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    Then I would suggest you rephrase your original post, because the phrase "slower than a diamond drill" does not in any way imply what you just explained. In this case, at least it does have a piurpose, though it's still not worth the expense. If you consider something that requires 16 diamonds and mines as fast as a diamond drill "OP as hell", I'm not sure what you think WOULD be a fair expense. Even the Quarry requires only 11 diamonds and the time it takes to make a 9x9 hole to bedrock is many times faster than a diamond drill, count on it.

    That's the Quarry. From Buildcraft. I only run IC2, so... :p

    If the 'Tunneling Drill' mined as fast as a Diamond Drill, then it would mine 9 times the amount at the same speed. I guess, considering the cost, that could be reasonable- If that's not considered overpowered.

    Then again. It mines 9 times more blocks. A diamond drill takes 3 diamonds. To be 'reasonable' to mine 9 times the amount of blocks/sec, you would require 27 diamonds. Could be balanced in many ways.

    Wouldn't I just be better off using the drills? If it's slower and has fewer charges, it would be easier to just make the tunnel myself. I see no need to go to that expense for something that does the job worse than an existing tool.

    Depending on the speed, it would have a higher block/sec then the diamond drill.

    Say, 1 second for the Diamond drill for one block.
    Say, 3 seconds for the Tunneling Drill for 9 blocks.

    That's 3 blocks a second.

    Now, other then it makes a nice 3x3 tunnel, here's the reason I suggest it, taking the 1 second/3 second example:

    Diamond Drill: A 2x1x3 tunnel in 6 seconds shows 17 blocks(Technically 19 if you don't mine anymore), and mines 6. Shows 2.8333 blocks a second.

    Tunneling Drill: A 3x3x2 tunnel in 6 seconds shows 24(Technically 33 if you don't mine anymore) blocks, and mines 18. Shows 4 blocks a second. (141% of a diamond drill.)

    Slower, but has a higher mining, and block exposing ratio.

    It's only worse if you want to mine something that isn't a 3x3xany sized hole. That leaves use for the Diamond Drill.

    Essentially, if it was faster AND mined 9 blocks a time... OP as hell.

    Tunneling Drill

    A drill that mines a 3x3x1 (size of a mineshaft). Technically the 'ultimate' drill, but isn't faster then the Diamond Drill.
    It mines 9 blocks at the same time, but a single 'action' takes longer then a Diamond Drill.
    Designed to mine a tunnel, this drill cares not for the type of stone or ore. Mines everything at the same speed. (While slower, it mines everything at the same speed to prevent mining dirt to mine stone faster.)
    It can mine 50 times before needing to be recharged. (450 blocks if 9 is mined every time.)
    Batpacks will NOT work with it, however the Tier2 Batpack will. (Assuming that idea is still planned to be implemented.)


    Has to be somewhat costly.

    :Mining Drill: :Advanced Circuit: :Mining Drill:
    :Glass Fibre: :Mining Drill: :Glass Fibre:
    :Mining Drill: :Advanced Circuit: :Mining Drill:

    :Mining Drill: =Diamond Drill, as the smiley doesn't work.

    16 Diamonds
    32 Refined Iron
    20 Tin Bars
    34 Redstone Dust
    4 Glowstone Dust
    4 Lapis Lazuli
    47 Insulated Copper Cables
    6 Glass

    And you have 2 :Glass Fibre: left.
    (I THINK that's what it costs. Might be slightly off.)

    If absolutely nothing else was added enchantment wise to IC2, I would love an 'unenchanter'. Either a new block, or the ability to put an enchanted piece of gear into a storage unit and have it discharge some amount of EU to remove the enchantment.


    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Circuit: :Glass Fibre:
    :Advanced Machine: :Industrial Credit: :Advanced Machine:
    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Circuit: :Glass Fibre:

    :Industrial Credit: = Enchantment Table

    Have it be a computer that allows you to choose between different 'programs' (using experience) for any item you can wear/use.