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    Obviously everytime someone posts on these forums they should add "Minecraft and Industrial craft is a game, it doesn't have to make sense to a real life engineer"

    However, i do agree with you. Current is what melts cables and kills people, not voltage.
    And i have suggested this change in the past but have yet to see any support for it. People like their wonky mechanics because they base their "hax designs" on the very same mechanics.

    EDIT: And dammit, learn to quote right!

    If someone is stupid enough to break the game, then they are welcome to it. If you're not going to pay any attention to what people say then you'll get what's coming to you. And, how exactly does it unbalance the mod, an honest question BTW.

    The mod was balanced with "pre enchanting" in mind. With enchanting certain IC2 items becomes excessively powerful. It's quite simple if you start thinking about it.

    Both the normal and diamond-tipped mining drills harvest mycelium blocks at the same rate as punching it with your hand. I suppose it's probably just a "whoops forgot to register it to mine mushroom grass" thing.

    It's not a "whoops" really. Mycelium was introduced in MC 1.0.0 and IC2 1.42 was nothing more than a direct port from MC 1.8.1 to 1.0.0 and 1.43 was a number of bug fixes.
    You should post this in suggestions.

    I don't get two numbers from one scan just to be clear.

    If using the OD scanner you get the number of valuable blocks in a 5 x 5 x playerHeight area. So if you are standing at sea level (64) you are scanning 1,600 blocks. It returns the number of blocks in that area considered valuable (which can be altered in the config)

    If using the OV scanner things get a little bit more complicated. it returns the VALUE of all blocks in a 9 x 9 x playerHeight area. If you are standing at sea level that's 5,184 blocks scanned. It now goes through all blocks in that area and summarizes the values of all ores it finds. (that are listed in the valuableOres config)

    valuableOres=14:3, 15:4, 16:1, 21:3, 56:5, 73:3, 247:4, 248:2, 249:2

    each entry (between the commas) is <blockID>-<MetaValue>:<oreValue> where

    <blockID> is the id of the ore block.
    <MetaValue> is the block "sub id" if you will. Mods like RedPower uses meta data to consolidate all it's blocks under one block id. If you want to differentiate between them you need to know their meta data.
    <oreValue> is the value of the block... for instance:

    block 14 is gold and is worth 3 points
    15 is iron worth 4 points
    16 coal 1 point
    21 lapis 3 points
    56 diamond 5 points
    73 redstone 3 points
    247 uranium 4 points
    248 and...
    249 tin/copper 2 points

    So for every block scanned, if one of them is any of the above then "points" value will be added to the scan result. Now, before the result is presented to the user it will be reworked a little...

    (1000 * oreValue) / blocksScanned

    so if you find 100 diamonds in that 9x9x64 area (5,184 blocks) then the OV scanner will return 96. (The remainder is truncated)
    Whereas, if you find 100 diamonds using the OD scanner you get 100 as the result.

    Rubber trees can spawn in any forest biome and will also spawn (in great numbers) in a swamp biome.
    Keep on looking for them, they are easy to spot if you can see above the treeline as they are the only trees with a single column of leaves going up from the trunk.

    like so:

    If you don't like the vanilla ore distribution you could always try OreVeins... (Not going to link it, that would be advertising) :P

    No it's not? Download all the mods that are in the Technic Pack, put them together, then tell us how long it took you to make it work at least somewhat decently.

    Do you honestly think i want all those mods to begin with?
    Now, do you think all the people getting Technic pack want's all the mods in it?

    They are getting Technic pack because it's easier to install. Now, try as a noob to install another mod alongside technic pack... What's that??? :rolleyes:

    I use the mods i like, i download the mods i like. I go to each and every release thread and download them until i have all the newest versions. It's not a difficult thing to do really and you are updated on any bugs/changes/fixes that occured since the previous release.

    If i wanted ALL the mods that are in Technic Pack i would find a way to make them work no matter how long it takes. LOOOONG before i would download the Technic pack like a total slug baby.

    so is higher efficiency better then?

    Higher efficiency is cheaper in the long run as you don't need as much uranium to produce those EU's.

    For instance, compare these two designs (just for the efficiency comparison now)



    The first one is 2 cells separated, same amount of fuel as the second one but the second has the two cell together.
    The first one will generate 4 million EU at a rate of 20 EU/t while the second one will generate 8 million EU at a rate of 40 EU/t.
    The second one has double the efficiency. (you spend 2 uranium cells and get twice as much because they are next to each other)

    The downside to getting higher efficiency though is that cooling becomes more problematic and TWICE the heat is generated. (in the second reactor example)
    As you add more cells close to each other cooling becomes ever more problematic and heat generation increases massively. At some point, you are not going to be able to cool the reactor fast enough to give you a full cycle (2.7 hours of running time) but you will get more EU's out of your uranium cells.

    It's a balance between whats most important to you.

    Safe reactor <> saving uranium <> high effective EU/t <> resources to build reactor <> resources to cool reactor <> the amount of time you want to spend with your reactor(s)

    If you have several stacks of uranium then efficiency isn't going to be as important to you. If you have LOTS of resources then cost isn't going to bother you that much.

    There is no "best reactor" design. It's all about what the user needs right then.

    The wiki is clearly marked "and with redpower 2 show text", requiring you to click it to reveal this with silver recipe .. :whistling:

    Just FYI, if one has a "no script" addon in his browser this spoiler is open by default.

    To me, the most reasonable solution here is to send any SSP map packed together with the config files. It's not like the config files take much space...
    It would be nice if all mods had their own unique ID's but that's just never going to happen because there are so few available.

    Why should you remove the ability to enchant or brew with this mod? There are quite a few people who like this mod, who also like magic. Giving someone a choice between Minecraft vanilla and other mods, and just this one with other mods, I'm sure a lot of people would go for MC vanilla. You would be alienating a group of your community just because another group doesn't like a perfectly avoidable feature. You don't have to brew or enchant, so why should you completely remove it, when there are people who like it?

    Because enchanting actually breaks stuff. And further more, it REALLY unbalances the mod to have enchantments enabled.

    That means there is no difference in the way it runs stuff i guess.

    No, JDK includes JRE plus the development tools.

    But it does sound rather strange that you (and a few others) can't update LWJGL when so many others can. Maybe it's hardware specific?

    For what it's worth, my minecraft PC (that i play MC on) has a Core 2 Q6600, 4 gigs of ram and a NVidia GTX260 graphics card.
    Am i right to assume you have an Intel graphics card? (Lots of people have had issues with intel cards in MC)

    Ignore the cooldown... The cooldown is there because the last reactor tick doesn't zero the reactor heat. When you start it again it will maintain the same heat levels as before.

    more than a maybe, it works fine. I've got the miners here set for all of the RP2 ores (forgot to turn off RP2's copper and tin, oops..) as well as Forestry's apatite ore. Picks them all up fine. Damage values are represented by a colon. (aka: 140:1, 140:2, etc..)

    to the OP: do yourself a favor and install the mods you want by hand, you'll get a better end product than the giant theft that the tecnic pack is.

    The format is <blockid>-<meta>:<oreValue> where oreValue is used by the OV scanner to determine the ore density when you use it.