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    Two chests linked together, they have the storage capacity of a single chest but anything you add/remove from one chest appears in the other. You can only link a chest to one other chest and they can only be created in pairs. Reduced storage capacity as you can only have a small (single) chest.


    R - redstone
    G - glowstone
    C - chest
    A - advanced circuit (we don't use them enough!)


    Set up an overflow system using the obsidian pipes? Spacetoad basically shows you how to do it in his newest BC vid.

    If you want to put anything in the trunk (full stacks or otherwise) an overflow back to the source trunk is the easiest way, it will just keep traveling around the pipes until it gets processed. I've done this on a couple of other machines and it works well.

    I remember that one, nice piece of work. The redstone timing must have been a pain.

    Re the solar panel line, I didn't include glass or ingots as I have other lines producing those but they're easy enough to pipe in.

    Attached some pics (excuse the layout, test rigs)

    The ore factory takes Gold, Iron, Copper and Tin, splits them into lines and macerates them. Gold and Iron move to furnaces, copper and tin are split again, half to the craft bench in the forground to make bronze dust and half to furnaces. Everything then ends up in a trunk at the end.

    Solar panel line looks messy but works well. Theres a couple of splits on the refined iron to account for the 1:4.5 ratio on machine blocks and circuits. Another loopback from the cable craft bench into the original trunk which them splits out to circuits and batteries.

    Last pic is a real simple line for Carbon Plate from coal.

    There already is (was?) a formula for Glowstone dust (Gold and Tin I think - can't quite remember).

    I think it might have got pulled when Nether was introduced in SMP, and the 1.66 update now drops a lot more loot when mining glowstone...

    Buildcraft is a brilliant automation tool and works exceptionally well with IC.

    I have already built a factory that produces solar panels from raw materials. The only processed materials I am using is glass and ingots (copper/refined iron/tin). Batteries, cables, machine blocks, furnaces, circuits and generators are all produced in the production line. The fact I have been able to do this is testament to Alblaka and SpaceToad btw, not my assembling skills!

    Xaiier, I found the pipes in BC better suited for the Macerators than the Allocator as it suffered from populating the wrong slot when the ore slot was full. If you have had a similar issue, try using the pipes with an obsidian overflow pipe on top (SpaceToad has tutorial on his channel about it). It works very well and you don't have to be careful about overloading the system.

    Just remember to place machines with the incoming pipe to your left as BC determines what slot to fill based on where the entry/exit pipes attach to the machine.

    i didn't see the range thingy, srry. it could be like 200 blocks away from the closest hv block or something ...

    How about simply putting a limit on the range, like 25-50 blocks then it stops?

    Re-reading mastercluffs thread (apologies for the misunderstanding btw mc), the basic requirement is to dig a tunnel for metros. Rather than try and include a lot of functionality for navigation, inclines, declines etc... Just have the machine dig in a striaght line for x number of blocks. It will dig in the direction you face it (tunneling horizontally only) until you either stop it with a wrench or it reaches it's limit or runs out of power.

    It's still going to do 80% of the work, leaving inclines to be dug manually.

    Dang, the nano armor can be a bit buggy, since it's not fully supported? Figured a stable alternative might be good, just because running out of energy and having to have a couple crystal chargers gets annoying. But I know Alblaka is busy so i can understand not wanting to implement it. I just get annoyed with always having to rechargee.

    I keep a spare nano suit in a trunk by the crystal charger. Expensive I know but at least you dont have to wait around... :)

    Isn't the point of a mining helmet to keep your hands free to hold tools?

    The lamp will be valuable yes but only marginally over normal torches. As soon as you need to fight or mine you have to set it down and switch to a weapon or tool (you can't just switch otherwise you're in complete darkness)

    Plus I think being in a pitch black cave with only light where you're looking would add a real tension to the atmosphere!

    I remember reading in one of the IC tutorials that you could use redstone to power a machne or device, but it didn't provide much power.

    TreeFarmer is right though, I crafted two Bat-Packs that I take with me and I always run out of inventory space before I run out of power. Having a solar panel setup with a couple of MFE's will give you a renewable resource for charging packs instead of using your redstone. Just remember if you're in a snow biome to clear the snow off the solar panels or they'll stop working!

    but it should be that every side gets full 64 eu/s output otherwise it will be nearly pointless

    i have thougt an other idea the:
    a new block crafted with 1 mfe and 1 switch cable it has an GUI with 6 slots for up, down, North, south, west, east
    and if you put a block in one slot it will output there (with full 64eu/s)
    and it can hold up 30000-60000 eu

    That's a good idea but it requires a lot more effort to code a new item than modify an existing one. We also have a finite number of entity id's to work with so the more id's Alblaka adds increases the chance of IC not working with other mods. Keeping suggestions small/easy to implement also increases the chance it will be implemented as Alblaka is doing IC and MeC in his spare time!

    Having said that, I would think that right clicking an MFE with an EC Manipulator in hand would still have the desired effect of changing the output voltage irrespective of which face was the output at the time. Having any other device in hand (excluding a wrench) would change the output face, right clicking a face twice would reset the MFE back to it's default behaviour.

    I wouldn't reduce the MFE to less than 60K EU as this would make it useless for recharging Bat-Packs (lets face it, who carries arround a bunch of batteries to recharge the drill?)