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    So let me make this crystal clear: ISSUE: Sheep aren't regrowing wool; what's wrong, since it's not that thing that happened after 1.0.0 came out?

    I'm not quite getting what the problem is?

    If you are running the developer build then sheep will have it's wool grow back.
    If you are using standard MC 1.0.0 then sheep will not have it's wool grow back.

    Sheep has never grown wool back after being sheared in the past. The first time i heard of it was when you posted and i read about it in the weekly dev build.
    So to be CRYSTAL CLEAR:

    Sheep will never re-grow their wool and they never have in the past unless you use the development build that was released on Dec 8th this year.


    What are you going to do with all that wool anyways? Are you using RP2?
    If you are using RP2 then you can cut grass until you find some flax seeds and plant them. They work exactly like wheat but grow 2 tiles high. They drop flax seeds and string.
    The reason they exists in RP2 is because of all the wool and string you need to make colored cables and bundled cables.

    2005 was most likely meant to be 200%...
    Look at your keyboard, specifically the number 5 key. Now look at your shift key, now press the shift key and the number 5 key.

    Now please facepalm?
    (Disclaimer: If for some reason you are using a keyboard with a different layout... say mandolin or Kanji then err... Facepalm anyways!)

    So I guess this suggestion has been taken and it will be implemented in a future IC2 version?

    Absolutely, look forwards to it sometime next week!
    Without bugs to boot!
    And it will also function like a TBM!

    *Spoiler alert*

    Cable length plays a big role in the amount of EU you are getting through it.

    1. What cable did you use?
    2. Was it equally long on all sides?
    3. What happens when you place 2 cells in the reactor (don't worry, you will have time to check the current and remove the extra cell before the reactor pops.)

    The wiki is wrong in this regard however (the wiki really is outdated, it needs to be updated by someone and that someone isn't going to be me ;) )

    There is a 15% chance that the macerator will break when wrenching it. You are not supposed to move machinery around. Take care when you design your factories etc knowing very well the consequences of moving machines. Especially the expensive ones!
    Transformers and storage units are exempt from this breaking rule. You can move them as many times as you like.

    A broken macerator is no big deal, all you lose is 3 flint (which you can get from 3 gravel in a macerator ;) ), 2 cobble and the circuit (6 rubber, 1.5 copper ingots and 1 refined iron ingot and 2 redstone dust) but it may be annoying.

    If you don't like this mechanic there is an addon that removes the chance of machines breaking. I don't recommend it myself but i am letting you know about it.
    The reason i don't recommend it is because having this feature means you actually plan ahead more which adds depth to the game.

    It kinda counting how big your grinder is, but, anyways, after having diamond armor and a diamond sword, or even a light saber, you won't need any of grinders, as killing creepers will become easy and you'll get yourself dynamite ti mine the whole day before next night comes.

    Or just damn farm a ton of those, that would do too. As light saber is re-chargeble, you don't need much armor even...

    Well, you aren't blasting many long tunnels then. I blast tunnels that are over 500 tiles long, to do that i need 167 sticks of dynamite. That is ~70 gunpowder to make one tunnel.
    If i didn't cut holes then i would have to use 500 sticks of dynamite... See what i mean by waste?
    As for diamond armor and diamond tools and diamond period. That would be fine and dandy if only one had lots of diamond to spare...
    And i don't find much joy in manually killing mobs. The odd gunpowder i get from creepers is enough for about 64 sticks of dynamite to get myself started with blasting but the real source of gunpowder i get from redstone and coal dust recipe.

    Why you should if dynamite does everything for you, just need to throw it?

    Because dynamite acts on a 3x3x3 area. Throwing it on the surface is wasteful.
    And it's not like i have an endless supply of gunpowder because i haven't made a mob grinder yet. Nor do i intend to until i have reached a stage where i wouldn't gain infinite power from doing such a thing early. Mob farms to get gunpowder is unbalanced and as such i prefer not to cheat myself.

    Even so, why would i throw them on the surface... It is still wasteful and takes a lot longer to clear an area than digging into the 3x3x3 block i want to have removed.

    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 235 is already occupied by BlockClevercraft@cb669d when adding ic2.common.BlockDynamite@1be032b

    Change the block id from Clevercraft to something else.
    Or temporarily uninstall Clevercraft so that IC2 can generate it's config file.
    Or install IC2 only (make backups) to get a config file and then insert it into your backup.

    Either way, there is a block ID conflict.

    This is just based on assumptions but one could manually patch without Cygwin if they think it's too much work/too complicated.
    Just look at the patch files and do all the changes manually or use any windows based patcher to apply them.

    I haven't tried this yet, i make the fixes myself.

    I can only answer the last part. Since IC2 1.337 the nuclear reactor had it's output doubled. So each cell produces 10 EU/t now.

    EDIT: Nothing else changed. They still last for 2.7 hours.

    Normal generators where also changed, they now create 2x the power each tick. But unlike the reactor, they now burn fuel twice as fast as well.

    True CASUC uses components that are /destroyed/ by the reactor. This would be akin to constantly replacing cooling cells and just tossing the heated ones in to a lava pit; or even just running them until they burst (fed by hull plating) and slapping in new ones as they pop.

    What we see now are what I call CARUC (Reusable/Recyclable/etc); in this form the only component that is lost is from an infinite spring of water; buckets containing water and/or ice it's self are sent in to evaporate. The bucket form is done using other mods, and often without any external power; so thusly it is provided without any cost in eUs.

    While i agree that CARUC is appropriate to use, a water bucket is a single use coolant. You can't use the same bucket twice without filling it with water between the runs.
    In my ideology, filling buckets need to cost something (In my case that is energy) and pumping water to fill the bucket also needs to cost energy. To move the buckets around the reactor also needs to cost energy.

    Thus, IMHO, CASUC and CARUC are both appropriate for the reactors i would use. To me, a CARUC is a reactor that is fed buckets that are refilled without any additional cost. (For example, using RP2 deployers and RP2 retrievers etc. Even though RP2 needs bluetricity to operate it's retrievers i don't see it as it costing that much, you make a few solar panels and they will give you the power you need for ever.
    I will not use solar panels until they are balanced in a way that using them means spending as much time making and placing them as it does building the entire reactor.

    But Eloraam has noted that she might make a IC2->RP2 energy conversion machine. So if i can power my retrievers with my reactor (making it a self sustained closed loop) then i would use retrievers and i would call it a CASUC once more. (Energy is converted into coolant work)

    One word; Java.

    One more word: SingleThreaded.

    A lot of time is spent rendering and then all of a sudden EVERYTHING is updated at the same time in a single thread or at least using sync locked threads.
    Java however enabled Notch to focus more time of adding stuff and less time on coding to make code to add code to add stuff.

    As far as I'm aware, peaceful mobs don't spawn now period. They're laid down at the same time trees/etc are on the chunk and that's it. The big reason I wanted 1.0.0 was so I could get new converts in to it without requiring a backdated version (and compatibility with other updated mods); and the second reason was animal breeding (so I can actually kill the excess but keep a population).

    They spawn in the chunks they originally spawned. they just don't spawn that often. (Like one peaceful mob every 10 minecraft days or something like that)

    so your one of those people who drink and eat till they get sick then sleep for the rest of the day?

    Nah, i am one of those people who spend time with friends and family from 1pm to 8pm watching donald duck and eating lots of food and giving presents and have a good time. Then we open up the bar and drink and have fun until the late hour.
    I drink moderately. But i don't drink that often and as such i tend to end up really drunk when the clock hits 2am-3am.

    diamond drill already uber powerfull, only application for iridium is decreased energy consumption, not speed, damage or AOE mining.

    IMHO, Diamond drill isn't powerful enough. And a batpack will outlast my inventory space so i don't have any problems with energy consumption. There just comes a time when you want to dig really fast to get back to your other projects, mining becomes quite boring after a while.
    I could use a BuildCraft quarry but since i am using my OreVeins mod i would only really use a quarry on top of a coal vein. (Guess what? I made coal that way because of the quarry, now the quarry is used as intended!)

    Isn't AOE mining already implemented as a ton of throwable stiky dynamite?
    Its crafted easilly, why don't you guys use them?
    Maybe i like EE idea but don't like its "magic" side, but only thing that we could add from it is, maybe, transmutation using that "brewing stand" thingy or add smthing our, but not more.

    I mine with dynamite all the time... Even so, digging all the holes to throw the dynamite into is on it's own rather boring.
    And it's not like you get iridium in the first couple of days on IC2.

    They are still trying to make enchants work properly with ic2

    And by that they are waiting for forge to add a "notEnchantable" hook to the code so anything that is in IC2 cannot be enchanted.

    @OP: Don't use enchantments on IC2 tools or anything of the sorts. It can give you grief.