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    Well obviously it's complaining about not being able to find WorldGenRubTree. Since you say you have rubber trees (the ones with yellow resin holes in it) there are a number of conclusions i can make from it:

    1. You have pre-generated the world in SSP or you are using an old world from a different server. In short, your current server files didn't generate the map.
    2. Your server files somehow got corrupted, try re-installing IC2 in the mods folder.
    3. You have a bad haddrive that randomly fails to read (but that would probably cause even worse errors than that) the data in the archive.

    By the error log you posted something is corrupt either way. Bad install or corrupted files. WorldGenRubTree deals with creating new rubber trees and is only called when new chunks are being generated.

    Don't call me a troll just because you don't agree with my points. I hate to break it to you but you just wasted time making yourself look like a fool.
    And i have been playing since the first alpha release. So yah...

    Plasma doesn't quite work like that. Plasma is a fourth state of matter that nobody really cares about because the only place it naturally exists is in stars. It occurs at extremely high temperatures, the lowest being just over 10,000 degrees farenheit. Which is above the ignition point of diamond, and even above the boiling point of anything we currently know exists. For that matter, there is a 3,000 degree difference between highest boiling and lowest plasmification.

    Eh? Isn't a plasma cutter emitting plasma?

    Is everything depleted? Boots, Leggings, Chestplate and helmet?

    I think their damage values is greater that that of any other armor.
    As such, the armor bar at the bottom is always full even with just a little energy left.

    eU splitter cables require redstone signal forced in, but unlike various machines shift/sneak click does not work. Allowing that would fix various things, including RedPower2 redstone signal integration.

    What kind of RP2 redstone integration? You can't place redstone wire on top of splitter cables even with a "sneak" fix because they don't attach to non opaque blocks.
    What else are you having problems with?

    err.. IC2 1.42 and not 1.43? RP4, not 4b? and 2.2.8 and not 2.2.10? your missing some pretty important bugfix releases there.

    Nah i meant IC2 1.43 but the rest is correct. That is the version i had on hand at the moment and i needed a server ASAP. Do you know how NOT ASAP it is to download Redpower and BC?!? I didn't have those files for server but i did have the other files easily available and the 1.43 server is easy to find and get because THANK GOD it isn't buried under a FU**ING ad site that makes the mod author 0.00000000+E9001 cents per click.

    Is it possible to make it completely multithreaded? I mean chunk loading is already multithreaded in optifine or is that just impossible no matter what 'smart' programing you use in java?

    The game is running in a single threaded update loop.

    For instance:

    while (gameIsRunning)

    Each of those calls in turn makes other calls.

    HandleEvents() handles user input and updates the players movement stats etc. Optifine can move this over to a separate thread and thus you don't get stuck keys etc.
    Pressing the forwards key sets a movement vector to lookVector*1. (simplified)
    Pressing the backwards key sets a movement vector to 0-lookVector*1. (yet again, simplified)
    The reason this can be in a separate thread is because it is altering separate variables that are then handled in UpdateEntities()

    UpdateWorld() deals with block adding/removing and setting the lighting etc. Water flow and lava flow and the day/night cycle etc etc. Loading and generation of new chunks too.
    Most of this can also be put in a separate thread but not all of it. Breaking a block has to be handled in the same thread as the player entity.

    UpdateEntities() handles ALL entities (players, mobs, animals, machines etc etc) and have to be in the same thread as UpdateWorld() or really wonky stuff would happen.

    Render() handles screen drawing only. It however also "needs" to be in the same thread as the above two. Otherwise it would render with lots of artifacts.
    Optifine has a MultiThreaded render process as well but it causes render artifacts. Especially noticeable when lots of entities are updated in a single tick and the Render thread and Update thread comes out of sync with eachother.
    As well as chunk updates etc.
    Optifine CAN get it to work but the amount of coding involved and the number of places things can go haywire is immense and numerous.


    Forgot to mention that some of the above calls are only executed "on demand" (like input handling, only if there is input then code is executed) and on every X ticks.
    For instance, mobs get new pathing targets every X ticks. This pathing is VERY expensive on the CPU. So every X ticks you get a kind of freeze lag as the animals are all updated in the same tick.

    In short, Notch and the Mojang team could have done EVERYTHING in Minecraft a LOT better but they aren't really "professionals", they get the job done but they rarely make great code.
    Had Minecraft been coded in C++ or likewise then they would have to follow MUCH stricter coding standards (and we would have A LOT more crashes and a much harder time finding the cause for the crashes) and mods would be nearly impossible to make for the average amateur. One thing for sure is we wouldn't have IC2 if Minecraft was C++ or likewise.
    We would probably have to do without a LOT of the mods we have today if MC was written in another language.

    I am not saying it would be impossible, just saying the threshold to get into modding would be THAT much bigger.
    GTA 4 has a large modding community however and GTA 4 is C++. But it's very different with such big titles, everything is VERY organized and structured. It is easier to reverse engineer such projects.

    I have suggested this before. But i suggested that Tin should only be capable of powering luminators. It shouldn't power machines of any sorts.

    Also, in light of what wingens can produce under the "right" circumstances i would suggest upping tin cables to 8 EU. (Makes it in line with all other cables, 8, 32, 128, 512, 2048. Powers of two!

    The way it works now is the way that makes the most sense.

    IRL, if you measure current on a cable that current will be the same across the whole wire unless there is a leak somewhere. (bad shielding etc)
    The only thing that differs is voltage.

    You can read the current anywhere. If there are no splits on the way your current will be the same across the entire cable.

    Say you send 10 EU through 4 insulated copper cables into a bat box. You will read 10 EU/t throughout the cable.
    If you send 10 EU through 5 insulated copper cables into a bat box you will read 9 EU/t throughout the cable. 1 EU will simply be deducted from the packet (EU's are sent in packets) and lost to the void.

    Yes? Just make a feedback loop at the reactor and pump as much ice as you can produce into it. (A feedback loop using an obsidian pipe obviously!)
    Just make sure you create more ice than is consumed by the reactor and you are golden.