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    My main issue with disabling enchantments is that it's basicly the same thing as making it so your mod doesn't work with another, I can understand tweaking enchantments but just outright denying everyone enchantments just because we like to use IC seems a bit much.

    I agree. A mod should add to the vanilla experience, not remove anything. I think this is more of a balance issue as electric weapons/tools can be recharged so I agree with Al's comment on electric tools not being enchantable (or buffed for the non magically inclined). Standard breakable tools and vanilla tools should still be enchantable though.

    Of course it's easy for us to say all this but the IC team has to implement it. I don't know how ugly the code is around enchanting so that may be a factor in why they're looking at disabling it (we're also assuming Al's comment meant everything including vanilla items which can be a dangerous assumption too).

    For my part, knock back has saved my ass from a sneaky creeper more than once!


    Is it possibl that you just make it as a .jar compilation instead of a windows VB .NET type
    (Reason for asking: Because I am on a mac and really like this)

    Unfortunately not. The installer does a bit more than just merge files into the jar. Sorry[align=left]

    Thanks :)

    It's written in VB.NET using visual studio 2010. I've almost completed building the web services for updating the installer automatically as new releases of IC2 come out.

    I'm hoping in the first instance to get a few of the more experienced users to look for any issues in the first release or advise of any features that are missing.

    Hi All,

    I have built an installer for IC2 including support mods and would like some testing feedback if possible. I know most of the regular users here don't actually need an installer but the IC2 fanbase is continually growing and I have seen a *few* posts regarding difficulties installing Minecraft mods in general around the various forums. If this application helps new users to get up and running with IC2, all the better.

    The link below is for an MSI file which installs a small application to assist users in downloading the correct mod versions and installing the mods into Minecraft.

    The installer does not factor in any existing mods and is intended for a clean install of MC 1.1.0

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!


    EDIT: Updated to 1.103 for Minecraft 1.2.5

    Installer screenshots:

    He said, noone should exspect any release as soon as March.

    Which translates into:
    "DONT HYPE, it will take LONG to develope the API. In a perfect situation, which will not occur, the releas could be scheduled for March".

    I figured march would be an Alpha release (if it happens in march). But you're right, these things never go as planned so no one should be setting any timeframes by them.


    Other way around, buddy.. that came straight from my brother, the guy with a Masters degree and a job doing Java programming. I just forgot the exact terms. There *is* a way to provide an unchanging API.

    That's exactly what forge is. The hooks they refer to are forge exposing the properties and methods of the base classes through a public interface. Jens already mentioned in a tweet he's talking to forge devs and a couple of others in January to make the modding API a priority. I think the estimate on first release was around March.

    Is there any chance that you can add a section to request or submit ideas for addons for IC +. (the reason being IS that i have a lot of ideas and i wont to spread them around :D )
    Thx in advance (and thx for a brill mod!!!!! :thumbsup: )

    There's a suggestion thread and an addon thread under IC2 main heading. The addon thread is for other mods built specifically to work with IC, not new ideas so post those under the suggestion thread. Make sure you read the thread first so you're not doubling up on suggestions already made.

    I would MUCH rather go with Alblakas idea on including hooks to break RP overlaps with other mods, than drop forge entirely. Maybe FC hasn't thought about it this way, so it might be a good idea to suggest it. I am all for having compatible mods, thus why should those who want to run IC/BC/BTW suffer because BTW is not compatible with forge entirely? Just make it incompatible with RP and be done. That's my two cents anyway...

    A more sensible choice for sure.

    I just started using Forestry and noticed that IC bronze is not compatible with it.
    It's good that IC copper and tin can be used for RP Brass and Forestry Bronze - but IC Bronze can't be used for that mod until it gets added to the Ore Dictionary.

    Should it be added? Bronze isn't an ore, it's a composite of tin and copper...

    Don't get me wrong alexthesax, I'm an IC supporter from way back, I was referring to BTW boycott of forge and apparent disregard for playing nice with other mods. I have two major mods with any MC version I run, IC and BC. I don't agree with everything Eloraam is moving towards but it doesn't effect me greatly as I'll struggle with vanilla redstone rather than lose IC/BC.

    I agree with Headhunter67 100%. There's no doubt BTW is a great mod but technical competence is only part of the equation. Good people skills and supporting the fan base are just as important. Look at minecraft itself, some of the releases were pretty buggy but people stuck with it because Mojang communicated the issues and didn't alienate themselves from their fans.

    I can only hope FC realizes this before it's too late and BTW goes the way of the dodo...

    So Alblaka, if Elloram continues with her current trend would you pull out of forge as well?

    It's a pity as BTW is an interesting mod but after reading FC's responses to some members valid suggestions on his forum, I quickly decided the guy is a complete tool and deleted his mod.

    Haven't been on here in a while but wanted to say great work on the IC2 mod all. Well done and I'm looking forward to next release!

    I agree with Major Cooke Xaiier, BuildCraft compliments IC, it doest detract from it. I'm talking more from a transport perspective as the builders/quarries do take some of the fun out of it. If you can build that factory with just machines and allocators, I'd be impressed to see what you could do with BC pipes/crafting benches and Ellorans integrated redstone circuits!

    Need to get to another floor? Use stairs/ladders
    Need to get to another house? Walk
    Need to get to another village? Minecarts
    Need to get to another part of the map? Nether
    Need to go to the fucking moon and back place really really far away? Teleporters

    Ooh rah!

    Xaiier is right, it would defeat the core purpose of the teleporter.

    A lift in the house would be nice though! Has that been suggested/canned in the past?