it last night (had to hack in a few dozen diamonds to do it) but I must say just the routing intelligence itself is quite impressive. I have a multi floor setup with the bottom floor full of chests, being fed by a series of quarries, plantations etc. Basic logic pipes coming out of each chest coverging into a single pipe to the floor above. As long as I have the raw item I can get anything from any chest in one click. I haven't built the crafting floor yet - thats next :)

    Let's see if they're at least half decent with block IDs now. They are going to have to change the block IDs to fit the new 1.0 blocks, making worlds incompatible. Another worldbreaker is that the end overwrote their dimension ID, they will have to change that too.

    (or at least hope they don't edit yy and acy so ID Resolver works...)

    I just spoke to Kingbdogs on IRC, they're using Forge in the next release.

    Has anyone used the addon spacetoad has a video highlight on at the moment? Logistic pipes - looks bloody amazing from an automation perspective. It's still in alpha but it has a lot of potential.

    Quite true but if you've spent any time on other mod forums I'm sure you would have seen unnecessarily harsh responses to some reasonable questions. The fact that Al's response was refreshing is a little saddening as it indicates (on the whole) how infrequently it occurs. The IC2 forum seems to avoid this for the most part which is also a very welcome change from the norm.

    So I guess that's well done everyone!

    For those you setup a 'fake' download placeholder (where the real link will go); actually you might have it under a 'work in progress' section and a BIG BLOODY SET OF LETTERS (sort of like that) which mildly berate the user for clicking on the '1.0.0' compat release. To be honest, you're talking about a user that won't look anywhere else, and will then come here already 'knowing' they have a problem and flow directly in to the areas, past all the out of the way and off to the side sticky topics you wish to increase the gutter area with.

    User interface is surprisingly relevant here:…treating-user-myopia.html

    I found the fake link for the 1.0.0 release (compliments of risugami)

    Hi Zippinus,

    Just wanted to let you know that the Rotary Macerator is not working on RedPower2 and Forestry ores such as tin and copper. Sounds like it's in need of integration with the Forge Ore Dictionary (however that's done). I know Arsenic's fix was working for those ores.

    I don't think this is limited to RP2 or forrestry as tin & copper in IC2 only installs don't work either. Other materials macerate fine so it must be ore registry related.

    Other than that, great mod!

    Knockback can be done by sprinting anyway, the enchant just does it passively. (unless it like knocks them to the moon or something)

    And the only thing I expect to be enchantable would just be the basic non-chargable tools and armor.

    I was referring to those times when you're otherwise occupied and you hear the hissssss behind time to run

    I agree on the non-chargeable tools and armor though, otherwise it would be too over powered.